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  1. Hampze

    Baiting Sitnik

    I delited the video right after we was talking becasue it was taking so much space. I had the 1min video because i edited it 1h after i died to show the boys how i died
  2. Hampze

    Baiting Sitnik

    What do you mean? Thats the only video i have
  3. Hampze

    Baiting Sitnik

    Me and the bois went over to Sitnik and decided to jump inside, we jumped inside and got hit with ''Get the fuck outside again'' or whatever he said (This part could count as a fail initiation, just saying) I accidently aimed my gun, got shot at (even though no rights were gained) I retaliated and died.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I waited my 30min before logging. I actully waited 58 min before logging. And we where 2500meters away from the holdup. And i was out of view from the An Pobal. So i clearly did not beak an EXISTING rule. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: When we where done with the holdup we started running South for atleast 15-20min. Then we got to some factory place where we holded up for a bit. We where sitting on the roof of the factory when we got told we where being raided in Cherno. So we switched over.... (Link of picture to proof we where at factory roof BELOW!) Below you can clearly see that i waited 58min before logging, because defender rights is 2H. And the rules says im allowed to log after 30min. (Proof below!) From Roland himselfe! What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban removed. Updated rules so people dosnt get banned from an NON EXISTING rule again. And recive an verbal warning and points removed What could you have done better?: Waited 2H before logging or ask An Pobal for perms to log
  5. Dr.Red and Cale got saved. So why dont you stop complaining just because it didnt go the way you want. In the end everyone is happy but you! The people we heild up loved the RP. The world dosnt go after your footsteps my guy!
  6. @Fuhqnugget The only people who roleplayed with Dr.Red and Cale 10min withint the intitiaton was @Georgia Banks and some other dude. Witch means you didnt have killrights anyways or anyone else that was looking for us. And it was not combat logging, because we got perms from the only two we intitated on to log off! REMEMBER they are not connected to an official group. So only two people in the search party had killrights!
  7. @Fuhqnugget We only initiated on Dr Red and Cale. So they are all we need to get perms from. Because you where not in the Situation. And noone knew he was with us. So how would you know who too shoot at? METAGAME??!!! Because we told you guyse we had them when we where in the helicopter. But i recomend not to put up a report because alot of people did the same mistake to switch map to come after us!
  8. @Fuhqnugget It is not combat logging when Dr Red and Cale was ok with it!
  9. I just have to say the hostages was 100% ok with this and @Rederaz loved it.
  10. "I agree to surrender KOS rights to members within the 5.0.3 & I agree to surrender PK rights to the 5.0.3 if I decide to betray the 5.0.3"
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