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  1. "Do you know what an artist and a sniper have in common? Details. Like when a touch of color is out of place. When a shadow does not match with its surroundings. Or when a shape is not where it is supposed to be. The only difference is the stakes. Mine are higher." — Glaz Glazkov was born and raised in Vladivostok, Russia where his father worked in the shipping industry. Glazkov grew up in a friendly and organized family in a big house in the outside ring of Vladivostok. Glazkov always seemed to have an interest for painting and drawing. He began to permanently draw since he was 2 years old. And that should guarantee him great opportunities in the future. He began to study art in secondary school, until the Beslan school hostage crisis inspired him to transfer to the Cadet Corps and pursue a career in the armed forces. He soon gained some reputation in his military compound due to his impressive sniping skills. When he turned 18, he fully committed to the russian army. He began to go on missions in [CLASSIFIED] and also [CLASSIFIED] and began to be succesful there. after 2 years of operaiting in the missions, he claimed the confirmed kills of 73 man. This would mean, that he is the most succesful sniper, to have operated in both missions. But after 5 years in the russian army, Glazkov received a tragic message, both of his parents where found dead in there house in Vladivostok. Determined to find the person responsible for the death of his parents, Glazkov withdrew from his service in the russian army and began the search in his hometown Vladivostok. Glazkov tried to get some informations from the local police, but he would not gain any information. Being at a point where he had no job, no parents, and a broken mind, he would find himself thinking about, what he could do to get any information. Soon he would get a call from an unknown person, claiming to know who is responsible for his parents death. Willing to get the name he wants so desperate, he would promise to do everything for the unknown person. Since that day Glazkov was contracted to the unknwon person to kill a total of 5 person. After 2 months he completed his work, and got the name revealed. Soon, Glazkov would go out and seek the person. After only 2 days, the man was found dead in his apartment, shot in the head from a sniper rifle. At this point, Glazkov realized that this is what will secure him the money to stay alive. One day, Glazkov received a call for a job in Chernogorsk, Chernarus. He would go to do his duty and kill the target, when suddenly he finds himself stuck in a situation, he wouldnt get out´of. Now he is still fulfilling his job as a headhunter in the regions of chernarus, trying to keep himself with this job alive.
  2. Born on a snowy December day, Dominik was a child of loving mother and a strict father. His father began to take Dominik with him on his hunts and teached him all the basics of hunting. After finishing school with 17, Dominik began to go hunt in the woods alone, and soon earned himself some reputation in the hunting community of his father. Dominiks mother wasnt to happy about that, because she always wanted him to do something else, like becoming a great engineer at a local factory. After doing more and more successful hunts, he soon would be known by a lot of hunter in the South-Bavarian region. After 2 years of hunting every region in South Germany, Dominik began to go on hunt all over Europe, and began to be also there a successful hunter. He is now known in most of the central european countries and a reputive hunter. he´s now living with 23 in a big house with his parents. And now, after more then 5 years, his mother began to respect and acknowledge his decision earlier in his life. With 24, Dominik decided to go for three years to the east-european countries to go on hunt there for many of the most known and magnificent animals in europe. Sadly, out of nowhere, his mother passed away due to an heart-attack. after getting the message that his mother suddenly passed away, he decided to delay his journey by six months and to assist his father to get through this difficult time, and to keep his mind positive. But suddenly after 4 months of his mothers death, his father began to get weeker every week. He was there for him every day of the week, every week of the month, to keep his father strong. But one day, after getting some medicine, Dominik found his father unconscious in his bed, he quickly called the paramedics, but sadly his father would also past away, six months after the passing of his beloved wife. Now, being 26, Dominik decided to finally get on his journey to east-europe. His journey should begin in Chernarus, where he was on the hunt for a special deer kind. But after being one week in Chernarus, his would know change completely, because soon enough, he would find himself in a situation, he only saw in movies and joked about, a situation he wasnt fully aware of. Now, months after the breakout, he stabilized his mind anf found his spot in the world. Now he´s focused on surviving until he gets rescued from the hell known as chernarus. He is now trying to stay alive by doing what he can do best, hunting, and also to feed himself via cans and vegetables he plants himself. He is now getting spotted in the forest of the chernarus region, hunting, helping everybody he learns to know on his path through the desrtoyed world he used to know , and trying to stay alive.
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