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  1. Blake Sims

    Tommy Blake's Photo Journey

    The adventures of Hells Angels Nomad Tommy Blake.
  2. Welcome my friend! Hope the whitelist process is swift and we meet IG soon!
  3. Blake Sims

    On Watch

    Watcher on the wall dawg
  4. This is way too cool looking, guys. Congrats on approval!!
  5. Let's not stray down that path. @Umfrage has every right to voice his concerns. It doesn't matter if he's been here a few days or a few years. I know people playing from the DayZ Mod days that are voicing the exact same concerns.
  6. I definitely sympathize with all your frustrations. I don't think we can defend against offline raids as well in the absence of regular base building. I understand that it will happen regardless, but I think having just the more doors mod implemented makes it that much easier to steal things like cars. I don't care about loot all that much, but losing cars while being offline definitely sucks. I understand re-implementing base building may be a controversial topic for some, but it is a conversation that absolutely should be had nonetheless.
  7. Cheers, Jade!!! Hope to see you IG soon!!
  8. This is so cool dude. @Aron73 Props brother.
  9. Likewise! Hope to see you again man!
  10. Some of the bases that myself and past group members constructed were like beacons for RP. Specifically, the town in Novo in the past lore and the Wardens firehall in Livonia. I'll never forget the murder mystery night in Novo, and tense moments shared at that firehall. The truth is, those particular moments could not have existed if not for the base building involved. The more doors mod is a lot better than a complete removal of the base building mechanic, however, I believe there is no reason to not bring back the construction of fences, towers, etc., as long as building restrictions are enforced. I'm inclined to believe that we need to do anything we can to win some of the old player base back and fill up the server. +1 from this guy.
  11. I can definitely understand the knocks against traders, but I'm actually inclined to believe they discourage gear hoarding. I know that seems counter-intuitive, but when you can just buy an M4 instead of spending days upon weeks looking for one, it is no longer this shiny, sacred gun. It may steer people away from lazy hold-up RP situations, and instead promote other storylines. I think the newfound accessibility of what are usually extremely-rare weapons and items make them not as big a deal anymore, and instead puts emphasis on the RP within the server.
  12. That was a great time. Looking forward to the next visit!
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