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  1. I was Born in England, In a small city in the north called Newcastle. I was orphaned when on my 4th birthday, I watched my mother and father get their throats slit right in front of me. They made me watch. That was my first memory. I then led a path of destruction in my wake. I stole money from my orphanage's savings safe and fled the country the moment i turned 16. 12 years of torture. 12 years of the same image running through my mind. Most people would lose it. I stayed strong. I had to see my revenge unfold. I didn't have the first clue as to where my killers where from. They only said 2 words. Cyka Blyat, Right before they killed my mother. The orphanage taught me English. So i never became fluent in my home language. While i was reading about this trend of Russian people playing cs:go. A common phrase was said to insult their opposition. Cyka Blyat. That led me to Russia. I was held up in a motel when i turned 17, With no money or food, and very little to pay for the place i was staying in. Without any idea what these people looked like, Or any idea why my parents were murdered, I had nothing to go on, I had to simply survive for now. I stole, I begged I even killed a few people to survive. 3 years pass and along my travels I came across a wolf, A lone wolf. He was hesitant at first. It was winter and he was hurt, Shot it looked like. He hadn't the strength to even fight me. So i took him into a cave nearby the border of chernarus. It was here, on this night i realized how precious life can be. How innocent animals have no say in the way they live. Humans live in comfort while this is just nature. It sickened me. I knew thats what we were, Just animals that are overachieving without ever really achieving anything. The next day, The hunter returned for his meal. I awoke to three men entering the cave. Without a weapon I was hopeless. They held me down while one killed the wolf in front of me, The very same as my parents. They knocked me out and locked me in their basement. For the past 6 months I have been fed and watered like the animal I knew I was, Tortured every few days so they can have a few laughs. I counted the days. I never understood a word they said, But survival was everything. I had to stay strong. A few days passed without any food or water. A woman then emerged and started crying in front of me. Spitting her disgusting language to me. But then she let me go, and just sat their, crying on the floor. But she said one word i understood right at the end, Survive. and she handed me a machete. I then killed her in cold blood. I emerged from the house for the first time in 6 months, To a horrific sight...