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  1. Hm your clan is old and no one cares! nobody around even rememembers....just a joke between me and morgan no points pleaae! But seriously, final trailer looks great Morgan was hoping for "grumby irishman sends his regards," cant wait to see the group thread ?
  2. wagwan roadman 

  3. "These almost forced and over hostile situations seem more ooc driven than anything. Most of the time, it seems like an excuse to PvP as much as possible in an roleplay community. On top of that, it almost exactly goes against your group goals outlined on this thread. " To me it was the basis of your feedback?
  4. You're throwing around "OOC hate" a lot and seem to really believe people actually hate you or your group over a video game, I'm pretty sure I speak for all of District when I say nobody hates anyone over anything that happens in-game, people get angry from time to time obviously but you're making it out as if we HATE you and thats why we are hostile RPing, which is complete bullshit.
  5. Jerry

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    Wipe the lore and leave it wiped, although a very unpopular opinion I feel like its worth a shot to see how it goes, said it before and ill say it again we don't need a lore because the players are well capable of producing our own through in-game, that way if we do it ourselves with our own groups I don't think the RP will become stale. I would try a poll for it but it would be shot down, but I know theres quite a few people with the same view as me. The stale RP problem only seemed to come about when we added lore..
  6. Jerry

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    The lore needs to be cut down and simplified, encounters with big groups seem "fucky" because nobody knows where they stand, its like every group is going through a identity crisis trying to have goals that make sense with the lore. A lore wipe will not acheive much I think things will go back to the way they are now, but I think if we use the lore as a general setting and let the players and groups create the story from scratch things will improve.
  7. Alternatively he could jump off the tower because he never wanted to upset anyones roleplay and now he can't live with himself, or yeno, stop crying about something that may be annoying for some people for literally a few minutes of their roleplay.
  8. Not really needless, I'd say his reason for doing it is pretty fair, I get your point though I feel sorry for all the poor roleplayers who can't walk up to him and tell him to turn it down or off.
  9. Ryan clearly explained why he was playing that music but it seemed to go over your head, it wasnt "needless" we don't just blast music for no reason. I'm not making it about a group at all everyone can play music and nobody from District is going to cry about it..
  10. Ok so if thats happening, once you do find them then they should be perma banned for trolling, simply as. This is such a minor problem you're highlighting but you want to remove a useful item because of it?
  11. All the problems you talk about if someone is actually sneaking around blasting obnoxious shit just trying to annoy people then report them... Literally just playing Irish music...just because it isn't your type of music you whine about it being "ear rape" ok.. "non-ear rape initiation" ? "EVERYBODY PUT YO-FUCHANDSJGSIGA"
  12. A megaphone is loud and it makes hearing people around you difficult? well geez if something is doing the job its created for we better remove it? Seriously though...like people said above deal with it IC because it's literally just a megaphone doing exactly what a megaphone does..
  13. @Mace You make some good points here. Ill say what I mean by "campfire rp," my views also boil down to being here for quite a while, so I'm sure you'll be able to understand as you were active during the mod and I'm sure we have rp'd in the past. There is countless people that think hostile roleplayers are just in it for the kills and to ruin their non-hostile roleplay, I see plenty of posts directed at bandits that are just salty but wouldn't be considered flame. Campfire RPer is a term that gets thrown around not as an insult in my opinion, its the same as "bandit rper" to me. I'm not against campfire rp in any way but there is a time and place for it, I honestly hate the way people gather in whatever town is popular at the time to sit around, the roleplay is dreadful most of the time due to there being too many people and it always gets pretty trolly (until a bandit group initiates hehe). It just doesn't make any sense in an apocalyptic world, especially if your character uses the server lore. Believe it or not us bandit groups actually enjoy sitting around a campfire, but we do it in secluded places when meeting new characters or progressing internal RP. Personally I do think the roleplay has taken a serious downfall overall, there is a lack of progression thats why the term "stale rp" gets thrown around. It's not like robberies are problem either, personally from playing a decent bit solo I've only been initiated on once. It is clear that a lot of people don't enjoy any hostile roleplay (not matter how good it is) at all and offer nothing to the situation because they just want to get out of there and start gearing their character back to the way they want, it's something you see quite a bit as a bandit. I've tried playing non-hostile characters in the past, but the reason I joined this server in the first place was because I googled "DayZ server with no KOS," this server had no roleplay at all for the first few months. I never joined this community to actually roleplay but the idea grew on me and the group I joined first on the server actually got the RP ball rolling on the server, so when I play I need that rush of a robbery, just like you need those quiet moments around a campfire. Like I said nothing against campfire rp, the community is definately split but you and I both know it has ALWAYS been that way.
  14. Jerry

    Force PK's in public executions.

    The people that constantly cry about hostile RP won't ever go for this, but to be honest if someone is captured and executed with good reason and roleplay then they should PK their character, it just makes the roleplay much more interesting because it builds a story, people can actually talk about the execution and all the events that led to it instead of just bumping into the character they executed again.. I personally would kill my character if I got executed with good reason, I'm pretty sure most of the District would do the same. I don't think there should be any forced PK, it will upset the campfire text RPers.
  15. 29 ghosters or loot hoarders voted no, there's a few reports already so having a shared hive is gonna cause a lot of reports. Back when we had two or three servers they were always full and ghosting was an issue, especially with bases.
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