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  1. Brock1042

    S1 - KOS Pustoshka 2019-02-12, 02:40

    Yes i did kill him on sight, im honestly sorry for what happened. Right before i started playing i was on a battle grounds server and i legality did not think when i was shooting. Im willing to return his stuff all and full
  2. Toby was Born in the woods around savage animals, they killed his mother and father. His father and mother were both hunters. He learned at a young age that nothing gets handed to you. Realizing this he went out on a mission to kill all the wild life around the island of Chero. He's been on this mission for years and years now and in his mind he still hasn't met the goal. He's peaceful to the people around him but he's viscous to the people that are cruel to him. He roamed the North for years but is finally going down south to see if he can get supplies and warmer clothing to go up north and survive in the cold winter months.
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