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  1. Damn i missed the thread. As an actual child, I'm gonna give my POV.


    Child rp needs to be done right as does every other type of RP. I'm not gonna tag people as its hassle.


    I play a 17 year old atm and portray him how I think a 17 year old would act in the apocalypse and has had shit done to him. He makes irrational decisions and is still developing his mind. He'll get knocked down and fuck his mind up but he slowly recovers.

    He will fight back physically as he won't want to be shown as weak but he can't do it mentally.


    I played a 14 year old and hated it, but I can't tell if it was the people he was around - since they were bigdicking or getting all the attention because female - or the fact that I was pretty much myself and was boring. We're a minority but the ones who can do it right are even smaller.

    1. Cid


      Child RP falls into a very unique niche of either you do it right and it seems reasonable or you just kinda suck at it.  There really isn't an in between with it, sadly.  At least, not that I've seen in all my years in this community.  I've seen children become axe murderer's, I've seen kids cry for their parents, I've seen plenty despite the fact that I'm as active as a corpse in this community as of right now.

      It's kinda the same with soldiers.  You either act like a soldier and a person, doing it the right way, or you are a super soldier and well... we all know how we feel about super soldiers.

      At the end of the day, it's all roleplay.  We have the BadRP rule for a reason and if the person isn't to standards you slap them with the healthy report and move on with life.  Unless people are afraid of that now? Since reporting carries such a stigma to it these days.  Reports are as much discussions as they are about making sure that the rules are followed.

      TL;DR:  A type of roleplay doesn't necessarily have to be banned simply because you don't like it.  If it's bad, report it or hold a discussion with the person.  If you don't want to do either you are inadvertently apart of the problem as well, to some extent.

    2. Craig


      Wait you're only 15? Well technically in 4 months you can begin the application for the british army.

    3. Azu


      Thats like.

      My thing


    4. Craig


      I thought being a pathetic russian weeb was your thing!

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