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  1. Not much else to add. Me, Aldemir and Puma took our chars up to the fire station to share some loot in a truck. We arrive, talk serious business and then Madeline's char runs off. One of the Chris' tried to rp with her and she explained she was ooc, in chat. She ducked around my truck, and I was just ignoring it. I don't agree with people observing ooc, but I didn't do anything against it and continued to rp. Her presence did get a bit distracting when she ran into the middle of the group of us, coughing and all that, and made us sick. IDK why she would do that. She could have just stayed away but honestly, why didn't she try to evasdrop icly? Thats all I want to know since its sorta metagame to insert yourself in a conversation your character is not involved in...while in game...while the conversation is about your char. Again, I just minded my own business.
  2. I was there. This the print screen I took instantly as we turned into seeing the lot. I was the first one to see everything. I don't get why they would toss the lockers out and not put the stuff they decided to drop all over the floor into said lockers. Some of the stuff was guns even. They were only after the tents I put in there I'm sure since they dumped a bunch of other shit out to probably fit the tents in. They tossed my characters book collection on the floor. Her clothing, and then a bunch of other things that were more valuable. Very annoying.
  3. Screw this.

    #Drama #LeaveMeAlone

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    3. Eagle



  4. Just updated my characters profile and very proud of it. Needs proof reading no doubt but I could stall getting it up so please ignore any mistakes!

  5. Thought I should add this clip in. I actually ended up meeting Dallas earlier before I guess you went to raid. I've been looking to run into Blake when I'm going through Ber but never ended up crossing paths. We talked about the 503, and I even said I live on the airfield and could talk to the boys. Not questioning your ic reason for raiding, but if some one says they can potentially stop attacks against you and you raid the place right after...? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/540916889?t=03h23m02s Did Dallas relay any of this ic information to you or Blake?
  6. Unfortunately not once its done. You can only view viewers live, and if they are actively in the chat. I peaked at 18 viewers while rping with Sung Ho. Which I did find odd since this was before he even began the whole story into his death. But you can't get logs of viewers once its passed. Also they could have not been logged into an account. I've seen people from dayzrp come in with multiple different accounts in the past anyways. So the only evidence of those in there are the people who were chatting.
  7. Server and location: s1 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Sometime between, 01/24/20 5:57 and 01/24/20 9:57 Your in game name: Hilde Kovaden Names of allies involved: Potential allies, 503 Name of suspect/s: Enemies of 503 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): When I left my base. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/540916889?t=01h59m10s When I returned and a bit into it shows what I came back to. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/540916889?t=05h50m35s Detailed description of the events: To begin this report is both on griefing of my base and stream sniping. Have had a feeling as of late being stream sniped as I started my stream the other day, and mysteriously my base was half broken into, they got all the way to the storage room but for some reason left. I had a feeling maybe they saw my stream starting and dipped but ignored it. Had no proof really other then theory. Then tonight I get on, do my thing, go and get a car. Had some heavy rp with Sung Ho, Return and find my base all broken into, several barrels, tents, things gone and all my rp items, and various other items on the floor left to despawn. I suspect this was stream sniping as its quite known when I play as I stream everything, this hit would need time and whoever did it knew it, from start to finish and this operation was done when I conveniently was out. I'm really getting annoyed. I'm not even mad about being robbed. They literally dropped my items on the floor. The floor. When I have a massive amount of barrels they could have stored stuff. They robbed out of pure greed. There was two tents in barrels stored, yet they took all of those, and my two tents on the roof top, several storage containers. I understand taking a few barrels, the extra tents in the barrel, but dumping my stuff on the floor to steal those extra two tents? Also I have reason to think maybe these are the same people ask they both locked the doors when they left. Just saying, no one else who has attempted to break in has locked the doors on their way out. Nah. I'm getting tired of people harassing me, griefing my cars, my base when I'm not there. Today actually I logged in and noticed my BMW in perfect condition was gone but my garage is in full tact meaning they destroyed the car with a grenade toss over the wall, or just simply shooting through the cracks on the side then when the car respawns, finding it out in the world. A crazy theory but if I can think of it, it was possibility of what happened. Nothing else could explain my car magically vanishing. I'm not pvping people all over the place, I'm not breaking rules, I roleplay with every one. I don't fight and make a great hostage. WHY attack me when I'm not even there giving me no roleplay, and also grief in the process. I'm pissed.
  8. Idk what to say since my vid was already posted which was my point of view. I was cleaning the toilets, rped tossing garbage outside then ran inside and upstairs to change back to my normal clothes. Then I heard undead's char say put your hands up, heard shots of course. I went to lock the gate, saw two people in the stairs so left it unlocked unsure if it was a good idea to lock it or not. Shortly after I got told to come down with my hands up. Honestly I know undead cause a lot of past to situations but this one was very...eh...in rp terms but the rp was after the situation stated so doesn't matter. I didn't directly see what happened and since I went to the top, if some one wasn't using full voice proxy I could have missed something said. It's hard to hear up there and voices can be missed if they using tier two voice proxy. I will say though falk or whoever who gave me the knife and a single zuchinni when I said I was cold and made me leave the airfield freezing was kinda shitty. I literally dropped everything I had and got less then a fresh spawn. If I was a new player I would have been fucked and froze to death but onion showed up while I was bear grylls'ing tree bark for getting a fire started before I died. If you can not safely handle the burden of hostages then don't take them cause yeah. Could have left me at the tower but rply that made no sense after Austin told her to fuck off.
  9. Server and location: S1 NWAF ATC Tower Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11:08 01/10/20 Your in game name: Hilde Kovaden Names of allies involved: CJ Name of suspect/s: perqerp Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/534266864?t=09h44m13s http://prntscr.com/qme0ku http://prntscr.com/qme13f Detailed description of the events: Some one came into my twitch chat, spammed hate messages which I banned him because he was being a salt bae. Messages are gone. He donated a buck saying 'make it rain hoes'. Then he shows up where we were headed, meta-gamed my location, no rp/fail rp then KOS'd me and attempted to also KOS CJ. All because I ignored him in chat but I doubt it would have mattered. Video evidence above.
  10. Yeah was doing some self rp mountain climbing after bad stuff...and then noticed the rock she sat next to was too perfect in regards to symbolism. At least if you follow her story.
  11. miss_natcula


