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  1. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Yeah sadly the problem was leaving the mod in the first place, basically left everything behind to start on the new game. Once the servers were closed for a month+ it was all over, the playerbase was divided and the influx of new players from the standalone release made it seem like it was a good idea.
  2. Community Opinions and the Sort

    The real question is why did Rolle close the mod servers THE DAY DayZ standalone was released, if you could of held off even a few days until the world found out how shit standalone really was..... I still cant even Wow wow careful there if too many people are in the one area..."BAD RP REEEEEEEEEEEEE"
  3. What do you listen to ?

    Any house, deep house, techno peeps?
  4. Community Opinions and the Sort

    You're sitting on a high horse acting as if players can just hop on to the next RP server, NO. Lucky for you people actually want to play this server for RP because it's all they got. Whatever happened to the players of the server deciding whats best for them? Use to be able to suggest something, in a matter of hours it would of been debated and either accepted/declined. If whats said is true and there are staff members with less than 100 in-game hours that needs to change, how can that even be? Staff members should know every single in and out of the game, they should have at least 200 hours (minimum) of RP experience in-game because without it they won't know what they are talking about in reports or just general discussion, period. I know I come on the forums and just post shit from time to time but I genuinely give a fuck about this community and dont want to see it gone, its pretty tough watching it die. I'd love to be playing DayZRP again but god damn...c'mon guys EDIT: I've got into detail on why I think the servers are like this in other posts so I wont be repeating myself.
  5. Where are all the groups going

    It probably changes a lot.. Restriction after restriction, feels like you're attacking the playerbase of your server here. Hard for me to see why, but people won't stick around. Not everyone has the time, resources to meet these requirements, you're appealing to people who never leave the house and can just get lost in a game with server rules like this.
  6. Where are all the groups going

    Four clans? way to squeeze the life out of the server with nonsensical rules. How are new players going to get into this..?
  7. Return of SVR?

    Guerrilla warfare at the minute, Interesting thread, you guys were S-GRU v2 but you still pulled it off well, learned from the masters I suppose Perhaps when the game isn't garbage we'll be having firefights like the old days.
  8. What got all of you into DayZRP?

    Googled "DayZ server with no kill on sight." DayZRP was right at the top
  9. Hall of Shame

    129 warning points for first? pffft..
  10. An interview with Rolle

    The golden age, god damn right.
  11. It's probably too late for this community in a sense, what its become is quite utterly ridiculous...everyone on the forums is trying to reach some persona of a acclaimed community expert who knows all. Everyone seems to care more about their forum profile than there bloody in-game experience or even being in-game at all. I made a thread on the old forums pleading for beanz to be stopped a while after it was released and was shot down by everyone, it really is working towards the downfall of this community. Theres a clear shift towards the $$ from Rolle which is fine in a way as there is a lot of work being put into this community. I personally seen an extreme change in this community as more and more rules were added, it gave the dickheads I talk about above a sense of entitlement in-game and they keep a watchful eye for "Bad RP" or OOC action. So look, not everyone is gonna be good at roleplaying so perhaps to make up for it they pursue a different course in-game. There always needs to be a balance in gaming communities but in this one everyone is just trying to be the most baller RPer and thats when others get frustrated and resort to...well just killing them. I guarantee you a lot of the players that resorted to PVP were shot down when they tried to RP and received just enough for the DayZRP elitist to get away from him and meet up with his faithful RPing buddies, so the new player says fuck this and shifts towards killing them. The time for new ideas is pretty much shot, the game is really really dying and the only thing that'll save this is if a large influx of players hits and you guys dont fuck with them. People need to learn how to RP, give them a chance. I'm not bothered typing out all my thoughts, trim down those rules to the bare essentials, stop being assholes and play the game
  12. What Makes A Good Character Page?

    -User was cautioned for this post-
  13. How many times have you been a hostage?

    Was our first and last time RPing in years, hope it was up to par
  14. Where's everybody gone?

    Still waiting for it not to be shit
  15. Jerry Hegarty

    Find me in-game, ill never tell you though