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  1. @Banshee, I am asking. I know two people saw her fall, and several saw me fall to trying to get back up. @Watchman was there and has video. I also went and took screen shots of the cliff which i have to figure out how to post since this is my first report, which i will figure out after work.
  2. The question I have is why did you turn left, to a sheer cliff, that was higher then most of the police stations, rather then right in to the forest with tree cover? Or put your hands up and comply, to save yourself from dying?
  3. Server and location: s1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7/19/2020 between 20:00 to 24:00 (I'm not sure the exact time because there was multiple situations happening at once in Svet) Your in game name: Isaac Oneill Names of allies involved: Nikola Petr Svoboda ( @Watchman), Julian Kosar ( @Blackfyre) Name of suspect/s: @Millie Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No, but others have some. @FireDude has a screenshot of the cliff when we showed him where she jumped from. Detailed description of the events: CLF wanted to have a meeting with some of our people in Svet, so Kola ( @Watchman ) and I circle around to the north side of Svet on the cliff overlooking the docks and the bar. While we are scoping out the area one of our people tells us they see someone in a poncho on the cliff. Kola and I go to investigate, where we find the suspect ( @Millie). We walk up to someone in a poncho with a rifle out aiming at where the meeting was, We say something along the lines of who are you? As soon as we heard her voice we knew It was Millie and Initiate on her. She first complies and we take her radio and guns and throw it off the cliff. As we are walking her down to Svet still on top of the cliff. One of her allies opens fire on us. Kola and I engage and kill him and Millie tries to run. I shot her several times and then gave chase to her , shooting her again as she was running down the hill. She then decided to turn left and jump off the cliff. When I look over and see what I think is a dead Millie, I shot her once more from the cliff to make sure she was down, I accidentally slipped off the cliff trying to get back up and when I hit the ground I instantly went unconscious and I believe took half my health off. I believe this is NVFL on Millie since she chose to jump off a very high cliff and surely die after being shot several times meaning her health was low, Instead of continuing to RP as our hostage. Julian was approaching from the bottom of the cliff and he said he saw her jump off to her death. I believe she intentionally jumped off the cliff , since she was already gone up the cliff and knew how high the cliff was because she was providing over watch for the CLF. Edit: Syntax error on answer (I do not have video or screenshot but others do have screenshots)
  4. I loved trying to explain hot pockets to @groovy dingo my neighbor. I'm still sorry for having to hold you up the other day. Every time i talk to you i am fucking laughing my ass off.
  5. Is this why i kept finding pumpkins in weird places yesterday?
  6. Now if only @FireDude would stop being such a charismatic mofo and making me feel inadequate.
  7. Issac grew up in Minnesota looking up to his father Steven, Who would tell him stories about his home country of Ireland and his former job as an Interpol agent. His father had met his mother Wendy who was vacationing in Amsterdam at the time. They got married and would travel where ever Issac's father would be assigned. Eventually with the soon arrival of Issac and family issues they moved back to Minnesota where his mother was from. His father worked for a bit more before retiring from Interpol and would get a job teaching criminology on art forgeries at the U of M. Issac would be surrounded by art and was always learning from his father, wanting to someday be like him and work for Interpol and to catch Art thieves and forgers. He studied criminology and with the help of his father, landed his dream job in Interpol. He help track down several forgers and art thieves. During the Chernarussian Civil War Several prominent art pieces were stolen or lost, and in all the confusion afterwords peices would end up selling at auctions and things thought lost were being found again, only later to find out they were copies by one particular forger the same one Issacs father never caught. During the world wide lockdown Issac and his father spent time going over an old case file of a case Steven never solved. With time on there hands together they figured out that the art forger was most likely located in Chernarus. He had told his superiors at Interpol on the findings he had made with his father, but they were not interested in following any of the leads. Issac wanting to finish his fathers work desided to take a leave of absence once the lock down lifted and headed to Chernarus to follow any leads he could find and talk to any contacts he had there to help him off the books. The third wave hit With everything in disarray and with no way out due to lockdown looking for an art forger seemed small and trivial. He decided to volunteer and help the police where he could help them. Then the riots started...
  8. This would be a great addition.
  9. ... Today has been such a flood of adventure .. i don't remember if i was pointing at Rae or Gabby. This might of been when i was talking about what happened to gabby.
  10. I dont know where to begin, but i had a great time hanging with @OxeN @Rapid Steve @Hades2101 @Sleepygoat @speirs @WinterborneTE Having that fun dance party with everyone at soup kitchen with DJ @Ronnie and DJ @God and all the dancers (i'm sorry if i miss your names) @Militus @Eagles @Morytania @HayleighJ @Scorch5830 and the Hawaiian shirt terrorist whos name i cant find. I had fun getting to know my new friend @Mademoiselle and her web of i don't even know what to do with this information. That vest killing half mute man @Achilles98 even though he keeps punching me and pointing guns at me. My lovely dance partner @speirs Chasing one of the jokers with @FireDude and hanging with @Kitaelia just chilling at soup with no one else there. I had a blast today. Again If i missed anyone i'm sorry.
  11. I had crashed earlier in soup kitchen, and couldn't get back on until later. When I did i only planned on moving myself out of soup kitchen so that when i would wake up i wanst in the middle of the camp. I then proceed to not log off for another 2 hours. Thanks to @SatansNightOut (I lost you when you ran off in to the reeds, so sorry for not saying good bye) I believe @ImDraagen , @Delta bravo , and a medic friend of @SatansNightOut who's name, is eluding me because i am terrible with names. And guy i believe named charlie who was @ImDraagen's friend. Thank you guys for making me stay up until 4 am.
  12. Chris Kendells POV : Me and @Rapid Steve left the soup kitchen toward some gun fire in sitnik. There we help someone who’s name I don’t remember with a bunch of zombies chasing him. Then I believe @Kent Blackgrove shows up looking like Ironman . We chat at this point I had to use the bathroom so I logged off in the tree line. By the time I finished and logged back in and ran back to the soup kitchen I believe @Rapid Steve asked if I had seen anyone wearing one of those Russian armored vests and that everyone was looking for a guy breaking into the soup kitchen. Which I replied with no I was using the bathroom in the woods and I didn’t see anyone on my way back. Then went back to rping with everyone there. I had no other involvement with the situation besides being in the area.
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