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  1. Kaspar was born in Miroslavl's suburbs to a family of a doctor and a lawyer. Even though his parents were considered as an upper middle class, he always preferred to stay within the city's poorest neighbourhoods, surrounding himself with rather questionable types of people. His group of friends contained mostly kids from poor and criminal affiliated worker families, steeped with the ideologies of communism and anarchy preached by more bravious of them, who often were in huge conflicts with the law. Their way of thinkng intrigued him to the point that he always sticked up with them, even if their reason to hang out with him was solely the little more money that his family had. Kaspar's parents were more focused on the work rather than him anyway, so the moments that he spent with these people were his way to deal with lack of human interactions in everyday life. He grow up with them and due to their influence became more problematic and rebellious over years. His parents clearly lost their control over him by that time and even though they tried to stop his doings, it was already too late to prevent him from trying more bolder actions. There were rumors of Kaspar's help in the recent shop robbery, some people reportedly had seen him trying to beat up random person on the street and he was caught multiple times on pickpocketing attemps. He felt unpunishable doing that as his father, a known lawyer in the area kept him out of all trouble trying to maintain a good reputation. Kaspar enjoyed doing that, helping people that he wanted to associate with made him feel like he was needed by someone, something that he would hardly ever experience from his parents side. The rumors of infection spreading in the neighboring province had arrived to the city when Kaspar's bonds with the group were already tightented. When most of city's inhabitants prepared for the worst, foretelling either end of the civilization or divine punishment for human sins, Kaspar friends took it differently. They've took more anarchic approach way before that, and the informations about state losing control over the adjacent region only strenghthened their beliefs. The life without anyone's control was excactly what they wanted and finally they cloud hopefully experience it. They've made a decision to travel to the infected territory, as their hometown was unlikely to be overran, especially with all the foreign forces arriving shortly. Kaspar had already cut himself off from his parents at the time, so he never objected about the trip. This was his occasion to prove himself, experience the "free" life he heard so much about, and so he followed them.
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