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  1. I miss bullying this place so damn much.. Cutting @Watchman 's throat open. Fighting people in the hills and hunting cannibals. Breaking in and stealing morphine and epi pens. God this place was pure bliss for my RP, same thing for Mogi trade camp(the market) and the novy summer camp. Cannot thank everyone involved enough, man this pic was a great throw back. Taketh my beans, taketh all of them.
  2. Being fixed as we speak, between pc meltdowns, new jobs and homes we had a rough time getting IC. Thank you for the heads up.
  3. McLeranth

    S1 Vybor - Crossroad

    I will correct the miss communication, a single role of duct tape with two usages left on it. This tape was found inside a blue tent near the still sealed door, to my recollection I did not look into any other containers at the checkpoint. And this blue tent only had this one single role of ducttape with two ussages on it.
  4. McLeranth

    S1 Vybor - Crossroad

    -Myself, Dookie and AlanM had been rolling around looking for casual drugs and water for our up and coming business. -Did not find anything aside from an improvised tent which we quickly made use of, on our way back to Vybor we headed to the checkpoint as we do whenever we are around as of recent. -When we arrived looking for another odd job. -We found the base empty, made our way in through the back and realized a lot of the containers we saw last time were gone, I checked a tent and found nothing apart from a 2 use roll of duct tape. Made quick use of it, the lads had found nothing of interest either. -We walked back where we came from and up to the airfield to look for some humans.
  5. Abigail is the name, figured I may as well start keeping track of things like that before I myself forget who I was. I was born and raised in a small place in Louisiana called Woodworth, quaint little place. Sure wasn't any louder with us living off in the outskirts of what city folk already called the boonies. My family had a peach field, some strawberry bushes, and our own cattle herd. Juneau ranch had been ours ever since my ancestors settled. No one ever seemed to want to change that, and like that, I became a farmhand since the day I could carry a basket and was intended to be one until the end of my days, not a bad way to end all things considered. Life was hard during the winter months, more and more people were all about supermarkets and farmers markets just never pulled in enough for us to afford anything beyond the repairs for our trucks and feed for the horses. Year after year passed us with the ranch losing a hinge here, a horse there. We kept a smile and figured that a new day a new chance at rebuilding would come up. If we gave up then what would our forefathers think of us? Things began to look up for us when some cheap labor washed up on our door front, I remember it was a hot July day, the sun was blinding me as two folks with a funny accent showed up in front of me. I was tending to Olivia. The man and women were looking for work, all they wanted was some shelter from the elements. Daddy wasn't too fond of strangers just coming in like this but gave them a shack our workers used to live in. They worked hard and did not complain. At least I think, it took them a while to learn English. These folk were from a place called Chernarus. A civil war had driven them away to America, trying to find the "Amerikansky dream" or however you spell what they tried to say. I became good friends with Hana and Honza, father was far from happy seeing I was much younger than them but I knew they weren't freaks. The ranch saw itself in a new light, with the cash we had been saving thanks to our somewhat free labor we managed to get repairs done on all of our equipment and bring ourselves back to capacity. Some city folk had been trying to buy us off for the longest time, now seeing our capacity they decided to buy straight from us and sell our food as "Local farmers product". Things were looking up for us. Once Hanan and Honza started to earn some money they began saving up to see their home country again, they asked me to come along as they wanted to show me their country as I showed them mine, kind folk really. It was rough to convince daddy but he eventually gave in. We went on our flight to a place called South Zagoria where we would stay, my first plane trip was horrifying but nothing compared to the mess I would get myself into by having left my beloved ranch..
  6. McLeranth


