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  1. Sure, it was the thing to do back then. But not sure how that has anything to do with claiming that England created tea.
  2. Me too... and the fact that Thanos is a madman and totally wrong should terrify us about how we think lol.
  3. I always found it awesome they contacted Sam Jackson in person when Marvel was doing their Ultimate Marvel series if they could base the new Nick Fury off of his likeness (which he of course, being a geek himself said yes to)... and cut to a few years later when Disney/Marvel just casts him for the role in their films. He is great in the role, and it is awesome that a guy his age (he is 70) is still bankable in action roles.
  4. As everyone here has said, stay strong. Fight the cancer, and make sure you listen to your doctors! Glad they caught it soon enough that it looks like it can be corrected through surgery. As for the toxic comments. They should be reported. It is good on you to be the bigger person, but if these guys are willing to do this to you, they may be willing to do it to others. Actions have consequences, and you standing up now and taking it to those admins may be helping someone else later who is in a similar situation. Keep up the good fight, and kick cancer's tail all over the place.
  5. Mine took about a week, but that was over the holidays.
  6. I was talking to a friend who played DayZ (I have only really played here) that said the light cycles are based on a Real World lunar cycle and if it you set the base night time for somewhere in June, it is actually the "lightest" night time of the year, where it never really gets totally pitch black, but its still really dark. Or he could be trolling me lol.
  7. KISS Keep it Simple Stupid. Doing a bit of research on the setting and then make something simple. Elaborate backstories are just as often a hinderance as much as a boon. Try to find a few character traits that define them. If you are new to RP, it is usually pretty safe to play a more ideal version of yourself at first. Gives you a decent baseline to go off of. Then the true magic happens, your character evolves and changes in response to the world around them.
  8. nightfall2021

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    This was an inspiring read. Villains rarely see themselves as a villain. That internal conflict drives that character from a narrative standpoint. Think of "The Operative" from Serenity. He knows he does evil things, he knows that he will never be able to live in the world he is trying to build. But he has made that sacrifice to do those evils so others can reap the benefits of what he considers is the greater good (in this respect, the Alliance). While my current character is pretty much a pacifist, that is mostly due to the fact that I am garbage at PvP, and I am super green to DayZ, (as in I have no idea where anything is, and I am basically stumbling around barely keeping myself fed and hydrated) but that character's motivations are very much laid out. Eventually I will come across some player external conflict and we will see where it goes. As of right now, he is just frustrated because people keep offline stealing his stuff lol. One of the things I have always told myself, and other players (on the other games I have played for a couple decades), is that ultimately your RP benefits when you make it more about the person you are RPing with than yourself. If you can build a community this way, it tends to make a creative group of people who for the most part trust other players to do them right, even if that "right" is that they do horrible things to you. Your goal is to provide a great experience to everyone at your "table" (using a tabletop reference here). I even have went so far to say, "This is CvC (Character vs Character) and not PvP. You are not here to compete against other players, you are here to drive a great narrative, even if that that narrative does have violence in it. Once your aim is to be antagonistic against other players, you need to step back and evaluate if you are actually improving other people's play, or if you are only doing it for yours." I am super new, so obviously this post will mean nothing to alot of people. Just had to throw in my two cents. It was very interesting to read the different replies to this. I have often found that spending time on forums and paying attention to the discord can give a pretty good feel for what the "culture" is of a group I am wanting to be more involved in.
