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  1. Personally, I love having to find shelter and make a fire during the rain. Having to ring out your clothes and warm up for the night is one of the little things I enjoy when on a journey in game; it really adds that survival element.
  2. I think it's important to make certain gun variants rare, because having them all available for purchase doesn't make things very interesting. I'm all for reducing their spawn rate and removing them from the trader.
  3. I sort of like how hard you have to work to get there. It definitely discourages just hoarding loot for the sake of selling it in large quantities, as you can only carry so much Western stuff while swimming over.
  4. Think this would be a really cool addition, however I agree with the fact that it may really cripple lower end computers, so I don't think introducing anything that may result in server population loss is worth it.
  5. Damn, it sucks that you even have to make a post about this. Sorry to hear this is happening brother, would hate to see you have to stop doing what you are passionate about.
  6. I think the way in which loot is spawning at the moment is extremely balanced. As @Taffinator said, there is a good variety of items that are spawning, so while it often difficult to find exactly what you need in a hurry, it seems to make the entire scavenging process more realisitc.
  7. Loved when the Beemer was in game! Bring em back. +1
  8. This would be cool. It makes me think of Terminus in the Walking Dead... "Those who arrive, survive." I think it would be a great addition! +1
  9. +1 Agreed. It's definitely the reverse of what it should be with an abundance of military gear and very little selection for civilian style gear. A variety of civilian clothing, backpacks, etc. would give off a way more realistic feel and allow characters more uniqueness.
  10. Dallas Price

    Shelter in place

    That place looks awesome.
  11. This looks super cool. Good luck guys, and hopefully our paths cross in game soon!
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