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  1. Lets be real Gino was a boss he just fell in with the wrong crowd
  2. I'm in most of the mod videos I'm seeing wooo FATALITY and btw no one reacted sad because fuck SEAMUS
  3. Jerry

    Using kill rights = Ruleplay?

    There is still roleplay whether he initiates or not though whats your point exactly? They are in a group and a member gets shot from nowhere, sucks for him, but shit thats a fine spot to start roleplaying if you ask me. Forget about the fact that why would a solo player try contain a group with an initiation when they have the right to kill? The logic on this server is really strange. Bet the first thing on said TS was "THATS RULEPLAY!!"
  4. Jerry

    Using kill rights = Ruleplay?

    Bring back, No KOS, NLR, etc all the obvious stuff, and instead of "Bad RP", go for "No RP" and if someone is caught guilty of not rolplaying at all a harsh punishment should be handed out. Especially because its hard to prove no roleplay if someone doesn't record, so more the reason to severely punish people caught. People will have freedom, the server dynamic will change but itll be for the better..
  5. Jerry

    Using kill rights = Ruleplay?

    Rule rework required
  6. Jerry

    Using kill rights = Ruleplay?

    Utter bullshit, yeah he's using the server rules to kill someone, so fucking what? rules are rules. If this is the shit people are getting banned for I better stay off the server. Also a 5 day ban.. GMs calm the fuck down
  7. The RSM were one of IRAs only allies, I enjoyed Morgan Rigg's RP a lot. RSM consisted of mostly older players with full time jobs so they couldn't keep up with the 24 hour onslaught of NRF and the likes. I'd keep only 3 or 4 IRA members in the pub at any given time, only sometimes we just gathered there with all our force. At the start we actually wiped so many clans of 10+ losing only a few players and never losing any valuable equipment. So attacks became spread out and well planned, that was when the fun started. I'm not sure if anyone ever remembers the URALs full of spare weapons we'd bring back to the pub, those were good times.
  8. Jerry

    The community is being restricted?

    I was jokin' I heard some funky 18+ shit on the DayZRP TS a few months a go in a random channel, this community doesn't need a forum for it
  9. Jerry

    The community is being restricted?

    Real shit? Lets get that 18+ section goin boiz. Forums have changed so much and I've browsed them time to time even during my permanent bans because hehe lets be honest I knew id be back. In the past 2-3 years the forums have gotten "up tight", thats the best way I can describe it. Nobody is having chilled conversations anymore, it always seems to be "debate". Nothing wrong with that but yall need an ego check I guess, definitely needs to be a few rule changes and this community will be on the right track, I have faith for the beta.
  10. Jerry

    Beta First Impressions.

    This needs to come out fast, time to write character backstory woo
  11. Looking at videos of 0.63, looks great. This game will return.
  12. Jerry

    Back in the old days, when HostileRP was good.

    This one of my favourite hostile encounters I had playing in this community not scripted at all just using a classic bait at a populated area and roleplaying it out, oh and pretty sure at this time the server didn't even have any rules towards roleplaying. Wunlesh hit the nail on the head, the rules targeting roleplay are what caused the roleplay to go stale.
  13. Exactly what I've been crying about for a while, less rules, MORE hostile RP. I looked through a lot of those "Bad RP" reports a while back, nearly all were false in my eyes. A lot of people say they are for the roleplay but when they get headshot and spawn at the coast they feel entitled to find something wrong with whoever just done them in.
  14. Jerry

    The Deal With It Attitude

    When was this rule 4 added? Read most of this thread and its definitely positive. I feel sorry for Aiko, could someone link this report (im nosey). Telling everyone to sit back and follow the rules is all well nd good but the players of the server should be the ones making the changes right? A community council sounds like a great idea I'm sure this community is clued in enough to handle a democracy. Admins administrate, players play. Obviously admins can play too but from my time in staff it was very restricted past junior gamemaster, I got enough shit for being a Gamemaster and being the leader of a clan. The staff team should be veteran players that are sick of the game, that sounds bad but its kinda the way it should be. Also now that I know about this rule 4 (who knows how I missed it), I'm kinda scared.
  15. Jerry

    Community Opinions and the Sort

    Yeah sadly the problem was leaving the mod in the first place, basically left everything behind to start on the new game. Once the servers were closed for a month+ it was all over, the playerbase was divided and the influx of new players from the standalone release made it seem like it was a good idea.