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  1. Hal

    Favorite Video Game Trailers

    Haven't finished playing through this game, but let's just say the whispers of the dead in your ears gets pretty creepy.
  2. Hal

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    This - I voted no, but I do think slowing regen down would be ideal.
  3. *Hal picks up the transmission from his hunting stand overlooking the valley below. He presses the PTT button* Hey Thomas, it's Hal. Glad to hear you're still alive after the craziness in Novaya. To anyone listening, I can vouch for this man's construction skills. I've seen two towers he built, and they were solid as a rock. Stay safe, my friend, and happy constructing. *Hal releases the PTT and resumes scanning for deer through his binoculars*
  4. Hal

    Green Mountain Radio [Open-Recruitment]

    Congrats on the approval!
  5. Hal

    The Final Judgement

    Looks good. Other than sketchy mega-corporations, people with crazy religious ideas are realistically a must-have in any post-apocalyptic scenario. Hope to have a run-in with this group sometime.
  6. Hal

    The One Man Caravan [Open Freq.]

    *Hal leans back against a tree, enjoying the warmth of the fire. He presses the PTT* "Trent, if you're listening, I left you some stuff... hope you can put it to use. Consider it store credit. If you happen to come across a spare mag for a CR-527, keep me in mind." *Hal lets go of the PTT and lets the radio fall to his lap, as he settles in for the night.*
  7. Hal

    Rain Dance

    It was supposed to rain an hour later... didn't happen!
  8. Enjoyed some nice ocean-water infused soup and fire-side guitar serenading (@CamoRP was that you?). Peaceful evening after the craziness yesterday. Who else was there? I'm still trying to learn everyone's tag. *edit* forgot to mention the all-too-convincing cannabis-rp
  9. Hal

    Living Dangerously

    Found an open stretch of road and put the petal to the metal!
  10. Hal

    Potius Cras

    Disturbingly believable. I like it.
  11. Hal

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

    Nice work! This is the kind of creativity that brought me to this community.
  12. *Hal groans, rolls over onto his back, and starts checking his body for damage from the fall. He pulls his radio from his vest, turns it on, and hits the talk button* "Hey word of advice to anyone who can hear this..." *The transmission cuts out briefly--overtaken by a fit of coughing, he rolls onto his side and eyes the spatter of blood he just projected onto his battered radio. He grimly pushes the talk button again* "The rungs on the Krasnoe radio tower are shit. I'd stay off unless you want to risk a fall like the one I just had." *He pauses to examine the steel ladder rung lying next to him. The bolt appears to have sheared off cleanly... or did it? He takes a closer look* "Actually... it looks like someone took a hacksaw to the back of the bolt, behind the rung. Seems we have a radio tower saboteur on our hands, so stay safe on the towers. Over and out."
  13. Hal Moore was born in Detroit, MI. After attending law school he joined the Army JAG Corps and was initially stationed in Texas, then was sent to Iraq and later in Afghanistan. He was promoted, first to Captain, then to Major, and was attached to the United Nations Peacekeeping force under COL Ripley. His role was to advise Ripley and the local CDF Command staff regarding implementation of martial law in the region. When the evacuation fell apart on 16 September 2017, Moore escaped the slaughter with a handful of UN Peacekeepers and CDF troopers and took refuge in the forest to the west of Vavilovo. Prevented from making his way south by hordes of infected, Moore has managed to survive in the forest, living off the land and dodging infected and insurgents alike.
  14. Made the same mistake as the thread earlier today - somehow got the wrong discord account connected (was logging in through the discord web browser, which is probably why). Could you reset it for me? Thanks! - Hal
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