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  1. kile

    Kain's Adventures and Friends

    Good times or bad, we all end up somewhere.
  2. kile

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Bunch of funny banter today. @RiZStreamDont ever question my loyalty, I got your back through thick and thin and I'll unload on anyone. Everyone at Phoenix's camp was pretty chill. Im excited for our little get-together tomorrow. Enjoy 'High Kain's jokes.... courtesy of RiZStream
  3. kile

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Xehara I'm sorry I couldnt do my Crip walk for you, I still gotta practice it anyways @duxpredator @RiZStream I wasnt on too long last night, but the time we were around each other was full of memes. Love you two mashed potato heads. Also... this voice I made hurts my throat, but it's so fucking fun to do.
  4. kile

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @RiZStream @duxpredator @Sacralegend Pleasure seeing the boys again.. Hutch watched me get angry and Sauce was partially on the receiving end with everyone else. I wish I could be there when you guys hear the new twist on my story. @SquirtleKitty All I can say is, my feelings are hurt. I wish things didn't end like that. Oof. @G19RP I finally get to meet the man. I love a good ultimatum, a really spicy one at that. Two fingers, one love.
  5. kile

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @KainA pleasure seeing you again Kaz, thank you for aiding my character out of his addiction and deciding on which road to take with Katie. @PinkertonStop over-hyping your injuries, we all know you tripped over a stone and busted your knee up . Glad you're up, wish you were healthier so we could get into shenanigans. @SquirtleKitty Still on the fence about what you did, but hopefully you understood what I was aiming at in character with where I want this to be heading. Also kinda shocked to learn that people are almost actively hunting for my head but I kinda expected that after the events that transpired a few nights ago. Kain Walkens lives another day. Shocker.
  6. kile

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    That was the wildest turn of events I have ever witnessed myself on this server. Tonight was some dope ass RP at the camps. I showed up looking for water, and ended up regretting ever coming West. @PinkertonIt was quite fancy meeting you way out there after I fanned out searching for @Kase towards West Evac before we lost contact. You saw the pain I carried and the sadness I had felt for weeks while I was nomad. @JkpFrog , Kaz and crew. Loved the friendliness and the classic banter, thank you and the rest of the group for letting me within your walls. This may be the beginning of some Dank Memes. Cant wait to go skinny dipping. @SquirtleKitty Quite the character.. I went into every conversation expecting to be shut down or to be hurt. I didn't know how to react when you actually went with some of the things I said. Kinda mad Ryan and Kaz saved you instead of letting me but oh well. Might have to put a rain check on our castle date though. @KaseThanks for nothing.. Didnt even give me a hug when you showed up. @AndreyQ & crew. For the first time ever, I wasn't messed with during hostile RP. I'm shocked. Great work though, Im sad that I couldn't convince you guys to go along with what we talked about. But let it be known that I stay true to my word and I definitely look forward to more RP with everyone listed. I havent laughed that hard in months, let's make this a common thing.
  7. kile

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @duxpredator, my boy. Always great to run into you in game and go on mini-adventures. Today we met the love of my life.. Katie, whoever you may be, even though we had a very short conversation at that summer camp on the dirt road near Green Mountain, I fell in love at first sight... My character will search for you until his world ends.. For anyone curious... Katie is the FIRST person to actually say 'I love you' back in one of my farewells. I'm shook.
  8. kile

    Mac Tíre Media Thread

    Click, Click, Boom
  9. kile

    nomads .

    'Preciate it. I might make it a common practice with my shots.
  10. kile

    Mac Tíre Media Thread

    Spencer Grimm rallying the troops before a secluded meeting The wolves roam in packs
  11. kile

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @G19RP and company, The RP with our boys @HeyItsGrimm , @RiZStream , @JohnCrown , and myself was fun. My character is slowly starting to detach himself from Mac Tire because of the encounters he faces on a consistent basis. I enjoyed the banter we had with Jimmy before the drop. @RiZStreamI expressed my frustrations and plans moving forward with the way the group is going and I trust you kept that information to yourself. On a side note, it seems damn near impossible to find anyone anymore. Wish Camp Hope was still poppin'.
  12. kile

    S1 NW Air Field / GearRP 4/12/2019, 05:28-5:40

    Not on my end. My playback wasn't on when I hit my keybind for it. All he's mentioned is that he had to 'act quickly' but yet didn't bother roleplaying the slightest. I'm curious as to how this is going to turn out because he hasn't even objected to there being a lack of dialogue and roleplay during our incident as well as performing a specific item snatch and grab.
  13. kile

    S1 NW Air Field / GearRP 4/12/2019, 05:28-5:40

    Well sorry to tell you buddy, but that still doesn't excuse you from basically Gear RP'ing me for 3 weapons and a backpack with no context behind it. If you supposedly got word that there were players near me, which there wasn't as far as I saw after I gave a brief chase, why wouldn't you wait for the all-clear or stalked me further? Why didn't you approach me and give me at least basic RP to gain confirmation on my identity and what I was up to and initiate properly based on your suspicions? We weren't in the open either.. We were literally surrounded by bushes and mini-trees so we were hidden, that's kinda why I chose that spot to stitch my sweater. As for logging out, why would you even initiate knowing you're about to get off? Im sorry but your whole excuse was BS in my eyes. So many things are twisted on your end. You mentioned nothing about your friend being robbed during our altercation, you gave me nothing but demands for my weapons and backpack, and took off.
  14. kile

    S1 NW Air Field / GearRP 4/12/2019, 05:28-5:40

    To add to the location @Zanaan , I believe this was the area where everything happened and also noted the direction he ran before I lost sight and gave up.
  15. kile

    S1 NW Air Field / GearRP 4/12/2019, 05:28-5:40

    No, Never once RP'd a pat down (ex *Pats down your jacket* //Do I find anything) None of that. It was quick and very brief words where I was only told to drop things and place my hands on my head. It honestly felt like I got robbed in a regular PVP server with there being 0 RP being done by him. I was robbed at the South Western side of NWAF just after all those big 2-Story Barracks. The suspect ran South towards Vybor through some bushes and I lost sight after ~50 ft because I ran back to grab my radio and send out an SOS.
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