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    Oh no we changed our base up from that. You can't jump in now at all cause we moved it to the back area. Also I got pro base tips from some one on how to stop breaking out the bottom wall and crawling in and other tips and tricks. So yeah, no more garbage jumping anymore.
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    I don't mind boosting off another player, but its pretty clear when some one ghosts cause they tried to jump back over the wall with an entire crate, found it impossible, so left it half in the wall; probably cause we were coming back and this time frame I can prove was between two hours or less. I just don't understand why people have to be rude and destroy stuff...its one thing to break in. Another to purpose despawn stuff or completely destroy all of some ones walls. You already got in; why do you need to destroy stuff too? And its very hard to report it when I go to bed. That is like a 7-8 hour time frame. It would be easier if the walls and crates built by a player perhaps were marked with a player number or name. IDK how it is now or if it is like that but its hard to prove who did it if others are also doing stuff in their own base, or another person is getting hit around the same time. I will be reporting the one person I have a time frame on cause they broke the wall that you can't crawl under yet some how got into our base reguardless and tried to make off with an entire crate. If they had been working together with another, fine, fair game however to get out you can't hop the wall to get out cause me and nicco both tried several times to do it and its impossible. So, how did they get out if their friend did indeed boost them? But I have a suspicion of who it was considering they left some of their stuff in our base as evidence. DUN DUN DUN.
  3. My issue with not having kos rights on actual, legit bases people are trying to break in is being a lone trader for the most part if I approached some one trying to bust down my wall they prob would just turn around and shoot me if I said 'stop chopping my wall or I'll kill you' then continue breaking down my wall and loot all my shit. If you are good at pvp or have a group, you have that option of protecting your base by just approaching with rp. As a single woman with very few friends, I'm just screwed over? Realistically I'd just shoot them. Cause even if I left them alive and they ran off, they would come back. Which to me, is NVFL knowing the owner would shoot you but if I can't catch them doing it later cause you are offline how is that fair? The issue is people breaking into bases while others are offline. And that you can't prove, you can't protect against and is a VERY big problem at the moment. I went offline just now for about 7 hours to sleep, come back and my walls are broken down, everything gone. If people could only damage walls of peoples property when they were online it would be different. Cause if they are not at their base, their loss. But when you are not online, sucks. No point in building a base. You could have literally NOTHING in your base and some one will still break your walls just for freaking material; and this happened to me when I first made a base. Its really obnoxious. I don't do that to others bases cause I'm not a douche, but it seems every one does it to me and Trent's base every night. I even have video footage of two doing it to Trent's settlement despite several people said they would be executed if caught doing it by who owns the settlement. I could report it but that doesn't fix the overall issue at hand of people just willy nilly busting down every ones walls, destroying loot on purpose; seen it done, and in general being ****s.
  4. Also, sorry but have to add. Saying you are a warlord doesn't give you the right to bop person to person aggressively looking for a fight or trying to get people to bow down and submit to you and if they don't 'beat the living shit' out of them. I'm sure if I made a insane character who likes to see blood, ran around looking to stab people and then used that excuse, it wouldn't fly. Your character concept shouldn't give you a automatic pass to bait. Which you did clearly do in my opinion in the video to at the very least the russians.
  5. Wow. Sorry but its pretty hard to hear when you told me to go into a house, but your buddy was also telling me to follow him. I follow him, and he says leave town and thats me 'running away'. Ok. Maybe you should look into how your group communicates cause there is a clear lack of it if you are going to say that I was running away even though you acknowledged your own buddy leading me off. Its in the video. Also I do roleplay valuing my life but after it constantly happening, every day, anyone would just start to not give a shit passed a certain point. My character isn't going to be like 'omg don't punch me again master I promise to be good' when she hasn't even done anything. She is cocky, and holds onto her pride and after being constantly bullied by the same two groups, which you are involved in, she just doesn't care anymore. Call it suicidal but when they just wave guns around as a obvious scare tactic is doesn't get threatening anymore. They are just bullies. She has been held hostage twice, told to beg for her life several times, robbed of everything a million times, sometimes robbed multiple times in the same day by the same damn people. She only really cares about her medical supplies because; spoiler, she is a researcher and icly her research is held in the mix of it which she did rp being taken from her. How would you feel if years of research were just ripped off of you when that is your possible ticket to doing something GOOD for the world? This isn't about my rp reasons though. Now is it.