    Her struggles, her few times of peace. Her survival.
  12. My point of view. Thank twitch for muting the whole thing for some unknown reason. Probably because Mav was playing paint it black over the radio before we pulled the card over and twitch slapped the copy write music stamp on it. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/515122657?t=10h27m09s I honestly have no grief. I was a hostage no one knew. I tried rping being scared and what not to try and hint I was no one but when bullets fly its hard tell who is who. Would have been interesting to have lived and seen where it went but w/e. Had some good rp.
  13. Well it wouldn't matter now unfortunately. I banned them which deletes the messages. AFICortez was active in chat at the time of it happening. He plays on dayzrp as Arnost. I should have taken a SS ;[ but yeah no way to get the logs now. The time in my current stream; which is active it happened uh...my guess would be two hours ago...so it would have been 4hr's into the stream. The username was 1217_
  14. Yeah I logged then came back online right after. That was my bad. I for some reason thought logging was only for the offender not offended. Also you seriously expect a lone female to be like 'omg guys that I don't know~' and run up and introduce themselves? She was minding her own and then you run by the window, then demand her to tell her who she is and with; as in group associated with and not even explain who the hell you are yourself. Then threaten to come in and murder her. You can't seriously think your aggressive intentions are justified. And took what you needed? You cuffed me, stripped my bag and ran in under a minute of my character being in your reach wordless other then orders. You merely saw some ammo, with out even investigating the cooking pots or anything else in there and booked it. There was even an aggro'd screaming zombie in the background unseen somewhere and you left me there telling me to wait and then struggle out of my restraints alone. Also whoever it was that came into my stream; one of you no doubt, came in and said me going to the airfield alone means I pretty much deserve to be robbed and then when I said I don't agree to that statement at all, literally called me a retard. Real mature. IDK if it was one of you but that is completely toxic behaviour. Hiding, stationary waiting for a group of unknown men heavily armed to leave the area is not warrant as having 'bad intentions' and deserves to have their threatened and stuff stripped.
  15. Server and location: s1 NWAF South East Bottom Corner Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13:28 server time was the end of the incident Your in game name: Hilde Kovaden Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Unknown. One was Possibly named Marty. If you view the earlier footage right before my own personal encounter they were speaking with others. If needed for help in identifying them. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/511670405?t=05h56m32s Detailed description of the events: I headed into the air field for some looting and heard people down by the few barracks in the south east bottom corner of the airfield. I hid in a building behind a door because my character honestly has been kidnapped/robbed multiple times yesterday and still was recovering from a leg shot wound and just lost trust in people. I recognised the voice of one of the men as one from a group who robbed Hilde yesterday; or at least similar voices however him and his two buddies all died while robbing Hilde as members of the Jackal showed up and killed them saving Hilde. I figured maybe after yesterdays incident; which honestly people questioned their rp in that encounter as well; would be more open to roleplay the second time I encountered them if they were the same people. However as soon as they discovered my hiding spot they told me to come out or they would come in and gun me down. I do as they and then the most minimalist rp they stripped me of my bag and took off with everything. The whole event was maybe only two minutes with the only talking involving telling me to come out, face a wall and shut up. They left me with pretty much none of my survival supplies as my cooking pots, water jug and such as were all in my backpack. People in the stream watching said it looked very gear rp and I also honestly felt that second encounter was even worse then the first if this is the same group. I get robbed all the time but I'm almost always engaged with. There was literally no engagement in this rp. If you view the video the entire encounter clocked at two minutes including my long walk out of the building. I find it hard to believe that this was something they do to every one as minutes before they were happily, peacefully roleplaying with others on the otherside of the wall. If they are in fact the same people from yesterday I have a stream of it that whole encounter as well. I just don't want to assume its them and talk about a whole different group if its not them.
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