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Lore Event - "The Scientists"
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  1. What might help with the new player issues is maybe the media team ( @Jackfish and @Alamor) could put together like a quick on boarding new player guide video , maybe make it like a fake new hire video get some of the community together to show good examples of rp, bad examples , how text chat works common questions asked stuff like that. Show different scenarios of hostilerp , hostage rp stuff like that. And general tips. Idk something fun.
  2. Did I say anything about rules or sexuality. No. But people are saying this place is unfriendly toxic to new players in a community struggling to hold on to players. And when someone who has been here for a long time and has 100s of hours in the community desides its better to belittle and meme a new person for his own ego. It just proves to these new players that this is just what they thought it was. And both of you as long standing memebers of this community should be welcoming instead of contently telling people off.
  3. And people wonder why people say this place is toxic, unfriendly and unwelcoming.
  4. I dont totally disagree with you, and most of the people who have this problem dont either. What is the issue is the frequency to the point they are so beaten down they would rather try somewhere else because they dont see a community even attempting to help them them besides telling them this same things of to bad fend for yourself from community members that have 100s of hours. They then see this as a unfriendly toxic place and leave. Yes there should be hostilities but try and remmeber when you first started and maybe they fidnt get lucky like you to meet someone who wanted to show them the
  5. You do realize this is part of the toxicity they speak of. Because your entire statement is the prime example of the pompous , jaded, and callousness of people in this community that contently pushes out new players who dont know how things work. The whole if your raided just raid them back is the equivalent of git gud noob. When your not thinking a new person who hardly knows anyone sees that task as highly insurmountable because they dont have any connection and help when the group they have to go against is a group of 20 vs the maybe 2 new people, who have an idea of wanting to set up a tra
  6. You have one thing in your statement thats the most important. They are FULL . Despite a Tarkov wipe, holiday, that its summer, that they also have the same twitch tos rules, perceived hoarding or hostilities. Im sorry they don't seem to fit your definition of rp. But they at least have people playing despite what a lot of people are saying are an excuse to why no one is currently playing here.
  7. Please point to anywhere Hofer, or any staff member said that there will be no more hostilities or firefights. As for the topic it self +1 If it keeps a lore faction around and relevent for longer then a month then let it happen. Plus its something new and different to maybe stop people complain how "stale and boring" the rp is. Try it worse case it doesnt work and you change it back.
  8. What eggshells? Its literally don't say something racist, or sexist, or something involving religion. If you do that in your normal day life.. then apply that to your character. I don't even think its for getting streamers in here. Its something that the bare minimum of most servers have out there now. Again you make your character you have control over them its not like you suddenly embody someone you have no control over. Its your choice. Be a dick all you want. try to put some effort in to it. Be better.
  9. Well good news for you, this isn't the real world. This is a video game and on a role play server about making stories (which you have brought up several times about pushing and making stories). It is all of our jobs to make stories and not npc generic bad guys. And as I pointed out you dont need deep reasons to hate someone. You could be mad they wore red. You could be angry its a day that ends in y. You can hate someone for saying aluminium wrong. The person was heading west instead of east. My point being a million other stupid reason then resorting to hating religious beliefs and sexism as
  10. This sounds strictly like a you problem , you choose to make a character who hates people based on religion and sex. You make your character , you can choose better more meaningful ways to be an asshole. For example @tzHan lee was both a beloved and also asshole of a charactor, I font think I once heard him resort to making fun of religion or someones sex to be an asshole. @Whitenamealso had Alesh who is a complete Dick to everyone. Again never resorting to that. If you just want simple reasons to hate a Russian , hate them for what clothes they wear, maybe they look at you funny. Or maybe you
  11. Best event so far! I had a lot of fun!
  12. It was super fun thanks for letting me be a part of it
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