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  1. Yeah...shouldn't be able to buy something like a fal which can one shot somebody.
  2. I don't mind it the way it is!
  3. Awesome! Hope to interact in game!
  4. Nah bro. I think you just need to re-up the blinker fluid.
  5. Thanks for the update friend. That's too bad. Love the idea of a GPS.
  6. Has this worked for anyone now?
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Blake grew up in the lowly South Park area of Seattle, Washington. Growing up during the 90’s grunge era of rock n’ roll and punk rock music, Tommy was exposed to the loud and grimey scene of the Pacific Northwest. Being raised by two junkies never offered Tommy a proper influence, and he was thrust into the drug-dealing and car theft scene at a young age. After a few stints in and out of the juvenile detention system, Tommy managed to find his footing with a few guys who were motorcycle enthusiasts, like himself. It turned out these guys were part of Seattle and Tacoma’s Hells Angels chapters, and they inducted Tommy into his hometown’s division as a prospect. After a year of proving his worth, Tommy was patched in. Tom was never one for drug-dealing. All it did for him as a kid was punch his ticket into juvy and introduce him to some seriously messed up individuals. When the president of the chapter at the time, Leo, suggested the club get into the business of cocaine muling, Tommy voiced his concerns. He had recently been awarded the “Vice President” patch in the chapter, one of the youngest in the club’s history to fill that role, so his concerns carried weight. However, he could not sway a majority of the members, and the vote to get into this new endeavor was passed by Leo’s gavel. From there, it only went downhill. Leo was in so deep with the Cartel that the only business taking place for the Angels was with the Mexicans. It wouldn’t be long before the heat from the muling would attract law enforcement and other gangs; Tommy knew his club was dying. Tom and a few other loyal members arranged a setup to take out Leo. It was a hard call, but would restore the democractic values of the club and become the first step in moving towards a fully legitimate operation, an ultimate goal of Tom’s. They arrived at his house late in the night, with Tommy ultimately being the one to put a bullet in his head. Things would not go as planned, however. Tom knew the club would find out about the hit, so he came clean about killing Leo. Killing another member always involved a vote to remove the patch of those guilty of such a crime, and Tom knew that, so he proposed it himself. To his shock, one of his companions accompanying him on the hit flipped his vote to secure the gavel at the table for himself as president, and Tom was kicked out of the Seattle chapter. The Angels were Tommy’s whole life. His only option was to go Nomad - join a class of Hells Angels that ride alone, not bound to a single chapter. He needed a fresh start, and thought he could find it overseas. A cellmate of his in juvy, Ilya, had become a close friend of his even since the return to his native Chernarussia. The two corresponded often, and Ilya always extended the offer for Tommy to come stay with him. It was time to start a new chapter in his life. If Tom only knew what would come shortly after his move... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAY 1 ONWARD: Things quickly turned bad after Tommy's arrival overseas. Before he could even connect in person with Ilya, the panic of the outbreak struck Chernarussia. Luckily for Tommy, he met up with a few fellow American foreigners that he quickly assessed to be decent guys: Jack Mason, George Wolbert, Tarry Baton, "Wolf" and Dallas Price. They all decided that there were strength in numbers, and that each one had something to offer the others in terms of survival, no matter what walk of life each had come from; be it a soldier, miner, circus performer, cop or outlaw biker - none of that mattered now. It wasn't long before they settled into the small town of Bor. Jack Mason expressed his intention to establish a community in Bor, and Tommy and the others were all over it. This was the birth of the Sentinels, and Tommy was ready for whatever was next. DAY 240: All good things really do come to an end. After almost a year of repeated attacks from bandits, it became clear that the idea of a town like Bor in this current setting was no longer feasible. Tommy and the rest of the ex-Sentinel members split apart and went their separate ways. The only person who kept in touch with Tommy was Dallas Price. He would call him every morning at the same time on their radio frequency. Tommy wouldn't always pick up, and he felt bad about that. It was time to be alone again for a little while, and that was all fine and well.
  8. All for this. I think it would make for some very cool storylines in RP....+1
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