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groovy azu

"I can now provide full guest amenities."

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  1. @TurkRP's wins of the day do be gettin constantly stolen


    baba please he just wants to win

  2. Ya showed me ya sketch of this and I fuckin love the progress you made stop flexing
  3. Lil beefy turning into big beefy 🎂


  4. heck you

    1. Zillysaur


      No u

  5. Thank you Wulf! -------------- @groovy willsky ook ook welcome brother
  6. We in lockdown now boys lets fuckin go.

    1. Chewy


      I'm mad online

    2. DrMax


      Go where? We're in lockdown

    3. groovy azu

      groovy azu

      Go into our rooms and do nothing different about our day.

    4. DrMax


      Not all of us have the same luxury as you AZU

  7. I cannot assume host perogatives without payment.

  8. I don't mind the cold rain at all - but I voted yes because like fellow zoomer above me I didn't think. I mean, it's gonna be pretty cold obviously, but I think we could reduce the probability of rain, make it rain less.
  9. thanks for the nade 👍

    1. ImLorcan


      Not a problem bud

  10. god i'm scared to scrap you GL fellas, thread lookin' good.
  11. Granted, but it's all wrong. I wish I wasn't tired all the time.
  12. Granted, but your kids scream into your ears and mic constantly. I wish I didn't have COVID-19.
  13. Genuinely amazing. I love it!
  14. Pog dude. Fucking sick!
  15. This looks so clean, I love it. Good luck fellas.
  16. Jealousy courses through me jk I love it. Fuckin' sick.
  17. i love them graphics tho like goddamn.
  18. Meant to click yes - +1. Could be nice to actually do something with the animal pelts and stuff.
  19. That's awkward. ouch

  20. you don't do that anyway Poor Dmitri. Wait he's Russian... BURN.
  21. for shame

    1. Conor


      Go away, child.

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