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  1. Jerry

    To my fellow Vape Lords...

    Can't remove the drag mini's batteries, using my older mod at the minute that I can use a station with. The mini also has a regulator and shit so no chance of you screwing up the batteries, shame I have to bring this back its fucking sick.
  2. Jerry

    To my fellow Vape Lords...

    Nice, I got it for the crazy good battery life, went to work with three bars left, only went out for two smoke breaks and it died with three hours of work left, was not happy at all
  3. Jerry

    To my fellow Vape Lords...

    Pachamama mango pitaya pineapple, the best https://www.elementvape.com/pachamama-mango-pitaya-pineapple-30ml Got the drag mini too, charging port is fucked its way too loose, battery life pretty bad even at 50W (think mine is really faulty though), returning it tomorrow and picking up something else, you got any problems with it?
  4. Jerry

    Metagaming changes

    It's always tough to prove, thats why metagaming punishments should be harsh when you do catch it. Being able to scream info to ur boys on discord and be silent ingame is just straight up dumb, groups will just have to adapt, have someone lurking close reporting everything on radio for example, the standard of RP will imrpove loads just from this change. Having the radio on you at all times might be harsh and I'd say could be left out of the rule, but it just provides another requirement to get in massive firefights so I wouldn't say its that big of a deal tbh.
  5. Jerry

    Metagaming changes

    Yes, obviously. Can't think of any RP community that doesn't do this, its fair play and will bring more RP.
  6. Jerry

    The Time.

    Well he says ex house I didn't know about this group until the house joined so was there anyone in this group at all then? Yeah I dont agree with it tbh, the rules suck right now I've been saying it for a long time. Too many restrictions, with all the rules there is no real fear and there just can't be, people powergame all the time and clearly go behind ur back to 2.3 you or whatever, which better not become a thing because its stupid as hell.
  7. Jerry

    The Time.

    Yall overreacting a bit, @Roland just posted a friendly reminder and you go off on one, hes saying if theres a report (with evidence obviously) then ur getting banned, but if all is as you claim you got nothing to worry about because there wont be any evidence?
  8. Jerry

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    -snip- shepherd stole my content for the backstory pffft
  9. Jerry

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    new blood yung blud
  10. Another fake wedding to enable a mass KOS? I'll bring the satchel charges.
  11. Jerry

    Bring Them Back?

    Settlements were awesome, reviewed by staff and the community, a lot of serious effort went into the ones we had in mod. Each group was only allowed to attack a settlement every 24 hours (this was a rule added after months of settlement wars, gooood times). Also with todays current rules you have to be an RPer or else ur gonna have a bad time, so settlements would be dope imo. The problem is standalone still sucks balls overall so I'm not sure if we could pull this off.
  12. Jerry

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    DayZRP has always been quite competitive whether people notice it or not, people strive to "wipe" other clans or out muscle them in RP sense so of course there's going to be heated arguements between players. People are gonna flame each other but anything said on here is so harmless in the long run and I'm sure neither side is ever actually effected, and if you're upset about a rival clan member blurting out something then god damn you gotta grow up quick. I personally think private messages should be treated as such, private. Anything said on a platform not hosted by DayZRP should just be a free for all, a really old TS that I use to play on had lets just say, altered images of staff members and community members, those said staff members had seen them on the TS but just laughed it off, but if that shit was posted on the forums it would be a straight up perm, and that would be fair. Why do people strive to get others banned, when its those same people that are bringing enjoyment to the server for even their enemies? I've seen it sooo many times before and its just stupid at this point. "These rules apply everywhere, not just things you do, say or send through DayZRP services." Thats from Rule 1, does that even cover private messages? its the way it should be but 1.1 should literally only be a verbal warning then maybe points if they keep going or straight up points for racism or sexism, but only on the forums or the DayZRP discord, not PMs. This community was never created with maturity in mind, the forums in 2012/2013 were pretty dope and straight up, no bullshit or worries of "should I post that," nah just fire away, people were allowed to actually be themselves without a filter and it was much better.
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