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  1. Fallout 4 actually real??!?!

    No one can get you more hyped than Dean Hall
  2. So it seems everyone hates the double barrel shotgun
  3. I actually like the Winchester
  4. I like to do the same but haven't really come across anyone.
  5. New vicious predator in RP.

    I'm never going into the woods again...
  6. There isn't. Just checked. I'm so original
  7. I hope there is not another thread like this. I also dislike the saiga
  8. Just looking to see what weapons are not used as much as others, for me I dislike the SKS, I love the model but the sound ruins it for me.
  9. Favorite spawn location?

    I had a spawn beside Berezino, I thought it was quite good
  10. Better flashlights

    I want flash lights that you can add on to your guns or even tape lights to your guns for the more RP experience.
  11. Favorite Gun?

    I want the AKM-Holo to be my favourite gun but it doesn't take AKM mags, so it has to be the Mosin Nagant
  12. I ran into Desal Plant when it was getting raided....
  13. I just joined thought I'd say come say hello, so helllooo