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  1. You're kinda fucking goated ngl Sheesh paint me like one of your French girls please
  2. I would like to clarify I explained OOC and IC the reasoning behind my actions. He was very understanding, which led into me owing him a favour and a debt I extended in IC. My choice of words may have been poor, my intentions were not to bribe someone out of a report that quite frankly everyone can see as accidental. When I worded compensation, I meant it as an extension of an apology and a written explanation. I was a man about it and came forward, my actions to do right shouldn’t be seen as a bribe to save myself from a ban but an action to sincerely do right by someone who is clearly new to the community.
  3. I can 100 percent say that was me, you we're in an active gunfight/hostage situation. Position Log can prove that your area of death is reasonably close to those who are nearby and hostile with our group. I am willing to further elaborate on the situation once I am official called into the report. If you would like to talk it out in DMs and I can compensate you in a reasonable way to end this report then feel free to reach out to me ImCharcoal#9254
  4. New and Improved

    1. KonoSimp


      first clip will forever be the most gangster ass shootout ive ever seen

  5. 837867152_unknown(8).png.e88e6dcb57b7e8c7632f008efd1945dc.png

    Sometimes being on Top can be lonely

    Credits @ImKrullix for the amazing photo


    1. Mason


      You gotta be odd, to be number 1

  6. Inkeda4b7f0aaf9687a409f2aa64e20b0a8cc_LI.jpg.f5c57a4140e246715bbfb32f111d268b.jpg

    Crazy how that works. When DayZRP staff is more restrictive than Twitch TOS

    1. Realize


      Are you talking about the removal of the pvp montage thread ?


    2. Itsmez


      I dont get it, what is the problem?

    3. ImCharcoal


      Reason why I'm not responding is this has been resolved as the admin talked to me via dms 

  7. 20210911034848_1.jpg.d7dbce0e9aa279ae616e639b69da02a7.jpg

    We remember, they won't. 

    VK On Top

  8. If you would like to experience how horrendous this mod is, hmu and I'll give you a server to test it on. It sounds cool, looks cool but there's a boundary when games stop becoming games and become a burden because of unnecessary implementations. Only 1 server out of many have I seen managed to make it bearable because of its unique mechanics.
  9. @ImKrullix


    Trust me he's complying

  10. The Killers POV My prespective goes as such. After being told that a breach of agreement was actively being broken. I quickly get ready to enforce the situation. Given the hostile nature of the accused Sobaki members, guns we're pulled and they we're forced to leave with nothing but the presences of disgruntled VK members surrounding them. They quickly realize the situation in which they asked to be let out. A member of VK @ImDeaconLN informs and whispers to myself that an exchange of threats we're issued by the Sobaki members. "If we're not allowed at the bunker we might as well start back at square one." (they refer to the constant exchange of hostilities as square one) VK an obvious group that doesn't take threats and remarks such as these lightly, took words into action. We followed the fleeing Sobaki members @Mason @Sc0ttie. I follow and rush out as they do. As I am the closes aggressor I drop initiations and take lead, one person puts his hands up due to us outnumbering them @Mason. @Sc0ttie on the other took his chances while outnumbered and was meet by my trusty M4. As he died I made remarks on how idiotic his actions we're by not complying against 5 members of VK. The compliant on the other hand was met by a barrage of rhetorical questions and was promptly stripped of weapons, radio and armor and was escorted by the lead interrogator @ImAtrix. This would not his first time to NVFL as promptly reminded by the OP. Video of such repetitive actions can be seen on Sobaki Thread posted by @ImNovaaaas a critique on the mannerism of the group.
  11. This is the true magnum opus of DayZRP. Who did your graphics, absolute Machelangelo.
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