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"How often do you see Covenant retreat for no reason?"

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    I clicked on this by accident, and now I'm sad, so now you and @TheMrGasMask have to be as well. FeelsBadMan



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      WHY @Onyx😭

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      What's wrong with you? Why? 

  2. Firemoiselle

    Viridian Frequency / Medical Treatment available (91.2 Open Frequency)

    He takes his surgical gloves off before pressing the PTT Uhhh, yeesh. I dunno if I'll see you, because it'll def be a while from what I know. As much as I would like to know, I think that it's private business and I'll respect that. If you are here to stay, then good luck. Don't die, and try to last longer than the last doctors. You guys aren't exactly as big as they were, so that goes both ways in terms of benefits and downsides. But... yeah. Good luck. He releases the PTT and hands the girl a canteen.
  3. Firemoiselle

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    I dunno how I feel about it. 6/10
  4. Firemoiselle

    [GAME] Name Mixup

  5. Firemoiselle

    [GAME] Name Mixup

  6. Firemoiselle

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for that sig.
  7. Firemoiselle

    Viridian Frequency / Medical Treatment available (91.2 Open Frequency)

    He presses the PTT Luca? Is that you? What the hell is Viridian? What happened to GenZ? Too many questions, sorry. Uh, I'll keep it in mind, if I ever need a doc. I believe you have my frequency, if you need anything from me. It's nice you're doing this for people, but be careful. Everyone knows what happened to the last doctors. He releases the PTT and goes back to tending the girl next to him.
  8. I was the guy who had the IDEA of shooting someone holding the car door. Well, uh. Tested.
  9. Server please.

    stop crashing

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    NCR are better btw

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      BoS and NCR truce

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      The house always wins


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