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  2. Jerry

    Community Podcast

    Its not about the hostile RP, its about how the general RP is garbage nowadays and doesn't really make sense (lacks any structure), just going off what I've been reading on forums and talking to people who still play, STILL CAN'T CONNECT TO SERVER MYSELF . Sorry for derailing but had to reply to @Roland
  3. If I joined the TS id have to listen to YOU, still no help has been posted on the troubleshooting thread
  4. Wonder how many of those players are semi-afk circle jerking each other on teamspeak
  5. To be fair, its been an entirely new dev team since 2016, they worked their ass off on the new engine. They've got loads of developer streams lasting over an hour, the cash grab theory has already been debunked (Rocket probably did scoot with a fair share of it). Most of the money went into improving their offices which intern is were the developers work so it's not going into their pockets. People like me who work 9-5 probably earn more than 90% of the current devs. I have faith in the game, but its this server that's hard to have faith in. Millions of players have the game, the moment it's at a stage people want to play, they will. 0.63 experimental is lacking a lot of content, but the engine is fucking great, enough for me and my mates to hop on and have a blast, even a few bought the game, we wouldn't put up with it for a second if it had no potential or wasn't enjoyable. ARMA III is good, never struck me like ARMA II though, that shit had the best gunplay.
  6. Jerry

    Stupid Rule???

    I'm sorry but this is so dumb, the rules are so fucked. The staff chat must be a nightmare, or dead.. "Partial new life" come on, trying to be a serious roleplay server and you come up with that. Maybe I'm lucky I cant connect to the bloody server. So he claims the guy shot him, which also implies he survived the situation and has been living up until the point they meet again, then EXECUTES him. What the fuck? so if they meet again "Hey you're the guy who executed me *cough* I mean, shot me, time for me to execute you!" The roleplay must be all over the place..it just doesn't make fucking sense.
  7. Jerry

    Insane lag?

    Also getting session lost anytime I try to join, I can connect to any other server just fine.
  8. I'm not roleplaying for gear, I'm playing my character, so I guess I wouldn't get banned. From past experiences after I disarm someone, question them, we could end up rolling together or I'd disappear if I deemed you couldn't be trusted. That being said, my character will be a bandit, he's just not in the business of taking lives, doesn't make sense to get in gunfights and get shot during an apocalypse. It would be complete shit if all these green taggers turned into a US marine the moment I initiated hostilities though, and I'm guessing that's what happens.
  9. If my character disarms you of your weapons because I don't trust you, I'd get banned. (I've spoken with people on teamspeak, so I'm taking peoples word on this one) It's obviously not removed, it's just been heavily restricted.
  10. There's literally nothing interesting happening without hostilities though? it's not a question of the type of RP thats going on, its the dynamic of the server and how people play. When you remove an element as important as hostile players, it just makes any roleplay bland and boring when everyone knows the outcome of certain situations. If you're going for "creative" RP but know no one can rob you, threaten you, then what the fuck? You're in a zombie apocalypse and all you want to do is stand there with your friends, in the gear you've hand picked for your character, just going from place to place talking bullshit? Yeah sure the RP might be considered interesting but like I said the server is missing a very important dynamic. I don't even think its up for debate the current state of RP says enough. No new ideas will save this community.
  11. When the server population dies within a month of the beta maybe @Roland will realise the current state of the rules are not sustainable. I've tried contacting Roland but to no reply, didn't expect one. This community was thriving but now it has potential to thrive again. I honestly would write a thread with a poll but before I do that I'd want to play in-game, nobody will take anything I have to say if I haven't played in nearly a year. Too bad I currently get "session lost" everytime I've tried to join. I heard the server provider has changed so maybe that's why I can't connect. I know there's been polls in the past, but I'd be confident in getting the change done with a well written thread. That being said it seems these 'carebears', if you will, can easily skewer any poll in their favour because they are always on forums. Polls should not be final because not everyone sees them. Bite the bullet and make the change, the staff team have done it before. I'm in the firm belief that even with 0.62 this community would pack out a server with a better ruleset, you guys have literally driven every bandit to other communities..
  12. Everyones on teamspeak As of posting this, 7 in-game, 88 on teamspeak, LOL
  13. So nobody was able to debate what I said last, figures. 0.63 won't save the community if people are bored of the roleplay in a roleplaying community..
  14. Here's a recipe for RP, if you don't watch your back you'll get jacked of all your gear from an opportunist bandit. I mean, what do people do nowadays, probably just run flat lines from place to place not giving a FUCK. When people have fear of losing their stuff, they stick to tree lines, scout areas etc, they know they are vulnerable. Yeah sure there's gonna be bandits that just rob everyone, so what? you'll learn to deal with those fuckers, you'll know their movements and what gear they tend to have. Whenever you get robbed by a bandit who gives you good roleplay how about you praise them on these forums? Everyone seems to care quite a bit about recognition. (There's tonnes of different ways to bandit roleplay but you pretty much have to disarm them or else you're a dead man, back when I played most people got their stuff back, unless I actually needed it.) Is there any counter argument? These rules induce powergaming in every individual, people know they are protected.
  15. Yeah....that's utterly ridiculous. Has the rules been taken to a poll at all? I've watched a few streams and videos of recent times, I have no words really..are people even having fun? Bring FEAR back!