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  1. they are destroying the game economy, getting all the vehicles and guns. holding people at gun point, being anarchist and at the same time. asking for licences what?? they are good RPers but they are abnoxious and just really annoying to be met with. when i see them i try to avoid them the most i can.
  2. Kira Mantis

    Upcoming new mods

    what is wrong with you guys. traders and fast travel will make the server much more appealing for all the players. i think the ones that dont like the idea are people that are part of big groups or a big gang of friends, myself i play alone, and every once in a while with a friend, the traders will bring so much more needed purpose to the game, think about it, its not just get geared and... then what? it will be about getting geared and trading in, going to the social hub and trade with people chat and be friends with. the fast travel is a fantastic idea. not every one of us wants to spends 2 hours running, because all of the cars are owned by other people or the anarquist same with the weapons. THE ECONOMY of the server is screwed because of big groups like them. i cant find for the life of me a single gun. because they keep looting everything and new players or lone wolfs players like me feel left out. @Roland try putting the mods first, then if reaaaally people dont like them, take them out. guys i think roland knows what hes doing. thanks.
  3. People who think they own the game or know everything and do everything with impunity just because they are big dogs in the comunity. people who think that can own a part of the map by asking people licences then robbing them, and killing them. already heard lots of players having that issue, and you guys know who you are. so annoying.
  4. *rough breading can be heard...* static "i think this is it, be nice everyone... its been a fun trip *cough* good bye" *a horde of zombies can be heard*...*then a single gunshot* static... Silence...
  5. "Hello... can anybody help me, hear me... it looks like i have salmonella i drank a canteen near the tents, i was really thirsty, and right now i am dying i dont have any much more time left, nor energy i am dying, can someone help me with some meds, something that can help me... i promise ill pay with anything" *Lies on the ground with his gun ready to take his life*
  6. Kira Mantis

    Fifty Two

  7. Kira Mantis

    Kyle Mckenzie's Signature

    Looking fancy, mate ;D
  8. Kira Mantis


    fix your other pictures my friend, they are really tiny, also. be careful about the discord thingy, dont go ooc ingame.
  9. She needs discipline!
  10. Kira Mantis

    Smoke grenades are fun

    oh so they are ingame, i tought dayzrp patch removed them, where did you found them?
  11. Kira Mantis


  12. Kira Mantis

    Double Stamina.

    +999999 for this, i dont want infinite stamina, but oh man, like others have said, cars are dangerous, and we gotta walk/jog a lot. so yeah, i am no fatty boy, and i have been on the gym with weight vests and those medicine balls running on a threadmill and i promise you, it is totally posible to run for at least 2 minutes at full speed until i get out of breath, i mean and we are city boys, all the people/ survivors of chernarus should be on perfect form, since all they do is fight run and jog around. so that would mean its perfectly reasonable to be able to sprint at full speed for at least 2-3 minutes with the stamina bar on the middle, and for at least 4-5 mins with the stamina bar full. i am saying this, because on my gym i do high intensity workouts with vest on, and its pretty heavy, so i know what i am talking about. besides its a game, and i think you guys are getting out of hand with the realism, to the point its not even realistic. its got to be authentic not realistic to be fun. hope we get this sorted out
  13. In life, you have to work to be a the better version of yourself, you have to make each day count like if it was the last one, to never let anyone and anything let you down, to be happy and to make others day brighter even more than yours. Chris always had trouble having good days, for some unknown reason life was not that good to him, still he always had a smile on his face, always seemed to be happy and that made other people happy around him, that was his way of living. the world for him was a playground were every day was open, and there were no lines of people waiting to jump on the ride, you just had to jump if you wanted to, or... stay in line like everybody else letting time pass away and making you a shadow of your true self. this playground called life he said, was only bad if you let it get to you, if you let it be that way, it all depended on yourself he said. you have to make every little thing a good thing even if its bad, maybe you had a shitty day? good! then be better next time, someone broke your heart? good! mature from it and dont make the same mistakes. you found a dollar on the ground? now you have something a little good above all the bad. that was his mentality. no one has a perfect life but you can pretend it is and maybe someday it will be. Life was beginning to be good for him. when he was 23 he started singing and his girlfriend was the guitarist of the band, she loved the way he sang to her, a match made in heaven people said, they loved to do road trips even travel around the world they were gonna get married. she loved russia and those far away places were lots of grass could be seen, mountains, animals, blue skies and that sweet breeze that made her hair cold. he loved her, so they went on a trip to a place they heard was beautiful, chernarus was called. he was going to propose to her there. Chris was not prepared for what would happen that day, a day were all his life would change for ever, a day were he promised to never sing again, a day a single day, where he would remember the bad times, the other bad days in his past, and wish all of them would come back, still... a day where he would make the best of it, put a smile on his face like he always did, even if it was almost impossible to, nothing is impossible he said, "nothing will bring me down" he promised to himself that he would survive in this place, the place that she loved, the place that would be his curse and his blessing. chernarus...
  14. i already did, but still no response since yesterday
  15. Hey guys, so i have simple question. is it possible for you guys to change my country on my account? right know i am on the Netherlands, i know its not a big deal, but i have ocd about this things, besides it would be better for my account to show where i am living right now. is it possible for you guys to change it? thanks.
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