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  1. What have I told you about my luck? I figured it out till the point of spawning and now this!? I tried everything. The name matches the launcher name and also the in game name. I don't know what to do
  2. This is what it pops out every time I try to connect. And I'm so confused because I got all the mods, no doubt
  3. This is the only method that worked half way. After it loaded, it asked me for the password. Now I don't know the password and also I'm afraid it'll crash after I enter it, because that's my luck anytime Nvm, I found out the password. Now the problem is my fear was right.
  4. Hey guys, I came back to this community after a long time due some personal issues. Whatever! I got the game back, I got all the mods, I am all set up. When I'm entering the community servers and I type "DayZRP.com" there are 0 servers found. If it helps I'm playing on geforce now, could that be the problem?
  5. Jake Hunter was born in Romania in 2001. Jake Hunter was raised partly by his grandfather, as his father (Tony Hunter) became absent and abusive after the trauma he suffered losing his wife to cancer. Jake was named after his grand-grandfather by his father. He named him like that just because of the big influence he had on him. Jake's grand-grandfather was born in Canada, where he became a great hunter, usually hunting in the freezing and tough mountains of Canada. After a while he moved to the United States and gave life to Jake's grandfather (Jonathan Hunter), then he joined the military, eventually dying in the Cold War. After Jonathan marriage, Tony appeared in his life. He taught him everything he knew from his father about hunting. Tony moved in Europe (Romania) with Jonathan as he was trying to start a new life where he met a beautiful romanian woman. They gave birth to Jake. Since he was a little kid, Jakes was a bit more rebellious, joining metal bands, going to concerts, smoking and drinking etc. After his mom ( Daniela Hunter) got a terminal stage of cancer, he realized he needs to help his family with everything he could, but his father rejected him as he became abusive and violent. After his mom's death, he had to move out with his grandfather to avoid his abusive father. During his teenage years, he was taught as well everything about hunting. At 18 years old, Jake join the Romanian army as his way to improve himself and making his grandfather proud. At 20 years old, he was sent with his own soldier unit in Russia. Russia required reinforcement and asked for Romanian's army help them fight with some walking dead creatures. These living eaters creature's appearance is unknown even today. As they try to resist them, a small group of the unit has separated and got lost. As they're trying to survive, the creatures got stronger and stronger, more and more walking dead monsters kept raising up. At some point they got outnumbered and the group collapsed. Jake woke up in the middle of nothing, confused and scared. Now he has to survive all alone in this cruel world.
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