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  1. Working 10 hour weekdays and a little on Saturdays, hoping to get some time to play in the next few weeks. Keep the fires burning!


  2. -User has been Cautioned for this Post-
  3. I'd be down for playing a tune on my fiddle for the talent show (if ok to emote it) or a tune on guitar.
  4. Dean is a surfer that made a living getting footage in rare surf spots around the world. He and his small film crew travelled to South Zagoria to get surfing footage at Skalisty Island and the shelf off the coast at Svetlojarsk. Everyone called Dean by the nickname, Razzy, ever since he was a child. His parents were hippies and gave him that name after he ate himself sick with raspberries on several occasions. He knows about surfing, ocean tides, weather, and has above average experience as an auto and boat motor mechanic.
  5. Skip's Savage Campfire Montage
  6. Hey, I see some top shelf RP'ers in this crew. Skip needs to get hurt, so I can get some of that sweet action!
  7. https://dirtscabband.bandcamp.com/ Some studio and live performances from the past 10-15 years including banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and questionable harmony vocals.
  8. Looks interesting, looking forward to running into yall.
  9. Ready to rock with The Revenants, coming to a town near you!

  10. Well Done! I dig the bio and logo. Proud to be part of this crew. Skip is ready to keep some fuggin' peace out heyah!
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