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  1. kore wa sugoi desu ne

  2. @Lamb We’ve had some amazing development over the past few days - let’s keep it up. @Harvey - you have an amazing drunk singing voice... yup @Miamomoh haha no walk @Brayces @Dino guys i swear i didn’t mean what I ‘said’ @OxeN and @GMAK I fuckin love you guys. I was about to head off and I get yelled at to check on you then all hell just lets loose. @Phoenix stop leaving the kids in charge of the hospital ffs. @CJ I escaped my fine and passed our cleaning inspection. @Ouromov YOU DONT SEE ME FOR HOW LONG AND YOU ACT LIKE THAT im too lazy to write for everyone else and i also forgot uh oh
  3. @Imagine @Harvey queens ridge new group soontm @Brayces we do the GOSSIPS TOO LOUDLY @Conor YOU EAVESDROP ON OUR GOSSIP TUT TUT @Watchman and @Ducky - the two Polish porn makers. Fucking hell that was a great laugh today. @silvermoongaming You've been hanging around our camp alot - and I never noticed you??!! You have a beautiful singing voice plz do more @Searoz It was nice seeing you do all the work with none of our docs around, @Miamomoh you're a bloody idiot. @Lamb -
  4. There was CONTEXT
  5. @Dino @Brayces @Miamomoh @Harvey Amazing art class today folks, remember to all bring your pens next time though. @MaybeleleLR @Alkis They don't always rob you I took 5 minutes out of RP to help @Ducky with an experiment. was worth it this was a long day and i just do not remember who else was there fuck lmfao sorry for everyone i missed
  6. @Stagsview good roleplay at that checkpoint today :ayaya: @Miamomoh and @Harvey - nice lil adventure we had @Crim I'm sorry for the retard bothering you. @Watchman thanks for the hospital dawg - actually sick. @Phoenix @Voodoo @Eddie @Hanro @Roman always nice to RP with ya'll sorry to anyone i missed
  7. bruh

    1. Inferno



    2. Watchman



    3. Brian


      Some people lmao

  8. Reported for having not enough beanz
  9. time to leave people out because i cant remember names already @Brayces @Dino @Ouromov Always a pleasure running into you three @Ingvalid @Eddie @DrMax @Phoenix @Watchman @Franny love ya guys. Thanks for the roleplay today ya’ll
  10. great two Dr. River's. ONE IS ENOUGH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Good luck ya'll
  11. would trash on rust 1v1 me intervention only
  12. I used to carry a pocket MP7 before I never found the bloody things again. I run around wearing standard civilian clothing and a shitty, dinky peashooter of a weapon called the MP5. I don't get robbed, and if I do - what are they gonna find? My medical supplies? PLEASE
  13. Steven's journal had been at the bottom of his bag for months. The pages with writing were ripped out and burnt, making a new start to his documentation of Livonia.
  14. if you can have codelocks we can have ladders
  15. I've experienced, what I consider, only a tiny part of this small event - yet it's had one of the most lasting effects on my character. Good job to the lore team for doing these small events that mean so much, keep it up ya'll.
  16. @Wulf @SidChaos and his one other dude (sorry I can't remember names), thank you for inviting me to be traumatised @Stagsview Thank you for being the one to traumatise me @[email protected]@Ouromov May we continue to spread the word of murder porn throughtout the region
  17. Might just drop kick myself

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