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  1. Valentin Ivanov born 1995 January 07, Valentin was born in the heart of Chernarus. Valentin was born from a low income family, he aspired to be a scholar and was very studious at a young age. But due to his low income he was instead forced to work in any way possible to provide for his family. With little to no education, he turned to military school. There he was given food and education for free and became aspirant for the RAC. During the 2009 NAPA bombing, Valentin was outraged he enlisted as soon as he can to fight against the insurgency. He joined RAC and fought to protect the sanctity of Chernarus from the terroristic actions of The CLF.
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  3. "Still kinda buggy" - Todd Howard C.E.O of Bethesda
  4. image0.png.2518a607cc97e877ba4e86861837f701.pngimage1.png.08bbbf9cb2532ce1da2eb792b40a3548.pngimage2.png.fef5911133a4a10e74fb49b59d6306fe.png

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  5. *A monotone Chernarussian man comes over the radio* "Dobrý den bratíř this is Maksim of The Válečný people we hope to see you soon, there is much to discuss. Slava Chernarus" *Transmission ends*
  6. I will answer for my boys, prior to this we stayed/logged in Svet in which we encountered @HDragon and one of his other friends rolling up into Svet for a couple of minutes in which we payed no mind. He proceeds to leave. That car was the exact same model as the one we saw in Svet and the one we eventually encounter down in lower Berezino. It was safe to assume that it was @HDragon. Positions log will show we we're in the same vicinity as @HDragon. Encountering Aron73, as a known streamer I've looked back at his VOD and found this. https://clips.twitch.tv/CourteousUnusualSowDatSheffy Context on clip: He was talking to @HDragon and co. Later on in the clip you can see me by the fire. Note: You can watch the VOD even further, Me and my allies have had a conversation about us planning to reposes the vehicle, this was not a spur of the moment decision.
  7. POV: Myself and allies involved we're driving towards Rify to pick up one of our men @AtrixLR we proceed to pick him up and head to NEAF. Upon trying to head to NEAF we see a military grade vehicle that we wanted to re obtain it as "concerned locals" we proceed into a high speed chase until @HDragon swerves to the left and looses control in which, 4 pairs of voices initiated to get out of the vehicle and put his hands up. Instead of complying he pulls out his gun in which I gassed him. We wrap things up and leave the car as the car was badly damaged, we return to our task to head NEAF. While heading to NEAF we see 4 people on the road we proceed to slow down, we get gassed from the left and right before we can comprehend the situation. My concerns being: He claims that it was dead of night and couldn't see how many people there were in the UAZ. I would argue for a person that is driving 60-80 mph alone to be able to identify us as Chernarussian he would have had to look back in as he claims dead of night scenario and see our small Chernarussian Armband at night. Which my concern being he was able to identify our small armbands yet he wasn't able to see how many of us there were. I also have a screenshot of Callahan dead on the floor This is just to give reference of how dark it was at the time This is also proof that I did not alter the image as the time stamp shows on steam. My position log timestamps will show and match the date and time.

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  9. I believe I at least owe it to this group to apologize. The recent events that unfolded were not representative of the goals and ideals of this group but from my own volition. My actions were my own therefore I shall hold responsibility, and that responsibility came due in a form of a punishment. As an altruistic action, I’d like to apologize for myself. That being said I have high hopes for this group and it would be a fool’s mistake not to give them a chance. Prior to the event, I had one of the best RP experiences one could possibly attain in DayzRP. This group has spent hours if not days bringing their ideas to fruition with that they’ve gained my respect. I wish this group nothing but the best of luck.
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  11. Coming from a consensus with many I've played with its just the sneakers that needs improving.

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  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/423584ec8c2bb7705be589563dfc64e3 Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the NVFL verdict was unjust due to the me still being alive. Throughout and multiple other reports and appeals NVFL was always subjective to you living or dying within the situation. However in this situation I lived. I believe logs can prove that. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There was a fire fight between two groups, proper initiations happened. It was a 2v2 and I came out on top and lived. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Reduce points and take NVFL off (UnPK my character) What could you have done better?: Not frag my friends
  14. I think I speak for all if not many, sneakers are fashionable but not durable. I would love to rock my fresh pair of Off White Sneakers but the maintenance on it requires more care than old man Jenkins Jalopy. I want to look awesome without having to carry 3 leather sewing kit to run 3km. (Obvious exaggeration) I would like to suggest to make it more durable than it already is. I see no reason why people would disagree to this suggestion. It benefits everyone and hurts none. FashionRP Best RP
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