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  1. BorisRP

    Death Match

    Definitely Dusty @BUBBZ vs @Pepe Jones
  2. BorisRP

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    Man Court is always great
  3. BorisRP


  4. BorisRP

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

  5. BorisRP

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    They got what they deserved
  6. BorisRP

    Death Match

    Definitely jackfish @Major vs @Phatal
  7. BorisRP

    whats up bitches

    Sir if you could please avoid swearing on this Christian website. That would be very kind of you.
  8. BorisRP

    Hello again

    Welcome Back
  9. BorisRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    @Onyx Go ahead and close this report. A majority of the people involved wish for it to be closed so you can go ahead and close this.
  10. BorisRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    As for the “false report” I was merely reporting for them as none of them had the time and You dont have to be directly involved to report something. As seen in how John Moody was Pked. A Viewer Sent this clip in and He was found guilty of NVFL. Also I’m a bit confused on the ruleplay. Also how would I be baiting you into an invalid kill by saying you don’t have any kill rights on me. If I was trying to bait you into killing me I would have went behind camo to get you to Kill me. Which I didn’t. Also as for the lying in a report sorry I mixed up my words. I said we due to us being with each other and rolling around with each other for about half a day and being in coms with them. If I truly believed we all intiated I would have helped them. And when I say “we” took fire once again I’m talking about everyone as a collective i wasn’t sure if everyone died and what not. Also once again about the lying. I wasn’t sure if I was shot or not as I stated in an above comment. “I may have been shot I’m not sure”
  11. BorisRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    Yes I Believe so He is currently offline though. I Will keep trying to message him.
  12. BorisRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    @G19RP Hey quick question you say that Gm is your base and you are trying to builds it up. If this is the case why did you give Xehara permission to destroy it?
  13. BorisRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    @lukaszxe Could we have position logs pulled for G19 and Puffdaddydragon. Also Hunter Doesn't have any video But I think someone else might still not sure if they do or not.
  14. BorisRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    No clue if he has any he might have been wrong I'll message him in a bit and ask.
  15. BorisRP

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    @NorwayRP I may have been shot I don't really remember.
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