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  1. i dont play ezreal but they didn't give us a new kha6 skin and this looks cool

    1. groovy blisna
    2. Cuchulainn


      tf is a ezreal and a kha6?

    3. ChewyLR


      Bought the pass and got it meself, and the Sona skin

    4. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      you arent even a khazix player stfu

    5. Azu


      go cry about mid turbo inting again

    6. Mazer


      @ChewyLR Shen skin is clearly best

  2. ITS MEE

    1. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm


  3. I started off with Gmod Clockwork RP. It was a small server for a bunch of friends, including @Inferno and we just swapped to whatever we wanted to RP depending on how we felt. Pretty much stopped playing it when Inferno introduced me to DayZRP.
  4. Despite the unfortunate event that led to me not being in this, I can't say that it was not a fun time. From being in the RF and combatting you guys, to watching how you operated as a civilian character and then joining you on said character was genuinely intriguing. There are some fantastic and hillarious people in this group and I'm genuinely sad to see it go. On another note, you guys finally got your scripted win.
  5. Lads, today, thanks to you fellas, was an amazing impression and I'm glad this was what I had on my return to the server after a break. Of course, I am expecting more counterfeit real money coming my way in trade for nicked phones. glhf get approved soon
  6. @Phoenyxx @DrMax the spirits were not kind today

    1. DrMax


      Bunch of cunts them spirits 

    2. Cuchulainn


      shame, we had a lovely picnic afterwards and had so much fun. Just such a shame you died

    3. DrMax


      @Cuchulainn I hope you choked on a banana that you grew in Dublin

    4. AndreyQ


      @Cuchulainn jinxed it man

    5. Cuchulainn


      The spirits did me a favor is all, best buds of mine


    6. Azu


      fuck that reminds me, any of yous grab the banana?

  7. Azu


    door on the tent

    1. Duplessis


      Fuck it

      Door on da tent 


    2. Jade




  8. time to sprint jump whilst being sacrificed and die again
  9. image.png.9f486f9f5b0ed6676f9a0f7218da9861.png


    also gg
    bot, jng, top diff

    1. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna


    2. Azu


      blisna when he drinks his milk

    3. Sleepyhead


      i am logging on for the first time in months to tell you this was not the play

    4. Whitename


      azu is the opposite of a wincon 

    5. Whitename


      also hi @Sleepyhead

    6. groovy grimm

      groovy grimm

      image.png.6890cff8944cbd8cacb6783b7f496230.pngwas a very good game

  10. I can see @SimplyGrimm foaming at the mouth because he's unable to play Tarkov whilst RPing as someone based off of Tarkov. Good luck boyos.
  11. Azu

    Old Timers

    I remember this group, had a banger of a time interacting with them last lore. Good luck lads.
  12. Special mention to the RAC today, the RP was stellar. @ScarlettLR for putting up with my wheezing and coughing fit. I really, really enjoyed that today! :D. @Drbeans, nice lady. @Fae acting like a fuckin MOM to poor Scout. @Duplessis You're too loud. @Watchman and @Franny - :pepehands: @Jackfish @[email protected] @Nonplayer - :Dab: @Brayces and @Conor we finna fuckin die ain't we?
  13. nice : )

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