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  1. Keep ruckus to a minumum.

  2. @Xehara We should stop meeting up whenever you require medical assistance @DaRsnn @ToeZiesOG Minimal ruckus please. @Cookie @BrianM @Eagle As always, good RP @Tomu It was fun. Don't threaten my daughter again though.
  3. SonOfWatchman

    The Asylum Media Thread

    The... stable side.
  4. @Cookie @BrianM You're so backstabby I actually have to admit that @AlanM is the better one. @Eagle Nice seeing you again mate. @Jared You gave everyone a mad headache. Well done.
  5. v @AndreyQ ^ @arttu ^ @AlanM @MRS Bradtica @Sophie Sorry to anyone I missed!
  6. SonOfWatchman

    Announcement (99.9Hz)

    Victor sits up in his cabin, alone, still gripping his back, before pressing his PTT Doc. Hope. You can. You can say that again. Yesterday, there was a large firefight close to the camp, between the 24th and the Chedaki. I don't know how it ended, but I assume the Chedaki fuckers lost. I got punished by them afterwards. Because... He begins to tear up Because they took me from the camp itself, held up some people in it and carved the emblem into my back. Bear in mind, we're the new owners. Generation Zero. We're making use of the walls. We aren't bad people. The people close by are. So yeah. Everyone on this frequency, stay the fuck away from Camp Hope - for now. You would hear a small whimper of pain I'm still kicking. See ya, fellas. He shuts off the PTT
  7. SonOfWatchman

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

  8. SonOfWatchman

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  9. *Victor presses the PTT* You would hear nothing but sobbing 'Guys. I'm sorry' *You hear a bandage being applied and the PTT is released*
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