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"Set me free. I'm in so much pain."

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  1. Valorant hella lit bro... if only I was consistent

    1. Banshee


      I'd love to play it, but having been GE on CS for over a year really siphoned the 'fun' out of competitive games for me. I'd probably end up taking it too serious like I did with CS and end up getting pissed off.

      If the game doesn't go down the same rabbit-hole that CS did, where stupid updates and cheaters ruined the game for me, then I'd probably give it a try. Seems like some good fun.

    2. Azu


      I got burnt out from CS after being LEM for 4 months, so I can see where you're coming from. Valorant has a sense of familiarity since it plays really close to CS but also a sense of freshness. Hard to describe - feels new, but I'm used to it.


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