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  1. Not on my end. My playback wasn't on when I hit my keybind for it. All he's mentioned is that he had to 'act quickly' but yet didn't bother roleplaying the slightest. I'm curious as to how this is going to turn out because he hasn't even objected to there being a lack of dialogue and roleplay during our incident as well as performing a specific item snatch and grab.
  • stoney_

    S1 NW Air Field / GearRP 4/12/2019, 05:28-5:40

    Well sorry to tell you buddy, but that still doesn't excuse you from basically Gear RP'ing me for 3 weapons and a backpack with no context behind it. If you supposedly got word that there were players near me, which there wasn't as far as I saw after I gave a brief chase, why wouldn't you wait for the all-clear or stalked me further? Why didn't you approach me and give me at least basic RP to gain confirmation on my identity and what I was up to and initiate properly based on your suspicions? We weren't in the open either.. We were literally surrounded by bushes and mini-trees so we were hidden, that's kinda why I chose that spot to stitch my sweater. As for logging out, why would you even initiate knowing you're about to get off? Im sorry but your whole excuse was BS in my eyes. So many things are twisted on your end. You mentioned nothing about your friend being robbed during our altercation, you gave me nothing but demands for my weapons and backpack, and took off.
  • stoney_

    S1 NW Air Field / GearRP 4/12/2019, 05:28-5:40

    To add to the location @Zanaan , I believe this was the area where everything happened and also noted the direction he ran before I lost sight and gave up.
  • stoney_

    S1 NW Air Field / GearRP 4/12/2019, 05:28-5:40

    No, Never once RP'd a pat down (ex *Pats down your jacket* //Do I find anything) None of that. It was quick and very brief words where I was only told to drop things and place my hands on my head. It honestly felt like I got robbed in a regular PVP server with there being 0 RP being done by him. I was robbed at the South Western side of NWAF just after all those big 2-Story Barracks. The suspect ran South towards Vybor through some bushes and I lost sight after ~50 ft because I ran back to grab my radio and send out an SOS.
  • stoney_

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    To all the boys at the Tisy Camp, while I was around gathering information on Doc Hope's whereabouts, you all got pretty serious and deep with your concerns for our local doctor. It was dope. Especially @reapstarr aka, Sir Gruber. I enjoyed our heart to heart moment we shared just before I left the camp to head down south. I never expected to see the serious side of this crazy psychedelic worm licking man. I didn't exactly stay safe like you begged me to but all is well in Balota now. See you soon Gruber
  • stoney_

    S1 NW Air Field / GearRP 4/12/2019, 05:28-5:40

    Server and location: S1 NW Air Field Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/12/2019 5:28-5:40 approx. Your in game name: Kain Walkens Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: I was running across the airfield, got attacked from zombies and they did some damage to my backpack and sweater. In the process of stitching up my sweater in a bush, I hear another bush ruffle and a man steps out telling me not to move and to put my hands up with a shotgun pointed at me. I told him to be calm, I was just repairing my sweater and Im going to slowly move from the bush, which I did. He then told me to put my hands up and lay down. I did as I was told and was asking him why my face being in the dirt was necessary, basically providing some RP aspect and he would not RP in any way. He told me to remove my weapons (Scar, PP19, and my pistol) and place them on the ground and crawl away. I did so and he immediately tells me to drop my radio and my backpack after I begin to follow orders and crawl away from my weapons. I asked him what he's even looking for, who he was, what else could he possibly want. He asks me if I have any sharp objects that could hurt me and I said I just have this dull sword that can't cut shit. He then tells me to drop the sword and, again, crawl away. I do so and without a word, he just takes my weapons, my hunter backpack (switching it with his orange backpack), then tells me something along the lines of stay here or don't move and runs off. This whole interaction happened within 30 seconds or so. There was no RP involved on his end, and while I tried to communicate, he never said anything but basic short orders. The man simply held me up for my weapons and backpack. My backpack contained all my food, space for my PP19 and some random items and I was left with a orange bag with ammo clips for a M4 and a UMP, my radio, my sword, and a can of tactical bacon.
  • stoney_

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    That was some awesome shit up there at the Camp. @ScarletRose Thank you for the performance once again, I'm sorry we had that mishap right before I took your finger, please send my apologies to the Doc and Derek. I sometimes get a little crazy with the knife. @yuthee Sorry I didn't get to have more face to face action with you this time around but the time will come again I hope. @HeyItsGrimm @Kase Such a pleasure to roll with you psychopaths. As for whoever Nikolai may be out here in the forums, I basically took a bullet for you, and I respect that you actually helped me up that mountain to safety. I've come to learn that I am a horrible shot with a Scar so I'm probably going to go back to using the shotgun here soon. Lastly, for the rest of the random guys in our group during our scenario with Alyssa and her crew, good shit. Hopefully I see y'all around again.
  • stoney_

