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  1. for some reason i cant get dayzrp to work please help
  2. in the list of characters i have there not one of them named Brandon McVas
  3. i did that but there is no character named that
  4. for some reason i cant get dayzrp to work please help i'm starting get really depressed
  5. he was born in a growing town in the middle of Texas and when he turned 20 he went into the military and served for 7 years when he got honorably discharged then worked as a firefighter in his home town for 2 years then found out about what was happening in Chernarus and decided to help on his way there the plane he was on ether hit or had a major malfunction and started to fall out of the sky when he woke up he found he was the only one that survived or at least from what he could tell he was because he was on sore and there was no sight of the plane or any one else for that mater...
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