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  1. Max comes from Atlanta. He is a brother of Mike. They both were shooting range instructors in Atlanta. After that Max decidied to go to the Military. He went through some Military training and body building process. After 2 years Max went on a therapy because of an operation that he had to shoot lots of people in Iraq. He went on a therapy which helped him to get his mental state to a better condition. Shortly after that he decidied to help Russian Soldiers in Chernarus. He took a plane with his brother but unfortunately they crashed on the NWAF.
  2. The guy comes from Severograd. When he was a kid he lost his dad. When he was a teenager he went to a Gorka Training School. After he finished the course he was 20 years old and he went into GPU. He lost his left arm and his friend paid for the surgery to sew on a bionic arm. Now he is in good condition. His mental state is brave cause he doesn't encounter any injuries after the arm. He's very happy and polite person but when it comes to fight then he will kill many people if he has to. He tries not to get in any trouble. He likes walking on patrols with his best friend Mike. They have big amount of exciting adventures.
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