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  1. KoNos

    [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Media Thread

    This one looks good fellas, keep it up!
  2. KoNos

    Wumby DZN [3D]

    Can you please make me one
  3. Dammmmmm, good to see you guys again with the best leadership that can ever be for this group. Good luck fellas and welcome back!
  4. Was listening to you guys tonight and then I heard the word "Handsup", I was like WTF there is a robbery over the radio "shit", but then I realised it's not real
  5. KoNos

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    I like the fact that people which didn't play in the mod and are here for two weeks say that it's not good. Only the people who played in the mod will know how good it is and how far DayzSA is far from being like that and that's why I think we need to get desolation server because of the fact it will look like the mod, it will give us the options to do everything and maybe to recreate the RP making people in this server understand that "not carrying a gun" is not RP, or the fact that if I rob someone that doesn't mean I don't want to RP. Back in the day we didn't need a reason to rob someone, if I wanted his gear I could've do it. I think that I've said enough and people that played in the mod understand me.
  6. Nice video, try to RP more with the guy before you let him go next time
  7. Finally, this is way more realistic.
  8. Will do, thank you for the help!
  9. You got nothing to do about it, just open your eyes
  10. Do you change the TS name or something like that when you brodcast?
  11. Do you have specific times that you brodcast?