    That's a great picture gotta admit
  7. McLeranth

    Still alive

    Is my boy gonna disrespect me and have a helmet on? Nice pants
  8. I had nearly quit DayZRP (temporarily) with how tired I got of the same old same old which became South Zagoria. When the Isle was announced I was ecstatic, however, the first screenshots of the Isle gave me eye damage with its slanted roads and trees in houses. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. (Spending the night with a man I saved, he had only a shotgun but well over 5 dozen infected trying to break into his double barrack building) I played it as a joke with the guys and to my surprise, something clicked with me. From the feeling of not knowing where I am going, the amount of infected trying to eat me for speaking too loud, the new interesting terrain and those precious intricate details in the land like caves. Meeting people that were on the verge of dying to hordes just to save them and make friends. I was truly in character, the same thing for everyone around me. (End of a long day, having defended a camp that contracted us and subsequently taking the fight to the raiders. We shared a fire with those who decided to help us on our quest) Even when only 1 other person was sharing the server with us we could always find them due to how nicely sized the map was for travel when you only have an hour or two to spare. When the server had 30+ it was absolutely everything I could of asked for. To say I wish I would have taken more screenshots for this thread is an understatement, I really wish I could show how much fun we have all had on the Island. (The moment we noticed that maybe table cloths really aren't the best fashion choices) With news of a new map, I understand that this may be the end of a great journey for me and my guys, but we will keep roaming, taking pictures and providing rp to whoever we find. Make memories before this Island vanishes into the mists it came from. (A friendly campfire quickly turned to bloody murder, the sword belongs to a man who chose to die) The stories Deer Isle allowed me to partake in will allow me to set a standard for my roleplay going forwards. The Adventure the Isle gave me will always be a fond memory of a time where I had not known every last inch of South Zagoria. The feeling of Survival (As close as DayZ allows) will always make me watch out for meds now. The Friendships will at least last a month At the end it's only a game, keep it simple and keep it fun. I am not here to preach but to thank an inanimate map and the people who did not try running away, and if you want to give the Isle a shot before its gone for good I would be more than happy to share a fire with you. Or a firefight if you decide to run from our love. -Helmet Lady
  9. Train going hard ^-^ god I am over joyed with the reception and interest on this spin of rp
  10. So many kind words with great memories, thank you guys ^^ really apreciate it
  11. Glad to see people still enjoy them a second time around
  12. New trailer new us, can't wait to strong arm you Mr.Finnland
  13. Personally had a blast on the new map, feels completely different. Finding someone and hitting the silence emote when there is 40 infected right beside me was an intense situation, hoping they wouldn't start blabbering. Or when a car drove past my group and we had to hold them off for a solid 5 minutes. The situation I encountered in both RP and PVE were to me brand new and thrilling. The allure won't last foreever but for now, this is some great fun. What took the cake for me is saving someone from certain death by infected and nearly dying. Clearing out the infected in the building he was hiding onto off, just to have 40 infected that I did not know of swarm out the building. We ended up being stuck in separate rooms trying to come up with a plan on how to get out while talking a bit. Having to make plans like those carefully considering whats worth engaging, eating and sharing. Where you can find these things and the risks of trusting people that will help you get these things as there is no way you can safely solo loot major locations creates great immersion on my end I would say loot isn't an issue. Maybe I got lucky but 74u's are common and we found a fair few crash sites. Even with military guns we still wander with shotguns which we found a good 50+ shells per capita. Truth be told, the map lacks a lot. But hey I've played dayZ since launch, I've seen worse TL;DR: New, Intense, May get boring, Broken like DayZ, Loving it immensly.
  14. *A woman with a strange french accent chimes in on the radio again* "Our second shipment arrived and we have no room or desire for all these weapons. I won't waste your time this time around, the cache is next to the previous one in Dolina, it's by the summer camp. Be fast and come light, there are more guns than you can carry. Just remember your Undaunted friends from the boat" *She smiles warmly before releasing the PTT*
  15. *You can hear the french voice giving an honest giggle* "In retrospect, I can see how a riddle can make it seem like that" *A smile can be heard* "Well as far as a voice across the radio goes for honesty, I can guarantee you I have no religious beliefs"
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