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""Rest in peace. Now get up, and go to war.""

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  1. What members have met Blake Sims?? I haven't met anyone from your group IC. And gear? What gear? We had nothing valuable in the city, and all my character has is a rifle on his back thanks to the guns laws. Also, I've never said anything bad about you OOCly! That's not how I operate, but I'm not going to feed into this anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to run into ya after the lore wipe and change your mind about things! Sorry if you've had bad interactions with particular members, but be more careful before you generalize things and project those concerns onto our other members like myself. Hey Hofer, I'll work on that in the next few days here - with the lore wipe news, many folks have been inactive and its been hard to get a hold of everyone, which is understandable.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Fae! Sorry to hear that is how you feel about our group's level of RP. Only thing I'll note is that it's interesting you feel so strongly when myself, and most of my group members and core leadership have never actually met you in game? I believe you've met just Wolf and Corvus' characters as members who were once on our roster. Maybe before such an critical assessment of our RP, take the time to actually interact with our group members IC. Other groups have really enjoyed our level of RP, as indicated by folks on this very thread. What's incredibly disappointing is that you would comment on our RP having so little to go off of. Also, please don't make the assumption that people "living" in Krasnostav are Wardens or part of our group. Seeing as most of the Wardens have never met you, I can only assume those are the interactions you are referring to, and most of those citizens have never even been on the roster. Edit: I should mention that if you have problem with OOC actions, please directly message myself regarding those concerns. Coming on here and ripping our level of IC roleplay is not the way, especially when you've never even met a majority of our group in-game.
  3. Blake Sims


    Not Mikey!!
  4. Hey Para, I really appreciate the feedback, let me try and do the best I can to address some of your concerns here. 1. So the whole thing with the knights is it is an attempt to symbolize heroism. When I first posted the group thread, we used just screenshots, but this artwork was our attempt to add a little more flair to our group and give it some personality. I understand it may not be for everyone, but I think the whole "Knights in shining armor" concept is what we are trying to get at here. Who knows, one day we may even play into it and all wield swords 2. The 400 day jump is not ideal - I completely agree. Don't even worry, that's not nitpicking. It's actually something I really want to address in the future. There aren't really any other gaps like that in our lore, so I'll do my best to provide an update or two in between that time frame! 3. Now, what I can say about our establishment of a charity center is that it has been successful in promoting a friendly hub in Chernarus. Just yesterday, we had at least 12 people visiting the town at once, and had some great RP (i.e., Corvus' funeral). Sure, the whole charity thing may seem a bit bland to some who have been on the server a while and interacted with like-minded groups, but its ability to act as a beacon and attract travelers is undeniable, as evident by the amount of foot traffic we've had in the last week or so since its been up. Our main focus is not base building, though. This is something I've heard before, but I think it's a bit of a misconception, because we really haven't built anything, or focused our efforts on looking for building materials. I think it's just the assumption that operating a community is associated with building big walls, and locking doors, but we are relying on people to protect our resources. If you enter Krasnostav, you'd notice we have virtually nothing built, especially considering that our shed was destroyed yesterday. The town is free for everyone to enter and access, in an attempt to promote all kinds of RP. The grand image is establishing a thriving city, much like we tried to do in Novo with another group a month or so ago. However, we want to implement a new citizen identification system, fixed addresses, daily announcements and much more that I think will add to RP in s unique way. To the contrary, I would say our town definitely drives RP and stories. We seem to be involved with almost every group in every capacity at the moment, for better or worse! So with all that being said, I really do stand by our focus on establishing a community,. However, I would definitely agree that we should brainstorm to focus on how our goals can scope larger than just what we are doing in Krasnostav. Our city will be a main focus, but I'm in the works of brainstorming ideas about how we can interact with more people on the server, and travel outside of our main hub there. I don't want a situation developing where we end up being stuck in and around Krasnostav. That's where I was going with the supply drops across the map to other groups, but I understand that is focused on resources. I'll look to add a few more goals solely focused on RP like the compilation of our medical compendium. 4. This is awesome advice, thank you. I have not been a fan of how long our thread is. This will also help me to incorporate more lore and address that 400 day gap. 5. Corvus only died yesterday, so I will revert that goal accordingly at some point today Your points aren't harsh at all. We really appreciate the constructive criticism and will do everything we can to make the group better! Thanks!!
  5. Hey Para, I knew it would probably be difficult to identify who had damaged it. Considering you can't dismantle sheds, it would have to have been someone shooting it, or throwing grenades at it. I appreciate you guys looking into it though.
  6. One of my group members was contacted about 10 hours ago by a passerby who said the shed was gone. I believe it could have happened the night before, so possibly 18 hours ago or so.
  7. I would like to extend a big warm welcome to our Krasnostavian civilians: Rayne @TyrSwift, Jacob @ajoldaker, Kilo @Anthony Kilo, Bill Getter @Sloth680 and the one and only Vadim @Aldebaran!! It's been a pleasure RPing with you gents these last few days. Looking forward to getting to know you all further
  8. Server and location: S1 Chernarus, Krasnostav Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Shed noticed missing on 2020-05-03 23:00 Your in game name: Blake Sims Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I only have an image of what the church looked like before the possible griefing, as you can see, the shed is still intact. I will try and get one with it missing once I am home tonight. BEFORE AFTER (Today) Detailed description of the events: So, after constant hostilities from a few different groups on the server here, it was kind of my breaking point today to have citizens in Krasnostav log on and report that someone had destroyed our shed. The shed is a charity storage from our group, The Wardens, which is represented by that sign attached that you can see in the screenshot. A few days back, I noticed someone had broken it down from the point of pristine, to damaged. I was hoping somebody would not go to the point of ruining it, but that happened. This shed was literally just a charity storage, but it still took a lot of work to gather the materials required to build it. It appears somebody broke it with no other motivation other than to mess with us. It was stocked with food and supplies for those in need, so there was no tactical advantage to destroying it. I would ask for the staff to go through the logs and see if somebody on the server destroyed it. If that's the case, I believe it constitutes griefing. Thank you!
  9. What a good lookin' crew.
  10. Why have one zany doctor when you can have two, amirite? Welcome @MrSpetzer!
  11. @cmohr @Merka Jaxon Awesome stuff today boys! Great meeting you all!
  12. Let there be light!
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