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  1. Risking life and limb, specifically left arms, to save us from the radiation.
  2. "If ya don't like my peaches, don't shake on my tree."

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      Well now in that case, Steve would very much like to mind her business. I see you "peeling" back the layers. Skip identifies as a man, but this world does change people...who knows what the future holds.

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      You are getting a song dedication tonight. ❤️

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      Literally made me think of this... ?


  3. She needs help if you know her. Radiation burns and internal bleeding at the least. She needs a doctor quickly if anyone hears this, she is alive right now at house in the town east of the northwestern airfield.
  4. *Skip presses hit PTT* "Ok. Some of the folks that evacuated Novaya must've kept moving from there. He was there this morning. Can't be too far away. Grishno is the closest town to where we were, east of the airfield. Clothes should be fine if you cleaned'em." *Skip lets go of the PTT*
  5. *Skip grabs his radio* "Hey" "Yes it's Radiation and the source is gone, but it isn't safe to stay around Novaya." "No, you won't die, get safe and clean yourself. We were near that shit and we're ok. You're tough gal. You got this." *What was that sound?" *Skip releases the PTT*
  6. *Skip recognizes the voice and grabs his radio* "Sara, it's Skip, the lawyer from Novaya. If you can hear me...Get south. Find water and scrub yourself. Doc at airfield." *Skip ends his broadcast*
  7. *Skip rushes to pick up his radio* "I am truly pleased to hear from you Mrs. McKaine. I regret that I was unable to travel to New Paris to meet with you. We hads lots of business to tend to in the city...but that progress is halted...for now. I am safe. Most of the population in Novaya is relocating south to the airfield. Perhaps we can arrange a meeting somewhere now that we are awaiting factions to meet and decide their next move. Barring any setbacks, I will be available in four to five hours to travel. If you have a destination in mind, please let me know." "Everyone I have met that knows of you and your husband have had pleasant things to tell me. I wish you well and your husband a speedy recovery." *Skip ends the broadcast and chuckles to himself recalling an old joke about a country lawyer and a city lawyer*
  8. *Skip hears the broadcast and puts down his meal of tuna and boiled potatoes* "Ma'am, this is Skip Deacon. You need to get farther south of that area immediately and scrub yourself thoroughly once you've evacuated. Do not go through the city of Novaya." "I am not too far away from you, but I am no medic. Cannot reveal my location at the moment. If you are healthy enough to leave the area, find a safe place to stay, report back with your location, and I will try and find a medic for you." *Skip releases the radio PTT and begins to look for Doc*
  9. *Skip grabs his radio* "Skip Deacon here. The city of Novaya is all but abandoned after a bomb was dropped from an aircraft north of the city yesterday. Needless to say, all city progress there has come to a halt and the city is currently unsafe as far as I know. Can't say for certain what these aggressors are going to do next, but it stands to reason there could be more attacks coming...maybe even more bombs. Information is currently being gathered and processed. People should probably stay clear of the city until further information is confirmed and made public." *Skip ends the broadcast with a brief sigh*
  10. *Skip reclines in his chair with his notes from the meeting and a few stale cigarettes* "There were great strides of progress today in the city of Novaya Petrovka." "The city officials have established the recognized rights and laws for the city of Novaya Petrovka and all citizens residing within the city." "The city has established a City Clerk, a law enforcement agency, and added another doctor to our clinic." *Skip pauses and clears his throat* "I am about to read The City of Novaya Petrovka rights recognized for every citizen...but before I do....I want to say to everyone listening. You already have these rights. They are given to every man and woman at birth. It is up to your leaders and communities to recognize them and bring them to light." "Every citizen has the right to: worship, own a firearm, speak freely in speech or media, own property and lawful search and seizure, a jury or civil trial and an attorney, assemble and petition, sell products and services, defend themselves and their property with requisite force. No laws shall be made that contradict these inalienable rights." "The following laws will hereby be enacted within the city limits of Novaya Petrovka. Laws are divided into major and minor offenses and sentencing is weighted against repeat offenders." *Skip pauses and takes a long breath* "Major crimes include: theft or destruction of property; murder 1st degree, murder 2nd degree, murder 3rd degree in some circumstances; forced involuntary sex, labor, detainment or abduction; intentionally spreading an illness or disease. First offense punishment is community service and detainment. Second offense is public humiliation while detained. Third offense will be banished from city, or mutilated." "Minor crimes include: disturbing the peace; murder 3rd degree in some circumstances; assault; death threats; slander and libel; selling of known unsafe or faulty products or services. First offense punishment is community service. Second offense is detainment. Third offense is banished from city, or public humiliation." *Skip tosses his notes aside and reclines even further in his chair* "Peace had made this growth possible. My regards go out to all parties upholding their sides of the peace deals. There are still lots of residential and commercial property in the city as well as opportunities to help us grow."
