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  1. Jerryski grew up in the small town of Bronnitsy located not far away from Moscow, Russia. He was born into a family of thirteen, he had seven brothers and three sisters. He grew up on a small farm as the youngest in the family, he watched as all his brothers got drafted in the Russian Armed Forces. His father was a Warrant Officer in the Russian Ground Army and was a highly decorated solider. Growing up he was surrounded by communist ideals and was taken in, even though Russia was going through a change and communism was on the decline, Jerryski stayed true. Aged sixteen he was submitted for evaluation by his father, his results were better than any other and was immediately put into training. After completing basic training he showed interest in becoming a scout or marksman. His father had great influence and used it to start Jerryski's marksman training. He passed every test that they threw at him with flying colours and was now ranked a Marksman. Jerryski served bravely in numerous operations ranging from basic checkpoints to highly classified missions, not much time had passed until his father got a letter from one of the head Officers of the Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye, Company 47. Without hesitation his father put Jerryski straight into the Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniyeto to serve as a Sniper. Jerryski served with the S-GRU right up until the zombie infection, when the breakout hit it was pure chaos, but the mighty Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye continued on their mission to transport Dr. Habib across Chernarus while taking direct orders from the Kremlin. Jerryski was now a member of the almighty Company 47, Years later... Company 47 fought tooth and nail to complete their mission and lost most of their force, Jerryski Iritski survived but lost most of his comrades to the apocalypse, after years who was left alone to wander Chernarus, at this point Jerryski knew the whole world was fucked so he accepted he would die on the soil of Chernarus. One day he overheard radio chatter that was to his liking, a group that reminded him of his fallen comrades compelled him to make contact..
  2. Highland radio power hour called
  3. Jerry

    Group cap

    There use to be an agreement between active clans not to exceed 25 ACTIVE members, I doubt any clan has daily activity with those kind of numbers at the minute, a group cap would be needed if there was though.
  4. get rekt rpers, doesn't work that well without trap rap tbh
  5. Jerry

    My plans for a new DayZRP Group

    Looks good these types of groups take a lot of IC effort and are hard to keep going, not many can pull it off. The main issue will probably be getting intiated on while trying to be hostile without initiating.
  6. Every situation is different thats for sure, but for years this community functioned perfectly with the set rules, what constituted breaking them and what the punishments were, you could go through old reports and see consistency in the verdicts, good luck trying to find that now.
  7. Well the staff have said many times that the "literature" is open to interpretation on a report to report basis, which is probably why the community is so pissed. So who gives a fuck about the "literature" when none of the report verdicts are constant.
  8. Jerry

    False Report?

    I feel like MOST people would aim the gun at his head and say something, at least the bandit RPers I know would do that.
  9. Jerry

    False Report?

    Thats what happens when you listen to too much newage rap, what would chernarus be without the hood gang RP? On a serious note guys, I don't think @Roland is going to budge on this one at all.
  10. Jerry

    GPS and Markers

    It acted as a rangefinder though, helped when learning ranges but it'd be powergaming these days. Was fun drawing art for everyone to see on public servers hehe. If anyone doesn't know the map, its fun learning your way around without a silly waypoint feature. Don't wanna take away the struggle of being a noob for people, also doesn't make IC sense to be able to just dart around in a straight line everywhere if you actually dont know the way.
  11. I understand that after the punch the dude was fair game by the rules and if we go down the realism route nobody would ever throw that punch, but honestly in the situation in that report most bandits that know how to RP would of pulled the gun up, aimed and said "what the fuck?" instead of getting another clip. I've seen a lot of recent videos that are reminding me of the mod days, it brings a happy tear to my eye but I feel a lot of the current community dont want that direction.
  12. You're missing the point, retaliation is perfectly fine but how does one justify spraying someone down full auto after a single punch? There's something known as "hostile escalation," so if someone punches you, punch them back, if someone attacks you with a machete and you only have a gun, well you have to use it at this point, I know this server isn't like that at all which sucks, but its a point we should be aiming for.
  13. Jerry

    False Report?

    Yeah it seems like you skimmed over it, if you're pushing for more roleplay on the server instead of ruleplay that report is kind of a good example, "defends themselves full within their rights" ok so its fine within the rules, but how does doing that make sense when you consider the potential for roleplay? considering the shooter had allies around him he was not in any danger from a single punch or being "stun locked." He executed his KOS rights instantly for bullshit reasons, the report should just be rolled back and no verdict given at this point, and just use it as example of what not to do in future.
  14. Jerry

    False Report?

    Also false reports were my idea back in 2012 to combat people falsifying information to try get someone else banned, so I have no idea how it got twisted into banning someone who provided all the correct information in a report especially when the situation is debatable, doesn't make any sense. I'm saying this because false report isn't even in the rules anymore. "you will be found guilty of filing a false report. You punched a man with an assault-rifle in his hands and allies in direct vicinity." You could say doing that is a very bad idea, but its a false report? naaah. He felt like there was a rulebreak and provided all the information and didnt lie so it literally can't be a false report if you're basing it on how the actual rule was written.
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