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  1. IGN: Elias Knight Age:18 Country: England English skills: Top Notch DayZ Mod Experience: Played on the mod back in 2013 DayZ Standalone Experience: Recently returned about a week ago Roleplaying Experience: I am very experienced with roleplaying so there is no problem there What kind of In Game role best describes you: Assassin / Squad leader Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes back in the mod days Best way to contact you: through the website Backstory: I am Elias Knight, born and raised in England. In my late teens I regularly attended the Special Air Service Reserves program which later discharged me as I was deemed to be a ticking time bomb. After that I had no choice but to find what they call a 'real job'. This landed me in to a successful stock broking career which allowed me to travel to many different countries. However it took me to a place called Chernarus, which I was completely oblivious to it becoming purgatory in such a short period of time. As soon as news got around that the country was going downhill I withdrawed all my business connections and got the fastest ticket back to England. This is where it all sparked off; left right and center there was armed soldiers and flights being rapidly terminated. I made continuous hours of calls to family, friends and co-workers till days passed and there was no longer any institution to run the country properly anymore. This outbreak took many lives and some of what I witnessed but the survival training I learnt years ago served me well. Through this spiral of an experience has changed me to be an alert person that will do anything to get out of this damned country. But till then I have to survive and I won't be able to do it by myself. This will be my last diary entry as I am leaving my camp to explore for more survivors and possessions.
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    PUID: 164154438 Reason: I occidentally entered it incorrectly, therefore I cannot change my skin etc //Graffels: PID has been reset, please enter the correct one on the donation page.