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  1. All right. Thanks, everyone, for responding. I'm glad I didn't shoot. I must have sat there for five minutes, wondering whether or not to shoot.
  2. So, I was lurking around the Northeast Airfield, like I've been doing just before the three times I was kidnapped. I saw this group of people standing in front of the tower, and suddenly there was a loud gunshot from the hill, in the trees. I saw the person who was shooting at them and flanked behind him. As I was watching this guy shoot into the airfield, I was conflicted. Does the KoS rule allow me to shoot that guy? I don't know why he shot those people in the Airfield. I'm sure he had his reasons. I didn't kill him. I didn't fire one shot. Should I have?
  3. Heartregis

    Ask the admins

    Asking: Any Admin Q1: I just got whitelisted, but I also got a new PC today. Can I just log back on like normal, or do I have to PM an Admin my GUID and PID again? A1: Your GUID and PID stay the same as long as you use the same copy of the game. So you should be able to just join like normal. /Rolle