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  1. @Lamb We’ve had some amazing development over the past few days - let’s keep it up. @Harvey - you have an amazing drunk singing voice... yup @Miamomoh haha no walk @Brayces @Dino guys i swear i didn’t mean what I ‘said’ @OxeN and @GMAK I fuckin love you guys. I was about to head off and I get yelled at to check on you then all hell just lets loose. @Phoenix stop leaving the kids in charge of the hospital ffs. @CJ I escaped my fine and passed our cleaning inspection. @Ouromov YOU DONT SEE ME FOR HOW LONG AND YOU ACT LIKE THAT im too lazy to write for everyone else and i also forgot uh oh
  2. @Imagine @Harvey queens ridge new group soontm @Brayces we do the GOSSIPS TOO LOUDLY @Conor YOU EAVESDROP ON OUR GOSSIP TUT TUT @Watchman and @Ducky - the two Polish porn makers. Fucking hell that was a great laugh today. @silvermoongaming You've been hanging around our camp alot - and I never noticed you??!! You have a beautiful singing voice plz do more @Searoz It was nice seeing you do all the work with none of our docs around, @Miamomoh you're a bloody idiot. @Lamb -
  3. @Dino @Brayces @Miamomoh @Harvey Amazing art class today folks, remember to all bring your pens next time though. @MaybeleleLR @Alkis They don't always rob you I took 5 minutes out of RP to help @Ducky with an experiment. was worth it this was a long day and i just do not remember who else was there fuck lmfao sorry for everyone i missed
  4. @Stagsview good roleplay at that checkpoint today :ayaya: @Miamomoh and @Harvey - nice lil adventure we had @Crim I'm sorry for the retard bothering you. @Watchman thanks for the hospital dawg - actually sick. @Phoenix @Voodoo @Eddie @Hanro @Roman always nice to RP with ya'll sorry to anyone i missed
  5. bruh

    1. Inferno



    2. Watchman



    3. Brian


      Some people lmao

  6. Reported for having not enough beanz
  7. time to leave people out because i cant remember names already @Brayces @Dino @Ouromov Always a pleasure running into you three @Ingvalid @Eddie @DrMax @Phoenix @Watchman @Franny love ya guys. Thanks for the roleplay today ya’ll
  8. great two Dr. River's. ONE IS ENOUGH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Good luck ya'll
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