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  1. @Duke the people i was able to hear initiating is @Jacob Elmes and @Faebloom
  2. Im not going to respond to anymore of your quiestions. My video is saying everything.
  3. I I already told you this i can hear the person i traded with intitate and the person wearing all black with a AK74U in the persons heands. Witch is you And i can hear mumbels from one of the guyse on my right hand side. But not a clear initiation
  4. I am really intrested in what you can hear. Because you cant hear my discord over all because i have a 2 way headset. And my mic is only activated in Nvidia when im holding Caps down. And no this video is not edited more than i cut the time down from when i meet you till i died. Just like the OP of the report.
  5. Its still invalid if i cant hear your initiation. Its supposed to be loud and clear so i can hear it. And im not able to
  6. Thats the point...... Invalid initiation @Elrod You dont have to worry, you didnt hit me once. So just stop puting yourselfe in trouble
  7. That is false. I can only hear 2 people initiate. And when you initiate its not me that needs to make sure i can hear you. Its you that needs to make sure i can hear your initiation. If i cant hear it its invalid initiation
  8. Yes i am able to point out who initiated and who didnt. The guy i shoot initiated and you initiated. The guyse to my right didnt say anything before they fierd their guns. And aswell i want video evidence from every singel one of you that you where hotmicing in game when speaking on radio. Already in the start i can hear the guy say i took the radio of him without hotmicing. And thats really bad of you putting me in a stressfull situation taking my radio without notifying me in any way
  9. Daniels POV: Me and @Slaviox was meeting up with @SovietPj in Berezino. When we get there we see a guy with his gun out telling PJ to leave so i basically tell him to fuck off and he do. Then PJ tells us some guy in black said he/she wants to cut his face up so we started looking for the person. A bit later i see this "Speciall" guy so i go up talking to him, trying to traid. Then i see 2 people in front and one behing with guns moving up. I wait for a few seconds. Then i see some weird movements that is alerting me so i run. After a really bad attempt trying to hide in a shed i get cornerd by 4 guyse. I get initiated on by only one guy who is in a dynamic group. I start shooting at him and trades with him. During the shots one of the bar people initiates giving bar people thats in the official group killrights on me. And at the same time 2 people on the right is attempting to KoS me without a valid initiation, one of them hit me 7 times without initiation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v_57EfyAew&ab_channel=Hampze
  10. @nrmoser1992is this you? My guy runs around the corner during a active gunfight and see 2 people with guns out. He points his gun without shooting, you aim your gun back at him, he drops you. And dont come up with no excuses that you didnt know about the gunfight if thats you in the video. Because you are hiding behind the corner for a reason.

    I'm taking a break from DayZ, will play FiveM a lot instead.


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      Kill em' out there cowboy

  12. You will have to ask staff about that one
  13. You are aware that there is an active gunfight right next to you. You decide not to put a hand up or show in any way that you are not going to start pointing a gun around. I would kinda call that NVFL.
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