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  1. The codec on teamspeak was 100x better, even on a cheap max slot 10 server the voice quality was amazing and personally never experienced unstable connections, discord slowly took over but it was clear TS sounded way better than discord it just didn't have the same support for text channels. Everyone has their discords now and I doubt TS would fill up at all sadly, shit was lit back when you'd have over 100 people chilling, had a way bigger community feeling than discord has ever had.
  2. It's been like this for a long time, not even talking about recently banned players but for ages now the community has been losing more good RPers than its been registering, simple as. The people that get banned tend to be the most active players therefore they accumulate warning points, sure you gotta be a real shitlord to get 30 in a month and people argue that the community is better without them, well no its not you've got a server filled with looters now that are over the moon about finally not getting KOS'd. Put quite a lot of hours into the server since the lore wipe and the amount of people that run even when I'm solo is crazy. There was a petition held by @Rampage in 2015(?) with nearly 100 signatures maybe even more this exact problem (that the rules gave way to people not interested in RPing) and potential problems, @Roland banned all of the people that signed the petition, some of the best RPers on the server who were group leaders, the people that kept this server running when roleplaying on DayZ was barely a thing.
  3. On top of whats already been said, reports between groups just adds extra stress on the members which leads to all the 'drama.' Anytime an active group disbands its a hit on the server, report wars have lost a lot of good community members down through the years.
  4. Nice work, one thing I'd add though is a crash to desktop at the end, would of really set the tone for season two hype.
  5. Jerryski grew up in the small town of Bronnitsy located not far away from Moscow, Russia. He was born into a family of thirteen, he had seven brothers and three sisters. He grew up on a small farm as the youngest in the family, he watched as all his brothers got drafted in the Russian Armed Forces. His father was a Warrant Officer in the Russian Ground Army and was a highly decorated solider. Growing up he was surrounded by communist ideals and was taken in, even though Russia was going through a change and communism was on the decline, Jerryski stayed true. Aged sixteen he was submitted for evaluation by his father, his results were better than any other and was immediately put into training. After completing basic training he showed interest in becoming a scout or marksman. His father had great influence and used it to start Jerryski's marksman training. He passed every test that they threw at him with flying colours and was now ranked a Marksman. Jerryski served bravely in numerous operations ranging from basic checkpoints to highly classified missions, not much time had passed until his father got a letter from one of the head Officers of the Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye, Company 47. Without hesitation his father put Jerryski straight into the Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniyeto to serve as a Sniper.
  6. The new lore has restricted peoples RP and is pushing newcomers that aren't loot hoarders away, theres already a shit tonne of groups in archive which is a bad sign. I'm all for a more realistic approach but you gotta draw the line somewhere, everything just having to make sense is fucking boring and people got bored. Nobody should have their RP shot down on forums or in-game because a few little details just don't make 'sense' to everybody. The lore should be a basis for people to create whatever character/group they want to RP, except now everyones on their high horse crying about the stupid lore and that's why the server is fuckin dead.
  7. I searched google for DayZ server with no kill on sight and DayZRP was the top result, I promptly KOS'd an OG called Scarface for his M4 SD and Landrover, Rolle banned me before I even made it a mile down the road, good times. That was 8 years ago, damnnn.
  8. If the server performance isn't taking a hit then I'm not totally against base building, I always thought it dropped FPS a lot, as long as the staff team stay on top of any bases with too many assets then fuck it who cares, Is the loot economy really a problem? I don't think so, for most people it really doesn't matter what gear they have to have a laugh on DayZRP. Hoarders have always been a thing, anyone who can't get IC without their special outfit or need to stash up so a loss wont hurt as much do hurt the server. I think back to District when the triangle was popping, it was a lot of fun which the new lore wipe just hasn't offered, which is down to none of the settlements hitting the right note. Whether it was Kab or Grish as the settlement there was always a good few groups floating around that kept it really interesting, people were less restricted with their characters and it just made for overall more fun RP. There was plenty of gear hoarders with their bases 10 layers deep, but it didn't really hurt the server too much.
  9. For sure a lot of reports should be talked out, and ban hunting is not uncommon around here. Blatant KOS and what not is pretty rare and only idiots getting one laugh do that and regret it. The majority of reports nowadays are salt reports, everything's handled case by case so people that get smoked probably can swing some stupid report, this ain't a toxic community though its the opposite, use to be pretty toxic and it was a lot of fun.
  10. Pretty sure @Roland has mentioned a few times about adding NPC traders without a safezone, not sure on his stance on it now though, if done in the right way like a black market that moved around which stocked badly damaged weapons/ammo (excluding the good weapons), with supplies I think it would be cool. Not giving out the location would also spice things up if you had to find it yourself. Don't think a static AI would hurt the server too much, pretty poppin RP server does this after scraping "trade factions," because its nearly impossible for players to do it themselves without a group online nearly 24/7. No safezone and I'd be happy, an actual economy would be so dope.
  11. Sharpening stones are still actually the best way to sharpen a knife, a lot of people can get it sharper than the factory with a stone, realism aside considering how silly fast things break on dayz I'd like to see this. +1
  12. I'd love to see what you do exactly to get robbed so much, its gotta be something you say or whatever, no offense, how many times have you actually been robbed??
  13. So far anytime I run into a native they don't say much in terms of 'discrimination,' I haven't been outnumbered by a lot yet so still haven't been initiated on I get what you mean though, you're probably trying to push your RP while they be passive aggressive then they initiate, if this is constantly happening then you need a group, or start being aggressive yourself, not sure but I feel like I've gotten away from robberies because they think I have a crew with me, try flip the line of questioning back on them. If your character has no fight in him at all then your gonna be an easy target and people know that. A. Hide the weapon, or use a single fire mode B. Drive on the routes not used often C. Are they following you while you loot or something? I'd initiate Are you only getting robbed at the hotspots or close by? if so just avoid going there a lot
  14. Jerry

    Old Timers

    I will protect the old timers #thuglyfe
  15. They really done u dirty my friend...

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      that font tho 🔥

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      Free Emerald perk 😉

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      fo real @Roland caught slippin

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