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  1. The sudden arrival of the infection shocked all of the world, but for some people, like Vasyl, which, born in the city of Feodesia, Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the year 1999, that wasn't first time when someone tried to take over their homeland. The event's from three years before the outbreak, when the Berkut traitors took over the Crimean peninsula, and forced it out of his homeland, was still in Vasyl's head. That's when he have seen his father for last time, which, being avid patriot that he was, decided to do something to prevent the ongoing events. He went to Sevastopol to join the protest, but never came back home. No one heard anything about him for the next months, until when his death certificate one day arrived to Rudenko's family home. The certificate stated death by car accident, but they knew that was unlikely scenario, since they weren't allowed to see the car nor the body. Father's death, even when expected after that long time, was a huge hit for Vasyl and her mother. His perception on the world suddenly changed - he became isolated and distrustful, broke contacts with most of his friends and became harsh, specifically towards Russians,who were the mayority of the region and the cause of everything that happened. Bond between Vasyl and his mother hugely tightened after his father's disappearance. She has became his support and advisor for the next years and Vasyl did everything to compensate her for it. Life was hard for the next months, frequent power outages, shortage of supplies in stores, unknown forces on the city streets and constant risk of war affected Crimea's citizens, making the life more difficult. Despite the growing poverty in the region, Rudenko family maintained moderately good status of life. Vasyl was still going to school, and found his passion in jogging. He often, along with his mother, went for a long runs around city parks, coming back home just before the curfew. For the first time since his father's passing, Vasyl felt real happiness, forgetting for a moment about the armed soldiers standing on every other street and uncertain situation in the region. Time passed, situation in the region went stale, and when almost everyone in the West forgot about his homeland, Vasyl thought that nothing new would not happen. Then, by then known Russian forces started rapidly abandoning the peninsula, heading back towards Russia. Initial happiness of citizens quickly changed into dreadness, when the first wave of infected from Sevastopol arrived in the town. Feodosia was quickly overrun, as people were not prepared nor instructed how to deal with the Infected, which maked them an easy target. Most of the town was dead by the next week, and for Rudenko family, which home supplies were shortly depleted, was the time for escape. They left the house and started circling the city, looking for another surviors. After meeting with the remnants of Feodosia's civilization and gathering some firearms from abadoned Russian base, they decided to leave the Crimea, as the shortage of supplies in the region was known long before the outbreak, and follow army trails, hopefully finding something usefull that they had to leave, heading up to Russia. Vasyl didn't really understand what happened in that short period of time, he deeply feared the slowly walking, monster-turned humans and decided to just stick up to her mother, which was by then chosen as the group leader. The crossing of Kerch Strait Bridge was quite an experience for him – the view of dozens of destroyed cars in the carom made him realize that the life he known was long gone. For the next months group wandered around the Caucasus, moving from town to town collecting supplies, avoiding Russian army patrols and meeting the other survivors groups. The last ones, even if sometimes crazy or foolish, were mostly nice and helpful, which made him believe in the revival of civilization. That was until they came across a big Russian ex-soldier group that, being better geared and overall trained quickly dismantled them, taking all supplies and them as the hostages. Vasyl felt absent for the whole journey with the bandits – he cloudn't understand how his long time friends, people to which he opened up for the first time since father's passing, were left in snow to die, because they cloudnt walk anymore. The only thing that he really remembered from the journey was the crossing of some old border post with jagged flags resembling Chernarus, and entering state territory. Finally, after couple more days of travel, the group stopped somewhere in the forest. The group was running out of food, and, without possibility of maintaing such a large amount of people, they decided that food is worth more than bullets, and chosed to get rid of some hostages. Some of people from Vasyl's group, along with him, were chosen and setted in row on their knees. Vasyl, pale and scared of death sat in complete silence, unable to say a word, with his eyes closed, waiting for the end. However, maybe because of the leftovers of empathy that the Russian executioner had inside of him, he knocked Vasyl unconscious, leaving him alive around the bodies of his companions. Vasyl waked up hours later, surrounded by bodies of his group members and wandering Infected, lured there by gunfire. Survival instinct took him over, he quickly leaved the site, avoiding wandering monsters, and runned for the safe spot. Just after being away from the danger, the realisation struck him – he was alone in a foreign territory, without anyone that he cloud rely on andwithout any knowledge of his mother status. He cried for long time, many thoughts quickly passed through his head. He even thought about ending himself, but quickly abadonded this idea, thinking that mother wouldn't want this. He decided to just stay alive, just for his mother, hoping, that some day they would reunite and return to normal, careless life, which he has not experienced for so long. And so on he moved futher, looking for any signs of civilzation - following down the roads, till he arrived to the first big one, which, as road sign stated, was named Novodmitrovsk.
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