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  1. Pompous Donut POV: Me and the boys had noticed Zanaans event was still going, so we decided to head over and see if the situation was clear-able. While scouting out the event @Lego had noticed two people standing out in the distance overlooking the junkyard. We decided to hang around and see what they did, during that time another two people were called out. While we debated on what are course of action should be. The two couples meet up and then proceeded to advance on the junkyard to claim the reward. Once we saw this @-CML-NorWayy and @Lego ran towards the north and sat in the treeline during that time, the four individuals had claimed the chest and were moving towards the treeline to us. While they were approaching our position @Lego said he would drop a text initiation while @-CML-NorWayy did one in voice. Unfortunately my game crashed had crashed in which by the time I was back in game missed the confrontation with Krischev. When I was back in I was told the other two individuals were running and not complying and in which me and Norway engaged one of them that was running towards Novy. At the end of the conflict we had killed three of the four and the last one was taken by @Lego with a few minutes of Rp while we secured the area.
  2. Makar Alexeev was born in the small town of Roslavl and joined the Russian Armed Forces at the age of 18, being placed into the 21st Guards Motor Rifle Brigade. During his service he fought at the battle of Ilovaisk pushing Ukrainian forces attempting to capture the city of Ilovaisk. During the outbreak a small detachment of his unit was sent to support the 11th Guards Airborne Brigade with defending the port city of Rostov-on-don. About 1 year ago his unit was later redeployed to participate in an operation drawn up by the VSR leading him to Chernarus providing support. Over the course time, Makar was sent back to Russia for his service to relax and continue to support his fellow countrymen. While home we still received letters from his fellow comrades hearing how Artyom betrayed command. From Artyom’s betrayal more news of how Pamyatii was following apart, Makar not knowing how much of it was true. One day he received a transmission from Yuri, telling him to take what supplies he could and head back to Chernarus, only saying that Russia has left them to die.
  3. *Boris presses the PTT* "Who wants plate carriers? Maybe a crate of vodka and cigarettes then we might talk" *He releases the PTT*
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