  9. Life has a funny way to throw you a curve ball, thought Harrison as he hunkered down in the cold undergrowth as he looked out over the small village before him. “Chernarus, how in the hell did I end up here?” Said the man as he rubbed his hands together. The village ahead of him looked mostly empty, outside of the shambling forms of the infected, things he had grown accustomed to avoiding since he had started heading west. He was cold and damp, the scavenged clothing and pack he had found on his journey doing little to hold back the ever present cold. His old Nike's, were torn, and there was a hole in the sole of the shoe, and he could feel the heat from his body leaching into the cold ground beneath him. Harrison had grown up in the damp and cold on the Oregon coast, and despite the fact he was from a very rural area, he still had access to a heater or at least a fireplace. Here, in the wasteland that had become Eastern Europe and Russia, he had spent most of his nights in the lee of trees or the occasional abandoned shack. He had been on vacation, the first time he had ever really left the area of Oregon he was from. His brother had sworn to him that taking a trip across Europe would do him good. To take that backpacking tour the high school kids did before heading off to college. It was about 20 years to late of course, but Harrison had always enjoyed hiking, and the outdoors and decided to spend what little money he had saved up to listen to his brother. He was 37 years old, but still hale and hardy. Hardened by a lifetime of working in the outdoors, as a handyman, logger, firefighter... basically any job he could find in the rural part of Oregon he was from. It had never occurred to him to leave, to move away like his brother had. He loved the woods, the smell coming in off the coast. His ex wife did not agree. He learned a powerful lesson. Marrying your high school sweetheart doesn't work when she is pretty and ambitious, and did not want to grow old in a town of 400 people. That lesson still took him like 15 years to learn after that, but he had. A new beginning, a fresh start while he closed in on the big four oh, a grand adventure to start it off. The apocalypse had other ideas. He was in Germany when the outbreak started. He did not speak the language, did not know anyone. So he got away from the civilization as fast as he could as things broke down. He could hunt, could fish and find fresh water, all things he had learned as a kid on the Oregon Coast. So he did what he could do to avoid people, as many were looking out for themselves and had no time for a foreigner. So he struck East, into less populated areas. How he had gotten to Chernarus he had no idea. He had no map, only a compass. He could not read anything but English, so the signs all looked almost the same to him. Which brought him to here, looking at a small village and an actual house he may be able to stay in for a little while. He would have to avoid or handle some of the infected, but the trusty hatchet he had picked up could help with that, and if things got really hard, he had a shotgun he could turn to, even if he knew that if he did so he would draw attention from miles around. Harrison Dane stood slowly, almost feeling his knees pop in the cold he started off towards the village ahead of him. He just had to survive long enough for a port somewhere to open up … maybe then he could get home.
  10. I figured as much, just wanted to do the needful. I will roll this into some personal RP for my guy as part of his survival narrative and probably try to learn how to actually build stuff to help protect my stuff when I am not there. Thank you.
  11. Server and location: S1 village of Pusta Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12/31/2018, between 4pm and 7pm UTC. Your in game name: Harrison Dane Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown if any Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.dropbox.com/s/kyoccyya1twalw4/Stuff.png?dl=0 Detailed description of the events: I left the house I had been using at about 4pm to do some running around and exploring. I returned about three hours later to discover one of the barrels I had was gone and the items were scattered about the room (see screenshot). I have no idea if it was just a game bug, or if someone picked the lock (and then locked it again when they were done). I am only filing a report because the stacks of loot are not uniform. The medical supplies from that screenshot and the wood/axes were in different locations. Rule 4.9 states that purposefully despawning loot could be constituted as griefing. I just wanted to be sure if this was malicious, or if it was a game bug. Thank you.
  12. Born on the Oregon Coast, more specifically Astoria due to his town being to small to have a hospital, Harrison was raised as poor with a very simple life. Most of the work where he grew up involved the logging industry as well as the hectic summer seasons when the tourists came down along the Coast highway and rented bungelose and houses for weekend getaways. He learned to hunt and fish to help put food on the table to supplement what they could buy in stores, and like most kids who grew up in the woods there, he learned some basic survival skills. It was a simple life, but had its own issues. Kids tended to play hard in small towns and during his highschool years he tended to let loose a bit more than he should have. While he attended college, his free time was spent mostly trolling a circuit up and down the coast and to the city of Portland to drink heavily. After he dropped out of college he got a job as a handyman, for the summer seasons and worked the woods for the rest of the year. He never was officially trained as a contractors, electrician or plumber, but necessity was a quick teacher, and he taught himself the basics. Marriage, children and an eventual divorce put Harrison Dane, or just Dane to his friends into not so much a spiral, as a flat plain. He stayed on the coast, burned through his twenties, then most of his thirties living life as he had most of his life. Work hard during the week, and then live hard on the weekends. In his 37th year, Dane finally decided to make a change to his life, and to start if off, he decided to take the advice of his brother who had gotten out of the coast, to go see the world. The irony that his trip to places in Europe, and that backpacking trip that was mostly done by college kids falling during the same time as the plague that brought us the infected has not been lost on Harrison. It is almost enough to make him actually believe in the god of his Quaker roots. He made his way east, away from population centers where the Infected were running rampant. He was an outsider, a under educated, American who would essentially be called a hillbilly in most places due to his rural upbringing. His travels have brought him to Chernarus, and the irony that he has traveled so far and so long to escape the Infected and the collapse of a society that would probably turn on him, just to have him enter the place where it all started is also not lost on him. Dane hopes to survive long enough for some sort of society to reform, so he can find a way to take a ship or heaven forbid a plane back to the United States, so he can make his long journey back to the Pacific Northwest to whatever may remain of his family.
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