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  2. (hopefully this works as intended. Discord "Frequency#4069")
  3. Nice pineapple.

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      People did not know pineapples grew in bushes so I decided I need to spread awareness 😛

  4. @Dookie cant just rob me and feel better by crediting me. Nugget.



  5. Growing up in a house of 6 with her Father, Mother, Sister and three brothers taught June that every moment of silence is a moment of pure joy. Her household was work driven, with chores made in case somehow they had run out of dishes to wash or things to clean. "Only the busy get to eat" is that her father used to say, with that mind set he pressured her to find work as soon as she turned 16. Working at a McDonalds down the road with long boring work hours. The only respite she had outside of the cramped home she lived in was her work and the journey to it. Most days when the weather allowed it she could hear a local garage band practice around the time that she would get off from work, whenever she did get to hear them she would try to stick around a bit. After a few months she had gotten to know the band and stayed for longer. Months turned into years and she picked up drumming from a young Czech drummer. With hopes of joining the band at some point or helping out if he ever got sick. These dreams were not meant to be as she got into a bad brawl on her way from work resulting in a spinal injury causing the left side of her body to suffer from delayed reaction time. Sinking into a depression of being stuck in a loop of work and sleep with no money to show. Deciding to take her father up on his offer to be an apprentice in his metal workshop as a welder. Finding a strange satisfaction in the work she sent an application to "Ringzone", a company that operated off shore oil rigs and was looking for English speaking welders that were fine with being relocated for years at a time. Ringzone had sent her to work on an oil rig off the coast of Chernarus, giving her temporary residence in the city of Zelenogorsk for when she was ashore. With the little Slovak she knew she managed to buy groceries and make remarks on the weather. As tensions grew within the country June was nothing less than elated when her shift on the rig started again, she was scheduled to be offshore for the next 2 weeks. But by the the time the 2 weeks were over it was clear that no one was leaving. Two workers had fallen ill and it was suspected that they had the "Frenzied Flu". The next few weeks so check-ups and lock-ups being conducted on the remaining work force. Around the 5th week at sea June woke up to screaming on the upper deck, quickly grabbing her plastic raincoat she went outside to find people being charged off the ledges of the oil rig by other workers, people bleeding on the floor as they were being pummelled by their old co-workers. Panic took hold of her as she saw a group charge her, quickly turning to sprint away towards a rescue boat. Hearing the howls behind her getting closer and closer as she neared the boat. The man helping people in saw her and used the paddle to hit her over the head thinking she was infected. Her body fell into the cold dark ocean. Only to wake up aboard a similar ship of manned by the engineers.
  6. Yeah man no worries, I mean after that backstory about how the bhutanese mafia is hunting your character I couldnt think about eating. Big ups chriss
  7. Well and just like that I meat a Chernorussian military man that was superb to be around and I lament parting ways with, always a first I guess haha @Maybelele And Timothy gets better everyday man, love how you fleshed out the fishing story with that spin off in the Vancouver underground crime syndicate. Never thought about that @DookieCS
  8. @DookieCSYou gotta be one of the funnest lads to have around when trying to get back into rp. I love your character, Steve is dope
  9. I see that.. perhaps something could be done to stoke the fires of s2 population? make sure they get some nifty events for those brave pioneers that venture there. Eventually a little player base develops. Just a thought, just seems like I would waste my time on it atm (i dont mind playing on either) just that most people I know would rather have access to the primary pool of players and rp.
  10. Thats a great point, and loot aside I would rather be able to play with as many people as possible whenever (without massive queues). I could personally care less if i only have a knife or 2 ak's. If we get them hived we can roleplay with more people rather than what we would be able to do if the server was cut in half
  11. I felt really hyped to play today after a long period of not being to. But I was around 10 odd minutes late since I needed some food, just to find the queue being astronomical and un moving. I can totally see all sides here but unless there is some incentive to play s2 (as the server seems to attract an odd 10-20 people) I doubt many people will be able to play. Isn't balance less important than actually being able to play to begin with? I may be wrong, I just want to play so forgive my lack of IQ on the matter -Edit: After doing some math of how long I was in queue and how much it moved, it shoould take a bit under 3 hours for me to be able to join tonight
  12. Sile Ceallach born to a upper class Galway family always had life a bit easier then her peers, viewing this as more of a burden than a boon she always set out to make life harder for herself. Naturally being in a wealthy family clashed with that concept, by the time she turned 16 she had already moved out and pursued a education in journalism. Her family and her grew apart over the years, not because of bad blood but mostly out of distance as she studied abroad in Austria, Vienna. Finding out that most of her peers and the faculty were only after gossip of the big names and the most recent dietary plans that some snob decided would be the way to fill the void inside them. When news broke out that Chernarus was back in flames she saw this as the perfect opportunity to get some fun into her life and really challenge herself. With a close friend as her camera man they set out to Bulgaria and paid passage to get aboard a smuggling ship headed for Miroslavl'. Realizing quickly that both were ill equipped for the task at hand, only armed with a camera, microphone, some cash no one seemed to care about and sleeping bags. Assuming that press would be welcomed they sought out other local reporters for aid and guidance only to find them incapable of helping aside of getting them press vests and general pointers to where riots are still ongoing. Bolstered by the little help they received they set out to get the footage they wanted. Smoke, Fire and screams filled the air. The panic made it difficult to figure out who was on who's side. The military blockades were pelted by rocks and other objects found on the streets, a few charging the barricades. The wave of protesters only backing down when they began attacking each other. The riot broke out into absolute anarchy. Both her and her camera man decided to get out of the crowd before they would get dragged into it as well only to get separated on their way out. Waiting on the outskirts of town and failing to reach him via cellphone made her believe that he must have been apprehended. Catching a ride with a family on their way to mainland Russia, she got told about a plan they had to escape the quarantine. Trying to convince them that there would be no way out of the zone through the main border found no success. She asked them to drop her off near Chernogorsk as she remembered there being rumours of camps in the area looking to help people.
  13. I miss bullying this place so damn much.. Cutting @Watchman 's throat open. Fighting people in the hills and hunting cannibals. Breaking in and stealing morphine and epi pens. God this place was pure bliss for my RP, same thing for Mogi trade camp(the market) and the novy summer camp. Cannot thank everyone involved enough, man this pic was a great throw back. Taketh my beans, taketh all of them.
  14. Being fixed as we speak, between pc meltdowns, new jobs and homes we had a rough time getting IC. Thank you for the heads up.
  15. I will correct the miss communication, a single role of duct tape with two usages left on it. This tape was found inside a blue tent near the still sealed door, to my recollection I did not look into any other containers at the checkpoint. And this blue tent only had this one single role of ducttape with two ussages on it.
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