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  1. Alex is a ruthless gang leader who is loved by family and friends, but feared by enemies and strangers who hear the name. He was in charge of his own gang in Nottingham before he left to Russia for a business meeting, and now he is stuck there, surviving with little to no resources. In the UK, he would sell guns and equipment to other countries for a high price. He was born in the UK and lived there his whole life. Alex is a caring man, he loves to spend time with his family members and his good friends. Back home, Alex has payed the police off so he is free to do what he likes in Nottingham along with smuggle illegal things in and out of Nottingham. Smoking, drinking, and gambling are all things Alex likes to do. Alex indulges in the hobbies of a typical gangster of almost any era. He conducts business with a cigar in his mouth and a glass of whiskey in his hand. He is a stoic, he is calculating, and ambitious. Alex is one man you don’t want to cross. Everyone in town knows that “it’s not a good idea to look at Alex King the wrong way.”
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