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  1. *static is heard "John Moody, ACE here" "I'm coming to pay you a visit shortly" *the old man chuckles* "Hope you'll be happy to see me" "You wont have to lie anymore john" *more static and shots are heard in the distance
  2. *The click and static of a radio is heard *a long and deep sigh is heard from the voice of an old man Mr.Moody. Seems to me you're not only lying to your people, but you're robbing the innocent too? Now that.....that disappoints me john. You see, i thought you and I had an understanding. Word travels fast john. See you soon pal. *ACE drops the radio and crushes it under his boot.
  3. *the click of a portable radio sounds with only static, followed by the voices of many people in the background* "Stay away from the saviors!" a voice shouts "They will"*cough* "only bring"*painful sounding wince* "you sorrow" *heavy breathing* *the signal goes silent*
  4. Charles "Ace" Jackson is an Ohio native. Ace found himself on the run from the F.B.I when he fled into Chernarus, to escape not only his past, but the fiery trail he had left behind. Ex-Military and a true tale of conspiracy. Ace had been betrayed by the same government he once gave his life to protect. Before the feds could discover the whereabouts of Ace he was M.I.A. When the virus broke out Ace had found a new purpose in a distant land. New territory and a motive mystery, Charles is ready to get into touch with someone, anyone who could give him some insight on where the power was held in this place. He is ready to take command and seek out anyone that stands in his way.
  5. ASBY

    The "ACE" Files

    The adventures of Charles Jackson
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