  6. Server and location: S1 US Kab Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:20 Your in game name: Hilde Kovaden Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Awimba or something like that. Part of the district. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/363877624?t=05h26m52s this when he instigated with the russians https://www.twitch.tv/videos/363877624?t=05h38m41s This where I was personally approached Detailed description of the events: I hate to be the one here again...so soon after another report of poor crud rp but I literally am boiling inside from the constant baiting. Or whatever it is called. I see it done by so many people but what makes me more mad is when I see it done by leaders or people part of a faction. Earlier in the day I went to Kab to make amends with Brandon and after that I felt finally I could hang out in Kab in peace and do my thing with trade or w/e but apparently I was wrong. Before I even get into this I tire of people saying 'then don't go to kab' because that is NOT an excuse for people to get away with crap rp. Repeatedly. Now it started with me walking into Kab, meeting some Russians and then just hanging out. District came in and as they do, they were loud. I'm fine with that. Thats their charm. But what is not their charm is seemingly starting stuff for no reason. I watched as they approached the russians and the main man; which I don't know how to spell their name, said they wanted the girl for some guys wife. Then after refusing; clearly, it turned into she is a traitor and they wanted to interrogate her, and then ended up extremely baiting with threats all that. Then after the russians leave they seem to be ready to leave town which for me, I'm relieved cause after watching that whole show I was already over their baity rp. But then they had to point me out and of course he runs over with his megaphone; which I -so- love and starts crap with me. I want to be left alone; clearly, I've been standing around minding my own business for twenty minutes and I just made amends with Brandon's group but he starts getting aggressive; as he does, and then asks some one in his group wearing the matching band if he should hit my character. Why? Who knows. But anyways he hits my character and after that I'm just done. I've done nothing. I just want to be left alone, and I've already said this clearly ic. So I eventually start leaving town and he gets on his damn megaphone and starts throwing threats my way and Brandon has even said by this point they have other stuff to do but this guy CLEARLY does what he wants. So then after I assume he will leave me alone he starts literally CHASING me down the road and punches my character, repeatedly, and I don't even know what to say ic at this point cause I already knew I was going to write this report for baiting to begin with. In short. I'm getting tired of this. Not just from him, but a lot of people in groups specifically. I thought baiting was against the rules? Because I see this type of stuff happen all the time where people make up stories, lies, and try to start a fight. I even had this happen when I first tried to make amends with Brandon where some other guys started saying I was stealing, and baiting hard to have a reason to rob me completely and shoot me pretty much. I can't take much more of this honestly. When I left dayz a long while ago I had amazing rp. The bandits were NOTHING like this and people didn't pull this crap on a daily. Now every day I get on I see it happen repeatedly in one day from people who are suppose to showing a good example for their faction buddies. Its like they bounce person to person. I mean, they do. Watch the video. I know I was told to make a separate discussion post about rp standards, but yeah had to get this little bit off my chest.
  7. I sent my thoughts to Descendants and hope that we can sorta understand how I felt about the situation. I mostly had a issue with the megaphone guy talking over the megaphone, since that was very obnoxious. Can we close the report now since it seems all cleaned up?
  8. Server and location: S1 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12/31/18 18:00 ish Your in game name: Hilde Kovaden Names of allies involved: Kenneth Carlsson Name of suspect/s: Not sure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Guy jumping off a two story high tower doing a 'trick' https://www.twitch.tv/videos/356911618?t=03h53m04s Megaphone guy clip at 3h59m https://www.twitch.tv/videos/356911618?t=03h59m01s second megaphone guy clip at 4h8m https://www.twitch.tv/videos/356911618?t=04h08m47s Detailed description of the events: My and Nicco's char went to Kab to possibly do some trade and when we entered it just seemed like a mad house. People were all over the roofs unrealistically; from my point of view anyways since the roofs would be slippery due to winter and they also were all carrying two handed weapons and not just up on the roofs just full sprinting, running, jumping around like this was a parkour level in minecraft. Then this guy gets on the megaphone, twice and says the N word like it was cool. The whole vibe of the town was trashy, bad rp and completely different from all the other experiences I've had on dayzrp. Up till that point I've felt pretty immersed but when I walked into that town I felt like I was logged into a public gary mod rp server. I honestly hope no new players go there cause it was just a poor example of rp from multiple people. I don't mind if people want to make a settlement, but set a damn scene that is realistic, immersive and when people walk in, they want to stay and it will help benefit advancing their own characters instead of just being some random boarderline ooc hub you go to to have some 'fun'. I personally was disgusted by it and left and I don't think I'll be going back there till it clears out and returns to how I've originally experienced it.
