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  1. Background Vance Jr Williams is my name. From Texas, Houston. Used to be a Police Officer back in Houston. Every since Vance was kid he always wanted to be a cop. Growing up in Houston it was always hot so he has adapted to humid climate. Vance loves the out doors and nature. Back when he was a cop in Houston their was a call he responded to and it was an armed robbery. During the robbery Vance was shot in his lower stomach. Barely missing his plate under his shirt Vance was laying their in pan and bleeding out. Backstory Vance was in Berezino when the outbreak happened. He came to chernarus for vacation. Landing at the north east airfield he took a cab to Breezing. Loading up on supplies for his big adventure he hears a message through the local radio on the cashiers counter “Stay indoors, do not go outside.” At first he didn’t believe it then he heard screaming from outside. Instantly Vance looks through the window and sees a lady getting eaten by a Zombie. The store owner knew what was happening and tossed me a bag and said “take anything you need.” As Vance does so he sees the clerk take out a Remington 12 Gauge shotgun. Soon after the clerk hangs him a Glock 17 .9mm. As they collect supplies and any food into the store they take the clerks pickup truck and head up north. Driving up north he sees people running, driving, and zombies. But their mission was to get off the coast. later They were on the road for a few days. The pickup only lasted for two days. We made it to Gvozda and the town was a ghost town. We boarded up a house and stayed their for as long as we could. Two weeks pass and we were running low on food. We made a run to Severograd and it was packed with Infected. Almost instantly as we walked in we were stormed with infected. As the store clerk and I were fighting them I lost sight of him. I fought my way to where I thought he was and their he was. Laying their being eaten by zombies, Vance turned around and ran for the woods.
  2. ImKarma


    your boyfriend helped me to!
  3. ImKarma


    Charles Rooster defibbed your chest in game hahaha
  4. From what I was told my initiation was valid because a game master told me. https://gyazo.com/1bf0c1b504d5a24374962184c7058901 This was not today, it was yesterday. Took the screenshot yesterday, I can retake it if you'd like. Screenshot I just took https://gyazo.com/056f2f101d48e5ba7a0313fdb116fe19
  5. I was one of the people who initiated on the men
  6. I was inside of the prison when I heard a few men approach the prison. At first it was no big deal until my brother Logan was with them and the people outside were talking smack. After a decision we decided to go out their and confront of them of talking smack to our little brother. I couldn’t go down their because Andrew was not feeling good so he stayed on the roof. Instantly the men outside starting getting into defensive positions. As my brothers were in mid initiation they raised their guns and gunned down two of my brothers. As I heard half of the initiation I fully initiated on all of the men who were not Bridgewater boys. I first put my mind on the man who was fighting my brother roscue. In my head I knew my brother billy joe was taking care of the other enemy but my brother was killed instantly. I tried giving the man a chance to drop his weapon but he did not. The man ran towards Roscue then that’s when I opened fired. (The man failed to put his hands up) Roscue my brother was killed by the man.(they traded). Assisting my brother Logan in gunning one down I instantly turned around and gunned down the enemy who was shooting at Logan. survivors were Logan and I
  7. Miss you man

  8. idk what ur talking abt im da best camp fire RPer Love u man Bridgewater boyzzzz
  9. Really enjoyed the roleplay given by the KOG (Knights of Georgia) at the prison in Livonia. The Bridgewater boys had a blast playing along and watching stuff happen. @Georgia [email protected]
  10. Bridge water boyyyys

  11. Gonna miss that blue demin looking dude. Love you luke
  12. Andrew Bridgewater is a man who had dreams. Those dreams were destroyed when hell broke lose. Now Andrew Bridgewater joins arms with his brothers in doing whatever they want. Ever since he was little he enjoyed military stuff. Always played GI Joe men with his brothers but mostly himself. Extremely talkative and funny person Andrew is. Andrew was with his brothers when shit went loose. They all stayed together and survive. He's also loved guns for the longest time. When he was 19 he was hired by a local firing Range. From then he was in love with what he did and enjoyed every day of it. He's an amazing shot.
  13. POV: We broke into the school because our group and theirs are not very friendly to eschother. We used a slave to brake into a few walls and to dismantle gates. Never did I or my mates grief the base. We never did destroy all those walls. We were in and out of your base. We left slaves their to do whatever they want inside of the base.
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