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"no bad days, just bad moments❤"

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  1. Define "how base building works".. You mean from a crafting standpoint, RP, or just in general? People can break into it, believe it's only via satchel charges at the moment.
  2. @ Whoever the fuck fell off the bridge not long ago while talking to me and another guy.. GG Nice RP Poor kid had stacks of cash and more ammo than the fuckin US Army. also... @Phoenyxx I don't think Val needs guns whatsoever after tonight, little mini warrior.
  3. y'all wish you had Klone's swagger, check ya self before you shrek ya self.
  4. klone

    Klone's World

    Life's easy, but for how long?
  5. Everybody say.. SLAVA CHEDAKI
  6. Always enjoy a good moment to snap some pics.. Believe @Banksyyis in here? Not sure who else.
  7. So help me god if I gotta literally teach Val her ABC's so she can read one of my many books in my apartment, I'll go insane. We're starting with my newly acquired Lord of the Rings book first.
  8. fuckin' UWU Don't mind me, just placing my simple ass work somewhere other than my albums... I probably got pics of you somewhere, but these are all finished products.. Might post before and after pics too.. or not. SHIT IS GETTIN REAL
  9. Awwww shit, here we go again

  10. July 27th, 2049 in the Marsberg settlement, Mila (34) and Chrystopher Fischer (29) welcomed their first, and only child, Klone into the apocalypse infested world. Mila was one of the settlements few permanent nurses that did not travel to surrounding locations. In her younger days, she was always the kind and gentle woman who was always carrying around her little first aid kit to help those in need. As she got older, she was the nurse and fill in doctor for several groups and dwindling towns. Anywhere from a scraped knee to a bullet wound, she would fix you up right. Never a bad bone in her
  11. klone

    Kaye's Adventures and Friends

    Remember.. There are no bad days.. Just bad moments..
  12. klone

    Kain's Adventures and Friends

    Good times or bad, we all end up somewhere.
  13. Since I don't play anymore, I figured I'd offer help for anyone that ever crosses my profile..

    if you kids ever want some screenshots edited, hit me up!

    Steam: /stoney_/

    Discord: kain.#3473

    No charge, it's a hobby, not a job.

    Big ❤s Fam


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