  11. *Skip leans back in his best office chair and clears his throat with watered down vodka* "Skip Deacon here in the city of Novaya." "We've got some new folks joining our efforts to rebuild the town during peace. A world class trader has moved into the center of town, a Mayor has been appointed, and a...romance enhancement salon has also been...erected. Also a combat medic and gentlemen from the CDC have agreed to contribute to community healthcare initiatives. We still urgently need the City Clerk, police and fire, and educator positions filled among others." "I personally need a secretary with good communication skills, multilingual preferred. Can offer room and board along with on the job lawyer training. I'm unable to keep steady office hours but interested parties please make your way to town or respond by radio." *Skip releases the PTT*
  12. "Rest yourself and mind your health, Mrs. McKaine. I'll notify you and find my way to New Paris once I arrange a travel party."
  13. Mrs. McKaine, Skip Deacon here. it would be my pleasure to meet with you and your husband, Noah. We are in need of experienced counsellors and potential judges for future civil and trial cases. I'd like to host a meeting at my office with you both at your earliest convenience.
  14. Mr. John Johnson, Skip Deacon here. This looks to be an incident of possible slander and accusations of false advertising against your business. The best outcome at the moment, in lieu of a formal court system and slander laws, would likely be an arbitration attempt between the parties. This would fall into a civil case under our future laws and would be heard by a judge, but we arent prepared for that quite yet. Right now, I can only make assurances that my office can arrange an unbiased and reasonable attempt to mediate the matter and help both parties reach an agreement. I would need the accused and accuser to agree to the arbitration attempt and meet at my office in Novaya Petrovka. I will only be paid if an agreement is reached by both parties.
  15. *Skip takes a long sip to finish his homemade peach wine and scribbles the last words of his message before broadcasting* "Citizens, my name is Skip Deacon, Attorney at Law. I am pleased to inform everyone of the current city planning taking place in Novaya Petrovka after the signing of the peace deal. We have had productive talks with residents on rebuilding the city during this moment of peace." "As of today, several businesses have already opened their doors and there are many positions available that need to be filled as soon as possible" "Deacon Law Offices, Clean Cuts Barber Shop, and The Alibi Bar and Grill are open for business at the main intersection on the west side of town. Deacon Law offers legal counsel and municipal/business consultation. Kris Johnson, the owner of Clean Cuts, is offering professional shaves and haircuts. The Alibi Bar and Grill will be serving fresh cooked meals, peach wine and vodka when available." "Professionals, Tradespeople, and law abiding survivors. I urge you to join the efforts in rebuilding the city. We have several opportunities available. I will list the current job openings and prospective job openings. Thank you for your time." *Skip clears his throat and lights a cigarette* "Lawyers, City Clerk, Judge, and Secretaries. The City Clerk will be responsible for collecting and archiving citizen records and property deeds. Deacon Law Offices is in need of a secretary, who I aim to train as a lawyer. The city also needs another law office and judges." "Law Enforcement Agents. The city needs patrol agents and detectives to enforce the city laws as the laws are refined and become finalized. We want disciplined men and women, bloodthirsty need not apply." "Educators and Tradespeople. We are looking to get basic classes for the young folks and teach trades to any that are able." "Doctors, Surgeons, Therapists, Nurses, and EMTS. The city needs total healthcare infrastructure including emergency services, city hygiene initiatives, blood bank, disease prevention, mental health, surgery, and walk in clinic services." "Cooks/Merchants/Entrepreneurs. If the city grows and these basic functions are met, there will be surely be growing opportunities for cooks, merchants, and other businesses in the area. "In closing, I want to assure everyone of the understanding and intentions of this effort. This is an effort in total service of stability in the city during peace. I am working with residents in the area, including known factions that reside here, to produce a small set of laws and policies for the city. All residents will held accountable for these laws within the city once they are finalized and posted publicly. This is not a power grab for any one man or group. This is a prepared strike by like minded free people that seek order against the chaos of recent times." *Skip snuffs his cigarette and ends the broadcast*
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