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  1. Working 10 hour weekdays and a little on Saturdays, hoping to get some time to play in the next few weeks. Keep the fires burning!


  2. -User has been Cautioned for this Post-
  3. I'd be down for playing a tune on my fiddle for the talent show (if ok to emote it) or a tune on guitar.
  4. Skip's Savage Campfire Montage
  5. Hey, I see some top shelf RP'ers in this crew. Skip needs to get hurt, so I can get some of that sweet action!
  6. https://dirtscabband.bandcamp.com/ Some studio and live performances from the past 10-15 years including banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and questionable harmony vocals.
  7. Looks interesting, looking forward to running into yall.
  8. Ready to rock with The Revenants, coming to a town near you!

  9. Well Done! I dig the bio and logo. Proud to be part of this crew. Skip is ready to keep some fuggin' peace out heyah!
  10. Tuning up the banjer for some recording
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