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  1. He's impulsive, clever and frank. Which isn't out of the ordinary for someone with his past. He was born and grew up in a loving family on a large ranch in Kansas, he lived without worry until he was about 17 years old, but at that point things changed. He lost his parents in a terrible disaster, leaving only him and his two younger brothers, Isaac and William. Maxwell felt lost, and started going to the nearby church. Privatly owned, he had heard good things of it. So he went. Here, he was absorbed into the local cult; The Revenants. Led by the charming father Abraham, the cult believed in the resurrection of the dead, and promised Maxwell that he could return his parents, if he completely gave himself to God. Having nowhere else to turn, crippled by grief and desperation, Maxwell did everything he was told. His two brothers also joined, and Isaac in particular was influenced heavily by the cult, and disregarded his previous life, becoming what Abraham described as '' an instrument of God''. Father Abraham became a foster father for the three young brothers, and for a while, things were looking up for them. After a while, Maxwell started to realize what he had gotten himself into, and wanted to leave. Over time, Father Abraham became more and more aggressive in his teachings, preaching violence and destruction for those who would stand in the way of the cult achieving salvation. He desperately tried to convince Isaac, but he was too far gone. William, on the other hand, was struggling to decide between which of his brothers he wanted to go with. At last, he chose the safe way, and stayed with the cult, even though he also knew it was heading in the wrong direction. Maxwell left in the night. He brought along his .44 revolver, knowing full well the rules of the cult. The only way to leave was through the path of salvation; Death. Fearing he'd be followed, he tried getting as far away from the church as possible. He headed back to the old family ranch, realizing he had left something behind. As he walked up towards the house, he realized something was off. Someone had been there. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. He turned, and saw one of the younger cult members, Jason, standing still, gun in hand. '' You don't have to do this'', Maxwell said. '' It ain't up to me, Maxwell. Never have been. Im just a tool, but it is God who wields it. You know that.'' Maxwell knew what would come next. Two gunshots were heard, in quick succesion. After, the kid was laying on the floor, holding desperately on to his throat, the blood spurting heavily from the .44 round that went through him. The smoke from Max's revolver was still oozing out from the barrel. But something didn't feel right. He looked down, and saw blood forming on the side of his shirt. Suddenly losing his balance, Max fell to the ground, the world slowly fading to black.
  2. He's impulsive, skillful and harsh. Which isn't out of the ordinary for someone with his troubled past. He was born and grew up in a poor family in a merchant village, he lived free of trouble until he was about 16 years old, but at that point everything changed. He accidently maimed somebody during a robbery gone wrong and was arrested. Without any help he had to survive in a cruel world. But with his cunning and talents, he managed to crush all that's in the way and battle the elements. This has turned him into the man he is today. While constantly travelling the world, he now works as help for hire. By doing so, he hopes to find some form of redemption and finally find joys and comforts of life he has never had.
  3. What I meant by messy is that the situation from my POV was unclear as I did not know by who and why I was killed at the time. VOIP can be pretty buggy, and I didn't hear the initiation clearly. All I could make from it with certainty was that we were to stay inside the house or get killed. I figured everyone else had ran upstairs, so I did the same when I tabbed back into the game. You say that you tried speaking to the others, and got no response. I did not hear anyone talk after the initiation, so as you can see, VOIP is rather unstable. Regardless, I just wanted to know why I got killed. Just as a tip for future initiations, use direct chat and type out a message aswell as using voice so there is no room for misinterpreting your demands. From what happened, it just seems like you decided to kill everyone regardless of other options. None of us were an immidiate threat to you, yet you decide to take the easy way and just kill us all. The situation could have been enjoyable if you had let it progress a little longer. If everyone else involved feel they were killed by justified means, I see no point in continuing the report.
  4. Server and location: Server 1 EU Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 03.43 04.12.16 Your in game name: Vadim Zhekov Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Eric Tanner, a woman I don't recall the name of, Thomas Hayes. (These people might not have killed me, but are the names I saw present at Kab.) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I had just arrived in Kabanino when some guy walked up to me and asked if I wanted to trade my yellow backpack with a girl who was standing next to him, who had a black backpack. We walk into the closest building and swap our loot and backpacks. Suddenly, someone shouts out that everyone inside the house had to stay inside and drop their weapons. If they left, they would be shot. That was what I heard of the initiation, as it was done purely over voice. I was tabbed out at this point, but could still hear the person talking, and when I tabbed back in, everyone I was with had ran upstairs. I proceeded to do the same as I was not sure what was going on at the time. As I run upstairs, I am almost instantly shot by the people that were hiding there. It looked like the same people I was just trading with a moment earlier. Whether they were a part of the group initiating or not, I am not sure. They may have thought I was one of the initiators running upstairs to kill them. All in all, it was a messy situation. Regardless, I was killed without reason, as I was not a part of the initiating group, and I followed the instructions as I did not leave the house. Unfortunately I don't have any video evidence of the situation. I'd just like to know who killed me and their reasoning for it, as it may have been accidental.
  5. Maro

