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  1. I would agree with you all but i have already updated my PID and GUID or 2 days ago
  2. Hi all, I am currently on the game so i thought now woudl be a great time to use my skin that i got but every time I try and load the skin I keep getting the same message no matter what I do "Skin not activated! Are you sure you have a living character on the server?" and I know I have a character on the server because I am on it right now Things I have Done - went into lobby and attempted to put skin on - run the game and played for a little while and closed the game completely and attempted to put skin on any help would be great thanks
  3. well I am not mad or anything it's just the fact i've been trying to get him on and now i finally convinced him that this is a really good server that he will enjoy then only for him to be refused was a bit disappointing but i'll wait the 24 hrs
  4. I'm just confused how he didn't get in I mean he put what I put but worded better and with more detail I guess I'll have to go though it with him again and try and find my old application the only thing I can assume they didn't allow in because he didn't put examples or when he put the joke in it saying "hands up and i'll shoot" which then he put in open brackets (don't you mean or?)
  5. well he cant submit another application for another 24 hrs and he get retrieve the application which would mean he would have to write it all over again so either way I don't think these way would not work unless the members of staff can send him or me the original application there would be no other way to retrieve it
  6. Hi there, I have a friend of mine who I have been bugging to get white listed for this server and so I got him to apply and let him write it himself, after looking over what he had wrote and made sure he knew what the NLR and KOS means how ever rules where apparently was missing key details about the NLR and Kos however when I was looking over it myself it did not showed as far as I am aware of any missing key details and he also knew what the rules ment. I am not saying that who ever looked over the application was wrong Although I do question if because how it was worded they may have assumed that he didn't understand and would like to request maybe a second opinion on the matter or maybe an explanation into the decision. (other notes) also please do not think I am angry and taking this to heart or attacking you in anyway I do believe this is a straight forward and reasonable question without being Penalized.
  7. ho Brilliant that means I can finish that it all off tomorrow thank a bunch guy you really helped me out
  8. OKay so this has been Kinda resolved but now something else has happened Basically because a freind of mine has deleted the player profile I had it's saying that I am getting kicked because I am not white listed even though I have already been white listed in the past any advice in what I should do about that situation?
  9. I believe so since I used the link from the website it's self unless it is hidden somewhere within the forum.
  10. HI everyone just seem to be having trouble getting into the game I installed it fresh and just re-installed arma 2 + OA and I seem to be getting this message I have do Idea what it means or how to solve it so if anyone knows please let me know
  11. I am Currently reading the Official background story Hopefully this should give me some idea's on how my story will go But thank you for all your helps and I hope I am able to make a entertaining story for you all.
  12. Hey everyone hows it going, I've been away for a little while now with some personal problems but now I am back and I wanted to make a Video series (guessing a lot of people have thought of this)how ever Since I really want to have a go at it I was sitting here thinking about what character I wanted to do and the story behind him and how it was going to play out when I hit a brick wall with the Question "how long as the Infection been around" because my thinking was If I started making the video's of when it first hit and then encountered other Players characters maybe it has no just hit. My thinking was because day rp has been been going strong for a long time that perhaps the story has moved on from then, so I'll leave some questions below that hopefully you guy's/girls can help me with which will help me develop a better and more fitting story to the current point in time. Also I would like to hear what you all would like to see in the video's Questions - How long been around for? - Has it infection spread to of countries or area's? - Has anyone already found the reason behind the cause? - in what time period is this happening IE Today's Modern times or in the past? - Has the infection been contained and have people been freely coming in or out? - What is the current Situation? has anything been done or is being down about it?
  13. Hey there and welcome good to see your interested a lot of us in fact i would say all of us will always will have some adventure going on weather it's Protecting people being a bandit or trying to TAKE OVER THE WORLD MHUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Well any how i'll hopefully catch you in game
  14. yeah dude I hope you get in although i do believe there is a age limit to getting in first but I am not sure what the age requirement so you will have to look that up but I hope you get ion and cant wait to see what character you bring to the server
  15. No I didnt leave I had RL Relationship troubles that left me with no internet -.- but now i;m back I mean I do miss the the fiber optic but should be getting a upgrade soon OK just letting you guy's know that i am on and ready to have awesome ADVENTURES!!!! see you guys in there. I also agree to highly recommend deleting the file and re installing the file again it is so simple yet so effective thanks eeryone Problem Solved