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  1. Oskar was born on February 24 1989 in Novigrad, Chernarus. His family lived in the slums, and his parents both worked for a majority of the day for little to no pay. Because of the lack of parenting, Oskar had a lot of freedom, which led him to a life of crime. At a young age, he committed petty crimes; stealing food and supplies to keep himself and his younger brother alive and fed. As he grew older he did small jobs for people in his neighborhood to make a little money so he wouldn't have to steal, although it wasn't long before tasks, like doing the laundry and running to get groceries for someone, turned into stealing things from someone's yard and eventually he was back into petty crimes, but for better pay. His family came to hate the Russia and blamed them for their problems. Due to his love of his family, he took up a hatred for the Russia as well. In fact, in his early teens, Oskar took up nationalist ideals and would participate in protests, one of which landed him in jail after getting riled up and attacking an officer. Previous to the incident he had had other incidents like this. This time in jail changed him. This jail time fueled his hatred and it also reassured his nationalist Ideals. This made him to participating in more violent protest. In 2009 he joined a Nationalist Freedom Fighter group. He participated in the 2009 civil war which he witnessed many atrocities—such as torturing and/or killing civilians and prisoners of war—which would ultimately reinforce his nationalist ideals. This group was the best thing that ever happened to him. This group was like a family, He formed many tight bonds that even lasted into the apocalypse.
  2. BorisRP

    OOC Hate

    I just have a simple question. Why does OOC Hate warrant a permanent ban even if you have 0 points?
  3. BorisRP

    Staff Feedback: RandyRP

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: He is an amazing guy and is rather helpful. I always go to him when I have a question Suggestions for improvement: Just keep doing what your doing.
  4. BorisRP

    Would anyone be down to start a Dan Fan Club?

    I think we need to restart this @Dan
  5. BorisRP

    Scar's shit edits

    Can I get some lessons please? lol
  6. It was about his attitude.
  • BorisRP

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    It was all about his attitude @Hollows
  • BorisRP

    Invalid Intiation report by ScarRp(defense rights?)

    Ok So I was looking at the report against the revenants by scar rp. So my question is about @shipwreck117 and his ban. So in the report you can see that he shot someone (00:01:53 | Player "Zorin Navalov" hit by Player "Ivan Malkovka" into RightLegwith M1A SOCOM from 204.296 meters) but didn't he have defender rights due to some of his teammates being shot and hit before his kill? Some of the people who were hit before him where Ash (00:01:00 | Player "Ash Petrov" hit by Player "Vitaliy Makarovich" into LeftArm with LAR from 54.3152 meters ), Clayton(00:01:12 | Player "Clayton Biggsbe" hit by Player "Rustin Jones" into RightLeg with LAR from 14.0123 meters), and some more. Im just kind of confused here so if you could clear some things up for me that would be great. Cant Respond so second question: Why is the people who didn't initiate also Punished if they think its a valid initiation?
  • BorisRP

    Revival of room 4

    Yeah your right guess I will
  • BorisRP

    Revival of room 4

    Yeah I guess your right. Also sure son *gives him some money and then ruffles his hair*
  • BorisRP

    Revival of room 4

    As much as I would like to see this return I think it would be pretty much impossible. It’s almost a guarantee people would snake but do you guys think it would be possible?
  • BorisRP

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    I do agree with some of This especially the ooc hate and some other things. Here’s the thing the ooc hatred transferred into game won’t ever really stop their really isn’t away to regulate that. Also I would like to say I’m pretty sure both sides of your conflict probably have Ooc hate. It’s bound to happen. Also remember this is just a game their is no reason to be mad about it. Everyone just needs to chill and have fun.
  • BorisRP

    S1-Abuse of admin tools-NE Debug

    Server and location: S1 NE Debug Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): about 2 weeks ago Your in game name: William Foster Names of allies involved: @Squillium, @Mia Name of suspect/s: @G19RP @ScarRP @JimRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 4x4 Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/y30H9j0 Detailed description of the events: So squillium, Mia and I were going to stashes that jean showed us to we then went to sverograd and dropped her off. We then wait all the way to NE debug, put down a barrel and then jimrp and g19 showed up about 5 minutes later. They claimed to come from sverograd despite coming from the west. Then scar rolled up and initiated. Squillium got gassed while my game froze. After that they knocked squilly uncon and then preceded to give us some pretty shit rp at somebody points they just sat their going through our Shit. Since then we reported this to Roland and another admin. His admin tools were revoked and that was it. I want him to get points for it(Despite him not being able to Be banned). Also this was hidden and not told to the community which isn’t right. Their shouldn’t be people who do this high in staff if any gamemaster would have done thos they would have been removed from staff and got points. This was also confirmed by another admin. Also logs showed him teleporting them to us.
  • BorisRP

    Keepers of Storozh

    So are you guys gonna work togetheir with the Prison council or whatever or what? Are you guys gonna try to do what the regulators did or what?
  • BorisRP

    Premium Subscription question

    Ok so im currently paying for the emerald subscription(5 dollars for 10 months or whatever it is I don't remember). So at the end of it I end up getting gold which is 25 dollars cheaper(Doesn't make sense to me why you get gold but that's not what this is about). So after the subscription is over and I get gold how much would I have to pay to upgrade to emerald?
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