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  1. Jerry

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    Has to be changed quick, its so annoying. Within minutes like 5 of us got sick..
  2. Jerry

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    oooh nice, great to have ya Jack
  3. Jerry

    Scar's shit edits

    im shook
  4. I would give that a cheeky 7.1555/10 my avatar is 10/10 doesn't matter what the next person says
  5. Jerry

    • Ryan Shepherd

    Profile picture: Brad Pitt from Fight Club

    Cover picture: Brad Pitt from Inglorious Bastards

    Background picture: Brad Pitt from Fury

    1. GMAK
    2. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Just one more thing


    3. KyleRP


      The three best movies, what a coincidence

    4. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      ^ This guy got some taste, someone you could learn from @Jerry

  6. Some people


  7. Yeah they weren't around cause I was sendin them to the coast' jokes For real though CLF were top dogs, I was happy to part of them during the prime. S-GRU (only when led by Fyodor) are kings though, kinda regret not joining V2 you guys did live up to the name back then.
  8. Jerry

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    The game will never be finished, only reason we are getting "1.0" is because valve are on them to get it out of early access. This game was garbage up until a few updates after the new engine, fair play to you guys for putting up with it before that.
  9. Jerry

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I only started playing when beta came out, last time I played was up until the mod closed, but I've always been around in the community. Obviously browsing forums from time to time doesn't give me an idea of what it's like in-game. I have a fair idea of what the RP has been like too as I still have friends who are active. I've been here nearly since the beginning and the reason I'm saying that is because this hate for hostile RP is not new. It's been rinsed and repeated for a long time, the reason people can't just rob you in 10 seconds is because people cried about it and rules were added. (which in my opinion was good and bad, the server lacked hostile RP after these rules though, nowadays the Garcias are doing a good job of making people shit scared of losing their gear/life) Threads like this are an outcry in a sense, what do you guys want? more rules to restrict robberies? do that and watch the server become "stale and repetitive"
  10. Jerry

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    You've only been here over a month you don't really have grounds to stand on when you say "stale and repetitive," So what if their goal is to rob you? its easy to not get robbed just stop walking up to guys with balaclavas, if they catch you off-guard well nothing you can do about that. Their reason will be they want your weapon and ammo. During the robbery they will "showcase" their characters in a way making the RP not dull, they might have other forms of RP for you to get involved in, but that won't matter if the person they just robbed is really salty about losing their gear so they won't give a fuck. Seen it a shit tonne since of people who don't say anything during hostile RP, and its not because I'm telling them to "shut up" either.
  11. Listening to his new album now, so fucking good
  12. Jerry

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    Hostile RP is easily the toughest form of RP, at this stage only a few hostages have given interesting RP. Most people are just compliant to get it over and done with so they can run off and start gearing again, those people are the problem.