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  1. Age: 18 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: I want to try What can you contribute with?: Cannon Fodder Timezone/when are you available (server time): GMT+2. Kinda anytime im needed What kind of roles do you think fit?: Combat roll
  2. Come back and frag with me 💚

  3. Almost ran over a group of 10ppl with a mustang. PLIKTs RP was rly good. I had a fun day
  4. Daniel Persson is born year 2047 in Karlstad, Sweden. In a small house next to the Lake called Vänern. Daniels parents where trying to make their way up North. They ended up in a seattlement in Norr-Hede. When Daniel was 7 y/o (year 2054) his mom had birth to Daniels brother William. Year 2071 our family heard about some kind of "SafeCity" with food for everyone in Nyheim. We decided to get a car and make our way up north, we where following road E45 when we got ambushed in Gällivare. Our parents died trying to protect us. Me and William made our way to Nyheim where we are living no
  5. Team Name: Idk Player 1: @Hampze Player 2: @MrBurke
  6. Stay at home and keep your distance. No fun with corona

    1. Novi


      Get well soon

  7. Yoooo


    1. Knight



    2. Woodzie


      Still driving a volvo ?

    3. Hampze


      @Woodzie Nah i drive BMW e39

  8. o7 brother.

  9. God tier RPer

    1. CutieKermie


      Yah ummm ok ❤️


    2. Hampze


      What is that supposed to mean 🤔
      Im DayZRP´s best roleplayer "Stfu and get on the radio"

    3. CutieKermie


      I know hamper you are such a great role-player. I am so sorry for ever have doubting your abilities. 

      *gets on the radio and squeaks*

  10. Hampze


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