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  1. Chris K's POV: Not really much to add. Andy radioed us saying they were going to stop by with some gifts, We went outside to meet them. We talked shop for a while, Christopher B and George left to go spy on Amber's operation, While I continued rping with Andy and Hilde. A little bit later they both came back to the conversation. Then Amber showed up, Christoper B told Amber something along the lines of "What are you doing out, you shouldn't be out of bed don't make us use bean bag you again" , which she then said the "// IM OOC". I am rather new to this and everyone seemed to just run with it, So i continued to RP like nothing was wrong because no one else seemed to react or object. She hide behind several players and continued to make ooc comments and cough on all of us, getting us all sick. The Conversion wound down and we all split up to help Hilde, Andy said he was tired and went to bed and that was the end of the incident.
  2. Chris Kendell was born April 20th 1988, in the small town of Shokopee Minnesota. He grew up in a mostly uneventful life except for when his father would take him to hunt regularly in the boundary waters. His father would teach him the basics of hunting and surviving in the woods. When Chris went to college he decided to do a foreign exchange program to Russia. There he met his future wife Sophia, funny enough she was american but happened to be there visiting her relatives on her mother side. When they both returned to the US they started a long distance relationship. She was going to school for Photograph with a minor in Journalism. Chris graduated as an electrical engineer. Eventually The two got married after graduating from college. There they would both travel around the world Sophia becoming a photo journalist and Chris would do odd jobs. News starts to appear about whats happening in Chernarus and Sophia decides to leave and get photos while Chris stayed behind to take care of his dying father. The out break happens and believing his wife could still be alive makes his way to eventually paying a ship captain to drop him off on teh shores of Chernarus to look for any clues to what has happened to his wife.
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