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  1. if you mean after i died because of the crash then no. of course i met him again, because like i told already he was the one to pick my stuff and put it in the car, when i came back after the crash/death he was there at the car, we tried to RP it like if i fell unconcious because exaustation or something that is why he picked everything and putted inside the car. that way its more safe. if you mean phisically seeing him after that encounter with him, then yes of course, as you can see in the video, but we were IC on radio all the time, you can ask @gamingfeva7 for that, because ingame i
  2. i know you are trying to talk to @A_Blachy but yes, we were role playing on this session, we both were searching for a car wheel in town at that time, also, he was the one that picked up my stuff when i died because of the CTD and put everything on the trunk. this occured just minutes after that. Edit: sorry i replied just at the same time as james.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Character reset, 3 day ban and 10 warning points. Why the verdict is not fair: The game crashed! i know, i know, i shouldnt come back to take the stuff back, i should of have suspected it, but a 3 day ban and 10 warning points?! this was not something i have control of, my whole group was at zeleno where the zombies killed me because the game crashed, i had to come back i was still IC. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: i have read the rules, yes it states that i should not go back, doesnt matter if it crashes
  4. ok, so, i apologize for anyone involved, this saddly revolves around me. i saw some dude running around on zeleno military, i went ahead said hi to him tried to give him a hand, help him, thats the way my character tries to be. i started to use my knife to open a can of food for him, (this whas dumb) he pointed a gun on me and said that he could kill me because he suspects i know a guy named josh or something, i only met 2 to 4 people, and 2 of them one of them named ali or something told me to join their group, really nice guys no hostilities and a very nice vibe. still this hostile
  5. no sir. go to S1 its overall a great experience, once you have everything you need or like, maybe try to set up a base, search for construction materials, find a nice spot to set up your base, and start building it. there, you can save your stuff in case anything bad happens to you.
  6. Personally i dislike the look of that mod, i mean, it looks LIKE A MOD. i dont know if i make myself right, it doesnt look seamless and immersive, it just looks like a bunch of trees and grass put together on different places. i just dont like it.
  7. What kind of question is that. how did you pass the whitelist, haha, jokes aside, you should really inmerse on the character you are playing, and if you want trouble you can just ask for it IC for example, i am always geared, but i am always alone, (almost all the time) this means if a group of 2 or more, try to steal from me, i dont want to die, i dont want to go all rambo and shit, and try to kill them, even if i managed to kill them, thats not very realistic, and could be considered badrp acording to the rules. having said that, there should be a rule that avoids GEAR RP. i mean,
  8. i currently am playing on south america, this means i have a ping of around 130 - 180 still, the game runs pretty nice, yes, i have seen rubber banding on times, its not very frequent tough. i dont know if this is related but i have a suggestion. maybe lower a little bit the spawn of the zombies? i mean i love it that there are alot of them, but still, everytime you leave an area like 200 meters away or something and come back, they are back, its not very realistic, and i think this hurts server performance too.
  9. i am sorry, i didnt know there was already a poll about this.
  10. So. i make this poll because everytime i try to enter chernarus 1, there is a queue of 25-34 people, and i have to wait up to an HOUR! to get in! i tried to go to server 2, and to my shocking surprise, server two had completly different hive, i mean, my character on server 1, doesnt get to go to server 2. and continue there. this is the reason why no one want to go to server 2, since they would have to start all over, making character 1 on server 1 useless. its like having two different characters this is killing the need to go to server 2, thats why server 2 will always be emp
  11. A former GOE special forces. from Spain, one of the most respected and trained soldiers in the field, but lacking lots of discipline, he left the army because he met a special someone. this is his story In life, you have to work to be a better version of yourself, you have to make each day count like if it was the last one, to never let anyone and anything let you down, to be happy and to make others day brighter even more than yours. Chris always had trouble having good days, for some unknown reason life was not that good to him, still he always had a smile on his face, always seemed to be
  12. Hello! so i have been looting non stop before the wipe, to check those new ctf or something items, and dear lord, some of them are overkill, but others are really cool, specially those new G3 pants, the new boots, and the new gas mask. i was wondering if they are going to be added to the item shop. i would buy them right away lol, never actually buyed anything on the item shop, but damn, that equipment with the hooded poncho a gorka jacket, and later on finding a nice bulletproof vest the new backpacks with the attachments, damn, looks pretty amazing. im not into playing military stu
  13. Hello! my name is Cristhian i have 25 years old, quite dificult to tell where i live since ive been on and off from place to place, i have lived on New york, virginia, the netherlands argentina and right now, bolivia, wich is my place of birth. ive been playing Dayz since patch 0.42 or something, i have been on this server for quite some time now, i never play dayz if its not on this server, i mean i feel no ejoyment if i play the game without RP. this server, this comunity this style of game, its the true and unique way DayZ its meant to be played if you ask me. anyways, i hope afte
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