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  3. I'd be up for Takistan but we don't really have the playerbase to support two full servers without loads of hype, so it would die out fast and Chernarus would suffer by not filling up.
  4. So far I've not been asked "why are you here" in a way that someones trying to get a response thats wrong in terms of the lore. My characters from Alaska but has valid reason to why he is in Chernarus, I've seen people with their high horse RP pretty much OOC shitting on people who are new to roleplay with all the questions like this, who what where and why, personally I take on the infection part of the lore, but pretty much nothing else. My character barely knows anything about Chernarus anyways and he's slowly learning through meeting people which is a lot of fun. Just you're original point about being grilled on the lore pisses me off, I had faith at the start but I've seen 'whitenames' trying their best to get involved in the RP and here comes a DayZRPer with refined lore knowledge who quickly makes them feel like their RP was not wanted. From what I've seen people with likeable characters who actually get others involved in the roleplay will obviously be the favorites to the majority, regardless of lore. 'Old lore RP,' is just people RPing the way they are comfortable regardless of whatever politics they should know.
  5. There should be a lot more farmers running around, huge part of their culture.
  6. oh shit I thought this was off topic, ummmmmm I dont know @Roman chief lighten up
  7. Its not that big of a deal, instead of rain there was heavy snowstorms and the cold is a lot easier to deal with than constant rain, not to mention there was rare clothing that countered the cold pretty much entirely.
  8. No its based off a northern coal mining town in Russia they just made it an Island to not have debug/mainland linking it, its a dope map that was poppin for good reason back in the day, it would be a really great addition to be honest, small size would mean a lot of interaction and you're constantly fighting the cold element.
  9. Glad to be part of this, excited.
  10. It can be really confusing for new players, my friend who is new is nearly too scared to play because he is afraid of killing someone when he shouldn't have, the attacker/defender kill rights is for sure not a perfect system, its best to avoid initiating when you're new especially when rolling in a group, sounds silly but I'd RP a passive character until you experience hostile RP and get a sense of how it plays out. People shit on hostile RP but its very difficult to do right and takes a lot of practice, making sure everything is within the rules and not getting you're head blown off is tricky.
  11. Thought I did send two, didn't wanna spam, well its not goin anywhere, the prison wasn't covered so its just up to interpretation I guess.
  12. Seeing as my character was in the Skovo prison, the only reason hes out is because of a jail break, so yeah complete anarchy, I messaged @Brayces but only got one reply that didn't clear up anything, then radio silence, but yeah no idea how the prison wasn't covered in the lore.
  13. Zombie Drug is just another name for bath salts cause they make you brainless, using the term zombie in game is totally fine seeing as this 'flu' has that exact effect. Personally I say "fucked up people" or whatever just avoiding any term, but I've seen people getting shit talked ingame for saying zombies and its just ridiculous, people needa get off their RP high horses. Not really man from my reading of the lore considering St. Petersburg was 'lost' people getting gunned down trying to leave or whatever, its actually overall pretty vague, I've heard a few people call it the apocalypse and I think its totally fine. The people that go around as if barely anything is wrong are the ones kinda not making sense.
  14. You said it lad These SA kids would of been another slash in our kill book hehe
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