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  1. That's perfect. Precisely as I want it <3
  2. You stay safe out there, man. Also, if you need anything, give me a shout. Will try! And thanks!
  3. Yes! Finally! I know someone that has heard of them! I like videos with James, Aleks, and Kevin. Especially GMod Prop Hunt. Gaahhh. The Prop hunt series is the best *-* Sarcastic Seamus is also neat c:
  4. Do I smell a Nova subscriber? All the creatures, even Sp00n and Gassy
  5. this. Here, Take my like, subscribe whatever youll like to have. You made my day. and its just 5 minutes old. D'awh
  6. Also when people give you directions to a place remember to ask another person just to double check. Dont want any more mistakes (though in this case you actually benefited, found my favourite vehicle, its wheels are hilarious when you drive). I must say when I saw this thread I had a good few minutes of just laughing. Such a painful mistake Haha, but everything has to happen at least once
  7. This will take around 5 minutes with a 5l can, but the distances you have been today I doubt time matters. You need to go to a fuel tank that look like either of these: If you struggle finding these look here and most of the fuel tanks are marked on the map. Then stand right next to it with an empty Jerry can in your inventory and use the scroll option and select "refill jerry can". Once fill walk upto and stand next to your car and scroll, using the option press "refuel car with jerry can" and it will add some fuel. Repeat this process until you have the desired amount of fuel. A lot of gas stations dont actually have a fuel take (strange I know) so they are useless in refueling cars. Hope I helped Thanks!
  8. Do you have a Jerry Can? I've got a 5 liter one.
  9. Also, can't seem to refuel the bus at a gas station... :
  10. Did you find that near the lake? If so, you're welcome Found it at Krasnostav
  11. Yay, something good actually happened! http://i.imgur.com/1bbpqU3.jpg
  12. I was close, right? :I http://i.imgur.com/tmeXeau.jpg
  13. I'm laughing so hard at the replies. And If you would do that, I would love you forever Mush <3
  14. *sigh* Time to run over there then, thanks for the info Semiazas.