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"Sometimes life gets fucked up. That’s why we get fucked up"

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  1. @ImDeaconLNLook at how smexy you are.
  2. I enjoyed the rp today. Im excited for what the future may hold.
  3. Hey, @Mike Thank you so much. Im glad I'm being heard bud. Sincerely, ZillahERP
  4. Most of my ic interactions have been alright with their group but tonight was something different. I even had a alright interaction earlier in the day where they held me hostage. To be honest Im really disappointed. The entire situation was just lame shit. You guys walk into sin city(Southern city) not saying anything to anyone. How ever yall ended up getting in. and then you immediately just go running up into the top of the bell tower and sit their and say its yours while initiating like 10 times each. Their was absolutely no rp involved. It seems as if you are just looking for pvp. In my opinion most of your interactions are pvp oriented and have very little impact on rp. At this point your group is regulated to once a day attacking people. All I ever hear about this group is sobaki attack, sobaki attack, sobaki attack. I know their are some good rpers in this group and thats why like tonight I was disappointed in what happened.
  5. Had a great time roleplaying tonight with @ImShedand @Scott Fynch with whatever is going on between all of us. Also all of the peeps who were apart of the court. Simon thanks for the satchel and the goodies. Also Great convo tonight lol.
  6. 🙃

    1. Mason


      Fortnite gamer time 🙂 

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