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Sorry I'm so late to see this on the forums my guys. That portapotty RP was top notch. The whole premise behind me even going in there was because IRL, I literally had a turtle-head pokin' out and couldn't hold it anymore so I quickly ran for that portapotty. The RP afterwards was funny as hell. The whole day for @Kase, @HeyItsGrimm and I was pretty full of dank RP from all the men and women we encountered but that stands out the most for me.. Oh and I got to use my big boy voice too. PS. Don't eat a dozen hotwings before RPing, 10/10 do not recommend.
  • stoney_

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid Kill

    Kain's POV: Vitaliy approached Diachi and I about "taking some guys", and asked if me and Diachi were Ryker's 'Savages'. We agreed to help with capturing OP and his partner. 'Purple Backpack' and 'Gorka' were supposedly 'talking shit' about Vitaliy's group and how he doesn't take no shit. Walking out the gate we run a safe distance away and we rally up outside the walls and get briefed on the situation by Vitaliy and we all agree to take part in aiding the capture. We approach the gate, I sweep right, already knowing there's a back gate, I hear someone ushering out the two individuals we're after as well as two extras and we begin chasing them. It wasnt a long chase until someone whips out a megaphone and tells the OP and Brian to throw down their weapons and surrender. As far as I saw, we got no compliance. They're then told they have 3 seconds to comply before being shot, and roughly 10 seconds pass where their weapons are out and they're behind a set of trees then there's shots. At this point I know what's going on, so I instantly just start watching the perimeter from a distance to make sure the boys are alright, then I look over and see Brian executed. We had a brief conversation with Vitaliy and parted ways within a minute.
  • stoney_

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    I guess it's safe to say, I'm the most sane, calm person within this group. Pls, no hurt mi.
  • I grew up in an orphanage all my life since the age of 4 and grew up with little to no friends. I was never someone to fear or bully, but I was never anyone to back down from accomplishing something important to me growing up. By the age of 12 I had developed an interest in boats and the sea by reading books and highly fantasized about if I had been the one to take down Moby Dick. By age 15 I had my own little fishing boat, nothing major, but it was big enough for me, a couple fishing rods, and a tackle box to fit comfortably. Over the years I lost interest and sold my boat just after I turned 19 because it just wasn't enough for me. Having had all this experience at sea, fishing, and maintaining my own rig, I was well prepared for any job I found pertaining to the sea. First job I find is aboard a pretty big cargo ship that traveled through trade routes along the eastern hemisphere as a janitor/deckhand. My 20th birthday was spent aboard that boat at a port in lower India. Our chef cooked the finest steak he could find that wasnt just a block of fatty ice in the freezer. I was happy with where my life was because I had no worries in the world, nor did I see any in my future. A few months after my birthday, my tour aboard the ship came to a close. I quickly found a couple small-time deckhand jobs that ultimately led me further into Russia onto a small ship that just moved supplies across lakes and rivers in a little place called Chernarus. My first day on the job quickly became my last on that vessel. I heard screaming, groaning, banging, and everything grew closer to my cabin. The sounds originated from the cafeteria and worked its way down the hallway and corridors leading to where most of us slept. I was one of the many to open my door and see maybe a dozen or so of these.. these things.. just climbing over one another to rip apart this old man that must have fallen trying to escape their grasp. After slamming my door shut and putting a broom stick to rig a lock to it, I lost all hope and quickly fell into an anxiety attack that made me faint and smack my head against the thinly carpeted floor of the cabin. I awoke to a loud screeching noise as the ship had somehow beached itself and tore itself apart against the rocks along the coastline. After slowly making my way top side, navigating through blood filled corridors, half eaten corpses, and gathering some little supplies here and there, I found myself on the beach of Chernarus with no knowledge of the land and no idea where help would be. Now it's just a matter of time until I end up like those poor souls aboard my ship...
  • Born in 1997, I grew up in a nice home, given everything I ever wanted as years passed. I was given good looks from my father, and a strong mind from my mother. I was always someone you could trust but I wasnt someone who could trust back. I was a trouble maker from the start though, one that was not to be reckoned with, but I have always been kind to those who show me respect immediately before they know my true self. My parents passed away early in my life and I was raised by grandparents, who slowly lost touch with me as I moved my attention from school, to the malicious streets where I learned my trades. I only focus on the gain of wealth, and if I must hurt or con someone out of something they earned for themselves, I have no problem taking what I want. I'm a compulsive liar and a sociopath to most who I see can be easily manipulated but after a while with a certain party, I can begin to open myself up. Exceptionally good at blackmailing anyone but can not have the same done to me for my blatant disregard to life and lack of sympathy. I was once one of the most well known hemp/marijuana farmers to cross this country. After troubles erupted back home and being forced to flee with nothing but a single bag of clothes and fake id's to last me years to come, I ran and ended up on doing well for 2 years before my old ways caught up and I landed in the Prison of Chernarus. Once the outbreak started, I was one of the few who made it out, but there was a cost....
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