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  1. PonyBoy

    S1: South Chernogorsk - Bad RP...again, GearRP 21:15ish

    @@Symplekti @Emepop @RonaldDonaldson
  2. PonyBoy

    S1: South Chernogorsk - Bad RP...again, GearRP 21:15ish

    I did everything to the books, i rped with you but i DIDNT take any of the items my self, i you left with food and water. By the way i don't understand why my private messages have anything to do with the report? it is not relevant regarding the situation. Sorry but i'm going to have to add more, I'm not putting my pov up until called to. BUT we had known about your base hence we knew how to get in. the reason for me not responding to him regarding why i was robbing him was because as DERK clipped from our lore goals "Keep our presence on a need-to-know basis [indefinite]" Another point is I don't know how this is also being reported as GearRP because when i robbed you had nothing that I PERSONALLY needed i had fully kitted out AKM with 3 mags. my boys took what we needed because we were robbed 2 days before this event occurred. "They really didn't leave us, or even me, with a fair chance to survive." We gave YOU a fair chance to survive because you were the only there i assumed that the people who were offline would have enough food and water to survive. YOU are currently in cherno meaning you can kill and loot zombies for food. as for your weapons you can see in the video that i dropped them mearly dropped then 10feet away from you so you couldnt try to be a hero pick up a gun and try to shoot me dead. after further examination of the IZurvive map there is a well around 350meters away from where i took you hostage meaning if you needed water so bad it wouldn't be hard to get it as i left you with your 2 knives and your sawed off mosin. "They didn't know about the car, but they took that. It was classicly a GearRP performance." We had been scouting your base for a day or so knowing about the loot you had, the car seemed to be new but since we Had 5 people it was only necessary for us to take it because as i stated before we were raided 2 days before. meaning we needed to move items to a new location as quick as possible.
  3. PonyBoy

    Denigrata Propaganda

    Take into affect that we had to use an outdated camera to get a hold of these pictures
  4. @Vandal good hostageRP today I was “Jimmy” hope you had fun sorry if it was a bit messy!
  5. Don't worry boss we're like ghost, never know when we'll snatch someone.
  6. Can't wait for the chaos to ensue! Much love to the Big Brain AKA @Caraham
  7. PonyBoy

    Kinda Creepy...

    That was me @Caraham @Symplekti @Orbit
  8. that's my wife with the pumpkin;)
  9. I loved your PainRP, and allowing us to torture you the way we did, you were a good sport about everything and I appreciate that. Thanks for the amazing rp today! :)))) see you in future rp! -Benny Yep, Your Jack The Ripper for a reason now you proved it!
  10. Server and location: S1 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:00 (approximately) Your in game name: Benjamin Keller Names of allies involved: @TReed99 @zombybeard Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5c4f5eb0ac30d79bbc/rdm Detailed description of the events: Me and the saviors were all at kabanino to get RP because we were bored, we get there and are campfire RPing for a while before I decide to ask another player that I heard also likes hunting wild game if he wanted to go on a hunting trip north to find animals to bring back to Kabanino to cook for everyone there. I went over to the well near piano because the OP had a friend who wanted to come and talk about the trip when all of a sudden my game lagged out and froze, then I hear in TS that I was just KOS'd without an initiation on me at all.
  11. if you would like we can talk about this privately.
  12. No one was on me in the time of asking for a "radio" no one was near me. you guys were all at emily surrounding her not me. i was atleast 10m away.
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