    Bring Back Desolation

    I'm a bit torn on this, I feel like there are several reasonable arguments for both sides. Pros: - The chance to start with clean sheets. I believe that with a completely separate lore and map it could be the beginning of something great. A chance to build something from scratch would be a great oppurtunity for new characters, groups and settlements unlike the ones we currently have in SA. - Implementing the rules from SA (with minor alterations to suit Desolation better) would make for more interesting scenarios and interactions. Dynamic groups should in my opinion be allowed to suit how players are interacting on DayzRP nowadays. Not everyone is in a group with an XML. - Desolation currently has better tools in terms of base-building, vehicles and to a certain degree equipment, considering the admins can choose what the loot-tables contain. Cons: - This will probably take some time to implement, especially if a new lore is to be written and a new map is to be decided, and as we've seen before not everyone decides to keep their word when voicing their opinions on the forums about side-projects like this. Hopefully it won't just be hyped up and die the next week like other projects before it. - I personally felt like the RP eventually got very stale and repetetive towards the end of the server. Maybe this was because of a lack in interesting characters or groups. I always felt like I was safe wherever I went. Dont think I got initiated on a single time, and thus I welcome bandits to change this up. - Vehicle initiations, especially for helicopters, needs to be redone in order to not make them invulnerable loothoarding-machines taking every crate without a chance to intercept them and initiate. - Desolation as far as I know can't provide the same RP in terms of gestures and interactions such as handcuffing etc. These are just a few of my thoughts, I do however believe that with some effort this will work out well and benefit the community as a whole.
  6. Could barely keep my laughter contained the entire time I ran around with you guys. Great RP from you two aswell, hopefully we'll meet again. Gotta make the Lad Race an official thing for sure.
  7. Pretty interesting character you have going on there, keep it up
  8. Maybe Boris has a few relatives still alive, who knows
  9. Best Shittiest media of the year right here boys. (Better turn the volume up a bit) Great fun at Camp Outrun
  10. Enjoyed running in to you guys Especially when Boris Shit Fuck arrived.
  11. Enjoyed running around with Jimmy, Mallory and Glenn aka Ray for a while tonight. Great RP from you guys, nice change from the horrible robbery I was the victim of the day before. Hopefully we'll meet up again some time. (Gotta mention 10/10 dank pain RP by Jimmy)
  12. Thank you, your temp ban has been removed. Keep an eye on this report. Also, do either of you have any video evidence of this situation? I thought I saved the robbery on Shadowplay, but only our initial encounter was saved. So the initiation itself is not recorded, unfortunately.
  13. Server and location: S1 EU Berezino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 03:30 Your in game name: Grey Fawkes Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Said his name was James/Jack/John, didn't hear too well. Seemed like he had just spawned in at Berezino. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have a video which shows our initial encounter but not the initiation itself. Detailed description of the events: I was walking around in Berezino, looking for supplies and such when I encountered a man called James. We talk a bit, I ask if he needs anything. After a little while he asks if I have 9 mm ammo, which I end up giving him. A few moments later he pulls up his pistol and says that he needs a backpack, hinting towards the one I had at the time. I say that there are backpacks all over town, and that he should have no problem finding one, but he pulls up his pistol and decides to initiate on me regardless. The whole initiation lasted for maybe a couple of minutes, all he wanted was my backpack. He then told me to turn around and count to 30 as he ran off. Little to no RP was given in the encounter. It seemed like he was quite new to the server based on how he acted, but as someone who decides to be a bandit, which in itself is a hard role to pull off well, he needs to provide better RP for his victims. He seemed only to care about the gear I had from the start, not any potential RP. All in all it was rather lackluster experience.
  14. Had a great time with all of you! Hopefully we can meet again Also quick shoutout to Kimberly and Jakob for the little RP I had with them in Vybor and Kabanino, was short but great to witness your revenge. And a small fan-girl moment when we ran into Eddy Beck on the road. All-round a great night, had low expectations when I first logged in today but I enjoyed every minute.
  15. Maro

    S1-BadRP/Racist Remark-Kab-Approx 03:00 Server Time 24/04/2016

    Grey Fawkes POV: I accompanied Dustin and some others for a while, and he made the remark while Wumby walked past us. I tried saying as best I could IC that those types of words aren't acceptable, and later OOC I informed him that using racial slurs in-game is a serious offense. He told me this was his first time playing on the server, and I don't think he meant any harm in saying what he did. Obviously this doesn't serve as an excuse for what he said, but from how he said it IC and how he later regretted it OOC when I informed him of the eventual consequenses, I don't think he meant to offend anybody.