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  1. Liam7522

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Same issue as Pals my game's fine but my text quality was shit so I couldn't read it well, fixed now but I'll need another SA GUID reset. Sorry to be a bother. //Voodoo: GUID Reset
  2. Liam7522


    Go for it, as long as you aren't going for the whole mic spam, REPENT THE END IS NEAR type shit but even that could be "handled" (If you know what I mean) IC'ily.
  3. Liam7522

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need a GUID reset for standalone, typed it in wrong. //Voodoo: GUID Reset
  4. It does. you don't know the situation from the beginning, you don't even know the full initiation. It's like my recording half a situation where I was about to die and then omit the reason for my death and claim it was bad role play. Context is probably the most important factor in anything above lite role play. Even if the initiation was correct, the OP was complying and they killed him while he was complying, that is a rule break. So it would not have mattered, if the initiation was correct, they still killed someone that was complying...if the initiation was incorrect, they still killed someone that was complying... No, listen to how they repeat "[.]Drop it", so either the initiating party's rule breaking or they commanded him to drop something prior to that, which I imagine being the SKS subsequently purposely taking everything off apart from the SKS is clearly provoking, if you're being robbed for something specific, and you start stripping then you're asking to be shot but that's why I said that before we jump to conclusions that it would be nice to have a full video of the full interaction instead of going on a mad witchhunt.
  5. Liam it doesn't matter, they did that completely wrong my friend...the whole countdown thing was just awful. It was clear that he was complying as you could see him dropping his gear and for them to shoot him like that is just badrp and rdm...plain and simple! It does. you don't know the situation from the beginning, you don't even know the full initiation. It's like my recording half a situation where I was about to die and then omit the reason for my death and claim it was bad role play. Context is probably the most important factor in anything above lite role play.
  6. No, no and no! There's no fun in role playing yourself, there's no character element and takes you out of the immersion because you, your personality, your tendencies wouldn't reflect a realistic character in a zombie apocalypse. My tips for new role players is do something that sounds interesting to you! Don't limit yourself because some guy that roleplays ex-military doesn't want anybody else to role play ex-military, if your concept is unrealistic then incorporate it into something realistic. Most important tip of all is to stick true to your character, your character would react differently to you. If your memory isn't the greatest, print of a character sheet. A great example here: http://rpg.ashami.com/ pretty much a lot of it is applicable ( some of the religious fantasy shit isn't but most of it's credible. )
  7. You guys should learn to be more sceptical, this video cut ( apparently not so obvious ) and doesn't show the full situation, you don't know what they asked for him to drop, you don't know what he did prior. So before we jump to conclusions and bash a member of the community the victim should post the full video and show the entire situation.
  8. I personally, think this is a terrible idea. What you find funny =/= what your character finds funny etc. There are plenty of things you may find funny but your character wont, subsequently you don't laugh down the microphone. So this forces role play on others as well as ruining character immersion. Plus you can't forget the OOC background noise, my keyboard's loud as fuck, my siblings are loud as fuck, my mother's loud as fuck this further ruins role play for others around me.
  9. I'd just like to say I haven't tried the standaloneRP server, only the mod server several months ago. So I apologize if the following's incorrect but hey ho. The major issue is that there's no clear definition between IC/OOC communications, it's very similar with other iterations of ArmA II/III RP servers and it's a habit. If you're used to pressing what ever button you have binded for your microphone and speaking out of your perspective and that's a habit that's going to stick, the best way to solve this is to simply use text chat as a way for IC communication but this slows down role play a lot and takes away from the immersion so this isn't a solution we should really be considering, it's really up to the playerbase to break this habit of speaking from your perspective instead of your character's, thinking like your character not like yourself. This is some top tier stuff that can take a while to get used to so, it's really up to you, when you notice something like this, is to give him a polite reminder of the difference of IC/OOC, you can't expect someone that hasn't role played a lot to be good at it. Increasing the difficulty of the whitelisting process wont stop this, I know this from personal experience from serious role play venues and text/forum role play. TL:DR Lead by example, don't expect people to master something new within a week.
  10. lustful manner as he slowly licked his top row of teeth, clicking his fingers.....
  11. I like the simple Russian weaponry, the favorite gun for me would have to be the AKM.
  12. The more the merrier to be honest; The more weapons there are, the more people can adjust themselves to their proficiency w/e. Adding them, doesn't guarantee everyone using/liking them but just giving the choice will give people at least an incentive to try them.
  13. I'll be sticking with Pistols and simple rifles for my Military Bootcamp dropout, farmer. As I see it, my character would be of higher proficiency due to past experience with simple firearms than a high grade LMG.
  14. Hello, I was going through my skype friends list, when I noticed my friend JakeWalford having his status about "-DayZRP-", which perked my interest, as I've role played with Jake for a long time, so I jumped in, asked some questions on IRC as "Liam", and I'll be donating on Friday, I hope depends when I get my new Card to do the payment through. I will be hopefully be role playing with y'alls as a Serbian Nationalist on the server with a poverty stricken childhood and a light military past ( I know, not the most original....) I'm looking forward to being part of the community and role playing with you.