  9. Hilde grew up devoted to being a good student and a hard working citizen. Graduating from high school with rather impressive grades she immediately enrolled in university for a masters in medical science. Half way through her studies she fell in love and unexpectedly had a baby boy; Dillon. Shortly after having the baby the father took off leaving her mid way through university, two jobs and now an added child. Unable to juggle the burden of a child at the time she passed on her child to her Aunt allowing her to finish university and get her life together. After she finished schooling she ended up bouncing between working as a nurse at various hospitals while looking for a doctor she could shadow. The sporadic work caused her to drift far from her family. She eventually landed a stable job as a research attendant working on the study of diseases; specifically the work of virology. Two years into working with the company Chernarus broke out with a mysterious virus. Her team was given the chance to be one of the first to deploy and begin study on the sick at a hospital bordering the main city. With the offer of a great payout Hilde signed up hoping that by the time she came back she'd be well off enough to return to her home town and finally provide for her child. Upon landing on the foreign city there was a clear language barrier and many of the citizens were aggressive and difficult to work with. It was only three days of them studying blood samples that the hospital they were working out of became a major target for the spread of the infection and it was quickly overrun by what they thought at first was rioters. The halls turned into a chaotic mess of civilians, doctors and soldiers and the only way to escape getting bit or shot was up. It was just her and only one other from her original research team that made it up to the rooftop where they blocked the roof top access and held up. The military in the area eventually lost their ground and those alive watched as they retreated back and the streets filled with undead. On the second day of hoping for rescue people began to get restless and starved and it only took one person to lose their mind and try to unblock the access for everything to go from bad to worse. The hospital was full of undead and once the roof top access was opened the dead flooded through. Hilde and her colleague watched helplessly as the remaining doctors and patients began to be ripped apart and before she knew it her coworker jumped from the roof taking death into their own hands. Forced to the back corner of the roof unarmed and soon to be eaten Hilde spotted a emergency ladder hidden away behind a transformer. She quickly descended down and into the city of horrors refusing to give up on life. Panicked, weak and desperate she ran through the streets screaming for help only being found by shambling monsters that gave chase. Hunted until she was at near exhaustion, she crossed some flat fields just outside of the city only to be met with gunfire; bullets ripping past her to peg the zombies that had chased her for hours. Unable to handle all the events happening around her she collapsed before meeting whoever saved her. When she woke up she was surprisingly just left alone with merely a couple of cans of food, a half filled bottle of water and a letter that only said 'we can't help you, good luck'. Though afterwards she eventually found groups of people to travel with and survive with Hilde began to discover that she was never going to get to go home and that anyone she managed to find solace with would eventually die. The only way she figured to be able to escape would be to find a cure thus now she researches for a possible cure...at any cost she feels necessary.
  10. +1 I'd love to play Feed the Beast. It'd be fun on a multiplayer server. It'd be even more sweet if you are using 1.7 with Mo'creatures added so we can all ride elephants and have a mini army of tigers guarding our houses http://mocreatures.org/home
  11. LSRP is heavy on donating. I think its rather stupid to limit some ones roleplay because oocly they didn't donate. You have to donate to even get some cars on LSRP which I feel is quite stupid. Donating for NC's is fine, most servers do it but the problem with LSRP's system is people get CK'd EVERY DAY. On vG CK's are actually a big deal. They are well thought out and a whole application is to be filled out for admins to even consider letting a group CK some one. I have to agree with Port on the elitist thing. If you aren't friends with the right people playing on LSRP sucks major balls. Also every one judges your roleplay and tend to correct you if you misspell something. This coming from experience of playing on LSRP for a month straight. Yes there are good people on there; like any community, but a large majority of them are just down right cruel and it isn't a good place for some one to start off playing SAMP on. Especially if they are new to learning roleplay in that manner. They will quickly be chewed down by every one.
  12. @Port NGRP WAS down for a while. Not now but in the past. Yeah I will say the roleplay was better years back but there are still pockets around that roleplay is still strong. The only community that still has a very heavy player base is LSRP. Most communities like vG and a like that use to also have hundreds of players now have died down greatly. There are MANY different roleplay servers on SAMP now but a lot of them are like mild forms of NGRP. Honeslty I don't mind a small player base. Think of it like dayzrp, the servers only hold 50 players max. Enough to run into some one and savor the moment. Its good this way. No one likes feeling squeezed and lost in a crowd. Yes there is a little roleplay on NGRP but honestly all the dm and minimalist roleplay that goes on there it makes it not worth even signing on. I'm more into a long drawn out posts; passive roleplay where I sit on a bench at Unity having a actual lengthy conversation with some one. That is something you don't get on NGRP let me tell you. Oh my gosh having a whole discussion about SAMP politics basically...
  13. I don't think SAMP works on steam versions. You can easily download a torrent version on piratebay though. One of them have like 2000 seeds...I know when I tried to use my steam version it didn't work.
  14. NGRP was shut down for a while Portugnio. I actually use to play on there which wasn't really roleplay AT all. Uhg that place was bad. There are roleplay servers with serious roleplay Portugnio. I would know since I play every day on a server with it... All NGRP did was take all the shitty players letting them play on a server where DM is pretty much allowed. Honestly that is fine by me. I rather bad players all play there then on actual serious roleplaying servers like LSRP and vG.
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