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  1. Back to this again. Time to get the new character ready for adventure.

  2. See you all later


  3. Time to work on a new backstory



  4. wip wip wip summer wear Hiking Photos Reading Writing Cigarrettes Drugs Loud music Motorcycle Country side Silence Police Society Doctors Needles Bears
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    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    Looks beautiful!! Good luck and may our paths cross soon ❤
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    The Black Roses

    This group, I like +10
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    Here I've been following you for so long, and you only now follow me? SHAME!

    Jk jk thanks for the follow 😄

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    Viridian (Open Recruitment)

    This will be fun! Hyyyyped
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    The nameless

    Welcome to the community!
  10. Updated Jason's relations to people in GenZ

    Added Victor ( @SonOfWatchman) to the list of people Jason has lost aswell.

    Wish I'd have gotten to know Viktor more, but sometimes death comes to soon.

    Rest in Piece Victor 'Jack' Novirov

  11. Jason proceeded to rest up in the house him, Caleb and Luca had taken shelter in. After a few hours he proceeded to pack his things up into his bag, and a few other essential things for the journey. The three made their way to Viggo telling him it was time to move, they then went to grab Poppy. The family then left the town and headed to where Jack's life had ended. They then dug up the body and proceeded to move him. The family went down with Jack's body to Cherno where he had asked to be buried, next to his daughter. There they dug up a grave for their lost family member. With Jason and Viggo crafting a cross for the grave. They all stood around it mourning their lost member in a moment of silence. Viggo leaned down to the grave placing a hand on the cross, and whispered out. "You did not deserve the pain you went through, and you left us too soon, but atleast now you'll be reunited with your daughter in the after life. I'll miss you." The family then payed their last respect for Victor as they left him to have his rest, and to be reunited with his daughter. May you rest in peace, Victor. You were a good man.
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    Hallå där! Welcome to the community
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    Welcome to the community!
  14. "And now I found someone with all the boxes that I want ticked
    'Cause your love is all I ever wanted
    Set my heart on fire, I needed something
    This is all I wanted to be, you and I"

  15. Welcome to the community!
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