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The Nikitin Prodejna - Trade Post Event
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  1. Limpan


    "And now I found someone with all the boxes that I want ticked
    'Cause your love is all I ever wanted
    Set my heart on fire, I needed something
    This is all I wanted to be, you and I"

  2. Limpan

    A friendly Hello!

    Welcome to the community!
  3. Limpan

    Communities Thoughts On Server Mods?

    Love the mods, need more swedish stuff though and then we're talking.
  4. Limpan


    Character page updated once more!

    • Added GenZ to family in relations.
    • Added the members of GenZ that Jason has met together with what he thinks of them in relations.
  5. Limpan


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  6. Limpan

    Generation Zero - Media Thread

    First day with the GenZ, snapped some pics!
  7. Limpan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thank you for the warm Ic welcome to the group! P.S I still doubt Naz can beat Jason up
  8. Limpan

    Generation Zero (Open Recruitment)

    Thanks Alan! Love being part of the group, looking forward to whatever comes next!
  9. Limpan



  10. Limpan


    Character page for Jason North has been updated!
    - Added some new graphics

    - Added people whom Jason have met to relations
    - Added new goals

    more to come!

  11. Limpan

    What's up!

    Weelcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your stay around here!
  12. Limpan

    Guess who's back

    Welcome back!
  13. Limpan


    "I can see blood in the water, I don't want none of you fishin'
    I can sing anythin' honest, I 
    don't want none of your business
    Fuck with my vision, I can see 'em all over my hit-list
    I can see you're all over my wishlist, I can see it all now"



  14. Limpan

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

  15. Limpan

    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    Congrats on the approval!
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