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  1. Born to a pumpkin farming family in Chernaya Polana. They have had this farm for many generations. He grew up on the farm rather poor, but was mostly happy with his life he learned to grown many produce on the farm. In 2009 he joined the CDF to defend his family and his home. After the war he returned home only to find that most of his farm had been destroyed in the war. His father was very ill and his neighbors farm started to try and take over. He did what he could to help rebuild the farm, putting long hours rebuilding and re planting. His neighbors kept trying to take over until one day
  2. Elim never knew his father, barely knew his mother. He was handed around the family like and unwanted fruitcake that people keep giving each other for Christmas, but no one eats. Eventually even his family didn't want to deal with him and he was dumped in the the foster care system. He would pass the time and scare his foster family by finding dead animals and boiling the skin and meat away to get the bones and would build little models of there skeletons. He became obsessed with bones, his most prized bones he would collect are teeth. This eventually led to him wanting Human teeth. This obses
  3. Best event so far! I had a lot of fun!
  4. It was super fun thanks for letting me be a part of it
  5. @Banshee, I am asking. I know two people saw her fall, and several saw me fall to trying to get back up. @Watchman was there and has video. I also went and took screen shots of the cliff which i have to figure out how to post since this is my first report, which i will figure out after work.
  6. The question I have is why did you turn left, to a sheer cliff, that was higher then most of the police stations, rather then right in to the forest with tree cover? Or put your hands up and comply, to save yourself from dying?
  7. Server and location: s1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7/19/2020 between 20:00 to 24:00 (I'm not sure the exact time because there was multiple situations happening at once in Svet) Your in game name: Isaac Oneill Names of allies involved: Nikola Petr Svoboda ( @Watchman), Julian Kosar ( @Blackfyre) Name of suspect/s: @Millie Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No, but others have some. @FireDude has a screenshot of the cliff when we showed him where she jumped from. Detailed
  8. I loved trying to explain hot pockets to @groovy dingo my neighbor. I'm still sorry for having to hold you up the other day. Every time i talk to you i am fucking laughing my ass off.
  9. Is this why i kept finding pumpkins in weird places yesterday?
  10. Now if only @FireDude would stop being such a charismatic mofo and making me feel inadequate.
  11. Issac grew up in Minnesota looking up to his father Steven, Who would tell him stories about his home country of Ireland and his former job as an Interpol agent. His father had met his mother Wendy who was vacationing in Amsterdam at the time. They got married and would travel where ever Issac's father would be assigned. Eventually with the soon arrival of Issac and family issues they moved back to Minnesota where his mother was from. His father worked for a bit more before retiring from Interpol and would get a job teaching criminology on art forgeries at the U of M. Issac would be su
  12. This would be a great addition.
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