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  1. It keeps telling me server bad connection when I try to join. I have all the proper mods... Any idea why? Thanks A noob
  2. I will hog tie you and feed you hog. (= Sounds awesome you guys will do great.
  3. That was me =]. I spawned in the tents at nwaf, and I knew they were gonna robb me so I tried to leave Nd they chased me down. He said it himself that they just wanted my shit. ( gear rp) Literally the past 4 times I have played on the server I get robbed by big groups. It's old. I understand you feel I didnt value my life, however my character is not right in the head and you let him keep him fully automatic weapon after punching him. Ps I didnt search for the t pose on purpose. I accidentally did it. I actually hit G and thought I dropped the m4 but after he stopped his Time out thing I still had it in my hands.
  4. Subject was born in the ghettos of New Orleans Louisiana. Conceived sometime during Mardi Gras. His actual birthdate is unknown. Subject was orphaned at a young age due to both of his parents being killed in a drug deal gone wrong. Not much is known about subjects early child hood other than he grew up in and out of foster homes. He was kicked out of every foster home he had ever been put in for various reasons mostly fighting. He was sent to a youth challenge program at age 14 in the state of [ classified] which implemented ARMY basics. Subject never had real structure up until that point. He took to the ARMY style camp like a fish to water. By 15 the subject was running the mile in 6 minutes. He excelled and was the top of his class in every aspect. By 18 he would enlist in the Marines and would be highly trained in communication, intelligence, and modern warfare . By age 24 the subject had already done three tours in [ classified] and killed dozens of enemies. After the subject returned to the states he tried out for the NAVY SEAL team. Instructors were quoted saying they had never seen someone fly through Hell Week course with such ease as the subject did. As a soldier he was spectacular in every aspect, although his instructors sometimes questioned his mental state. Most dayz he had a look of nothingness, emptiness, darkness, it like nothing was behind the eyes. Team Psychologist Dr. [ classified] gave the subject attributes of being narcissistic, sociopathic, and psychotic. This eventually earned him the nickname of Zed dubbed by his squad mates, and team leader [ classified]. By the year [classified ] the subject was deployed to a jungle in [ classified] , Brazil on a special operations mission to eliminate a international drug lord named [ classified]. There his whole entire squad was KIA by guerrilla war fighters employed by [ classified]. Subject was thought to be dead until he allegedly emerged in South Zagoria, supposedly deployed by the nefarious organization [ classified ]. Subjects where abouts are unknown till this day. Subject is wanted dead or alive by the US government for reason that are unknown. Last seen allegedly in the town of Berezino. The subject allegedly had a black out tattoo covering his arms. Further investigation is needed to find this subject and bring him back to the states dead or alive. I wish I could give you more informantion regarding the subject, however higher ups have allocated only this information due to a special set of circumstances and you are on a need to know basis. I do not think I need to tell you this but Zed is highly dangerous. KOS if need be. Good Luck.
  5. @Jack the Ripper That situation caught me by suprise and was completely nuts... The fact that the FFL came and saved me!!! Straight up intense bro.. My characters name is Lucky for a reason after all he was super dam Lucky. I absolutely did not think things would end up the way they did! Justice was served! Super bomb RP you guys are hella creepy. Cheers, Blue
  6. Negative.. We had played for about 20 mins. If I knew I'd tell you. The other guys didnt know me either. I found this thread and volunteered my info
  7. I already said I didn't know his name..... I just met him.....
  8. I didn't know thugs in a post apocalyptic world cared if you were stripped or not... Yes you didn't explain that she could talk just like you said, but you claimed she was a mute... When we walked off we heard her talk therefore in character it seems like you were lying so we came back. You guys gave 0 interesting RP, maybe you deserve a penalty for poor RP as well? If you are gonna report people for bad RP at least have yours be good.
  9. - user has been warned for this post -
  10. I didnt break character once and I never told any of you that you couldn't talk. So like I said let me know and give me a penalty if I did something wrong.
  11. No you said she is a "Mute" BEFORE you explained she actually could talk but it was painful. That was AFTER we cam back because we heard her talking in game when you were walking off. If it was so painful then why did she speak to you in game when we were walking off? Talk about breaking RP. Tell me what I did wrong and I'll fix it next time.
  12. My name in game is Luca Luciano. I was the guy with the Visor and Helmet. I don't see how I failed RP. The reason we came back is because we heard the girl talking IN GAME after we left. In the first situation. Which can be heard on the first video. Your RP was not great either. She is supposed to be a mute but when we were walking off we heard her talking. There for we felt as if you were hiding something. Two characters were stripped naked. Nearly 5 mins after we let them break the rope and out their clothes on. It sounds like yall are just salty which seems to be pretty typical when people get robbed. I barely took anything. If I broke any rules please let me know. They didn't know my in character name, but now you all do. I have nothing to hide here.
  13. Oh thanks.. thought it was only in RP circumstances for some reason .. Do you know how often loot respawns in the server ? Seems like it doesnt for a while..
  14. Anyone have any experience doing this or should I not waste my time?
  15. I understand.. I'll work on it.
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