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  1. I will be playing a character called Bèren Willwood. He is around 20 years old, and lived with his parents for quite some time. His parents were diplomats, send out by a humanitarian organisation to Chernarus before the breakout. Doing charity work and trying to improve the condition. Bèren moved with his parents to Chernarus for this reason. He was never really talented on school, finding it very hard to learn the local language and tradition. He however found himself interested in the arts of Human rights law. Bèren quickly lost his parents through the breakout, forcing Bèren to lock himself up in his parents home and survive from the supplies stock that his father had kept for emergency situations like these. This was the moment when Bèren started to find himself learning from the destruction and desolation that such an apocalypse brings. He slowly starts to transform into an actual self sustaining man through the hardships of survival, scavenging through the local houses, barely managing to get by while he slowly learns himself the basics of survival. Through the breakout, Bèren has lost most of the small circle of people he knew. And has seen this land change into a warzone filled with thugs, criminals and alike. He wishes for humanity to return to the people. He will do whatever it takes for this humanity to return, even if it would have to take some of his own in return...
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