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  2. You will have to ask staff about that one
  3. You are aware that there is an active gunfight right next to you. You decide not to put a hand up or show in any way that you are not going to start pointing a gun around. I would kinda call that NVFL.
  4. My first PK of new lore


  5. I am not going to argue with you. I will let staff decide.
  6. Idk if u heard me or not, i dont see any proof. But you where also trying to say something else at 0:08 when the dude tried to kill me. So stop bullshiting, IK you understood that i was initiating.
  7. If you cant hear me why are you saying "WTF Man" at 0:03 in the video. You clearly understood that i was initiating
  8. So we got IC info about a group of people is holding the Polana people hostage in Kabanino. We had one guy sitting in the woods feeding info. I got there and was right outside the barn when server restarted. I logg in and run truh the barn to find 3-6 people on the other side spawning. I start to back away when 3 people starts following me. I tell them to back off but they dont. So i find a bale with a little bit of cover so i initiate. I right away see the guy to my left put one hand up so i put more focus on the other 2. Then one of them tries to rush me and pulls a gun so i kill him. At the same time im killing the dude in front of me i hear shots to my right, i know there was a dude there so i turn to my right, to see him standing there with NO HANDS UP. So i shoot my 2 last bullets hitting him in the shoulder. He goes down. At the same time the guy to my left had put his hands down and starts shooting at me, so i take cover and while im reloading he is pushing me so i try to move around and gets killed.
  9. + i heard shots from my right so i just turned to my side and shoot
  10. I can already take the blame for this. I panicked. I was the one who killed him
  11. @Onion Bruhh put me on the roster FFS
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