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  1. Hope to be joining everyone.

    Thank you yeah I got it figured out. No browser besides internet explorer works for me. Not sure why, but it is what it is. Hope to see everyone around soon
  2. Hope to be joining everyone.

    Hey thankyou! Eum... Welcome?
  3. DayZ FPS Optimization

  4. Hello everyone, My last post had the undefined error since I was not using the correct browser. Now that I have gotten that problem taken care of I'd like to introduce myself both out of game and in game. My name is Kyle and I am from Alaska. I enjoy doing things outside as well as inside. I had knee surgery in march and thus my DayZ career began. In game I play a character from Zimbabwe (in Africa). This was not a random choice my family is from there. I hope to see everyone in game soon. Thank you for reading this. -Kyle