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  1. You Server and location: S1, Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-06-11, ~20:40 Your in game name: Fredrik Johansson Names of allies involved: Idk their forum names. But it was in the Mechanic´s camp. Name of suspect/s: @Real VegasRP was the one that shoot me, but much more people is involved. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): It didnt save the video for some reason. Detailed description of the events: I was in camp when The Time started shooting at the Muslims without saying anything to them. And then they started shooting at each other. (The only thing I heard when before the shooting started was "Bush Wookie what’s your name?") And the gunfight keept on going. Then after server restart the girl that always says "Friend" from The Time showed up, so me and a diffrent guy went to the School to try and find a Time member that can come and take the girl back to their base. No one was there so we returned back to the Mechanic´s base. When we got back it was two dead guys with orange armbands laying on the ground and someone told me to grab their guns and put them in a tent, so i did. (OOC: Apparently the time initiated on everyone in the camp while we where gone. So they dont have killrights on me and this other guy that was with me. I never got told IC) A little bit later i walked up on the garage roof with my AK in my hands and i got shoot in the face from the East. Without anyone initiating on me, i never shoot at anyone or anything more than Zombies. So i got RDM´d. NOTE: I was a Bush Wookie I just want everyone to be able to tell their side of the story so that we can come up with a solution without to much trouble. If the staff members feel that they want to punish someone, it is up to them.
  2. What happen to everyones profile music? Is it the website you upload to, is it DayzRP forum or is it just me? NVM i it is the website i upload to, so if anyone else has this problem you can use OpenDrive (https://www.opendrive.com) and do it this way (https://gist.github.com/Moutard3/b925b090ab1d6d20a5d20f054bae7bca#opendrive)
  3. Last 2 weeks in school ☺️

    Then 10 weeks Summer Holiday

  4. This is what i do when im Bored and cant find any RP

    Im going on a roadtrip with my friends



  5. His name is Fredrik Johansson, he was born and raised in the town of Mariestad, which is located in sweden. He loves cars and girls, but the most important thing is the sound of a V8. He worked as a truck driver before everything happened. When the outbreak happened, he was in Cherno and had delivered the last goods precisely before he would travel home to Sweden again.
  6. *Static Noise* "Hey everyone, it is me John *Cough* It's time for me to come clean, i can't live with this guilt anymore. I, me, John Anderson, i was the one who called for backup at Eden, not Evan or anyone else, it was me. I lied about everything to save myself and since i didn't like Evan in the first place, he was the obvious choice." *The radio goes silent for a few minutes Sigh* "Since everyone i know and don't know will be after me now, i won't stay around for long. I will try to make my way into Russia or wherever this forest leads me, so to everyone i know, Goodbye." *Static Noise*


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      Dunka i plåten!

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      Aa fan

  8. Can someone tell me how to make a album for screenshots? Im stupid 😅

    1. Watchman


      I think

      Community > Gallery > Add Images

      Hope it helps!

    2. Hampze
  9. Hampze

    How To Contact The Fifty Two [52.0 Open Freq]

    *John takes a hand around his radio holding down the PTT* "Hey, Its me. The guy who shoot at your car, im sorry bro. I got scared because it looked like you tried to hit me. Im sorry" *He drops the radio and steps on it so it gets destroyed*
  10. Boring night

    DayZ Screenshot 2019.05.31 -


    DayZ Screenshot 2019.05.31 -

  11. Make it so if youre over 500 in ping for maybe a couple of seconds you get kicked. Because sometimes you get lag spikes just for 1 sec
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